Humorous Funny gaming stories and screenshots

I was playing calamity fighting plague bringer, and as soon as I got it to the second phase. the status message, Plague nuke barrage armed. showed up
as that happened. the npcs finished having their party so it went like
Plague nuke barrage armed, party time is over
That is awesome and hilarious.
Can... we get back on track? This is a thread about funny gaming stories.
(Also Dee Dee hasn't shown up for 3 nights I'm getting scared)
my friend and I also did this (ignore the Nono word)

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Hi I'm Brayden hby
haha lol I'm in class

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild is fun until you start getting walking across a open plain and you hear the guardian music
I’m playing as a Master Mode mage in Terraria and I saw this magnificent man.
I was playing fortnite (Its still a fun game) and I was throwing a doom henchmen, and right as I did it he died, and the loot just flew until it hit a wall, so I got the loot, got in a car, and drove at Dr.Doom. I hit him, and the car just stops, and he kills me. Why, just why.
One time, I was playing Brick Bronze on ROBLOX, and was talking to someone. Then, we got onto the topic of Donald Trump xD no joke. Considering that I could talk about him on ROBLOX, go ahead and throw your opinion anywhere

I like trump (wait is that against the rules to talk about politics I forget.)
Why was he banned
I coudnt beat the mechs until early to mid 1.2 console, my house was in the dungeon (duh) i was at the enetrance when "the air was getting around you", i started getting neverous thinking about sans, but skeletron prims is kind like skeletron, only stronger and faster
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