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Discussion in 'Released' started by Cmaner, Jun 8, 2019.

  1. Cmaner

    Cmaner Terrarian

    This mod was created by me the worst coder possible.

    Ever thought that you wanted to stream terraria with your viewers but didnt want to use cheatsheet to boost spawnrate?

    Well with this mod you can have 30x spawn rate FORERVER! (or any spawnrate you just have to edit it)
  2. TheStachelfisch

    TheStachelfisch Steampunker

    Nice mod, but its not the first mod that does this
  3. Cmaner

    Cmaner Terrarian

    which one does it too?
  4. laxygen100

    laxygen100 Terrarian

    How to edit boost rate? For example, I would like to have only 5x boost... what should I do? sry for eng


    I just don't know which file i have to edit
  5. Cmaner

    Cmaner Terrarian

    CmanerCZE/30x-Spawn-Rate download this and put it into Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\Mod Sources\SpawnBoostMod
    The file you need to edit is the SpawnBoostMod.cs i prefer opening it with notepad++
    this is what you need to edit for the spawn rate spawnRate = (int)(spawnRate / 30 ); you will have to change the number "30" to 5 as you said
    also theres maxspawns = "250" thats how many monsters can be on the screen
    then open terraria and click on mod sources and press build and reload mods and ur done
  6. laxygen100

    laxygen100 Terrarian

    thank you :)
  7. RoarkCats

    RoarkCats Terrarian

    There *is a way to add the config into the mod so it will download with the mod into a folder (\documents\my games\terraria\modloader\mod configs) and able to edit it. Your way is fine, however, with the things you gave using that download, someone can change a few things and re-upload your mod as theirs! If you can figure out how to do this (tmodloader discord might help) then that would be better for your mod. Otherwise, I like the mod! When using cheat sheet the temptation can grow on you to just cheat since it's already there, not to mention you have to boost the spawn rate each time you enter the world/host the world.
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  8. Cmaner

    Cmaner Terrarian

    ill try to ask on discord and see
  9. Cmaner

    Cmaner Terrarian

    Just to tell i would try to make the config but the main thing is i rather wait for the update