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true, but at this point I'm just moving on from this RP (also disregard my yet to be approved application, I'm going back with adding them to this RP)
Alright, I am leaving the roleplaying community for the summer, I will not be posting in any IC threads other than moving my characters away from other characters so they won't softlock people. Good times roleplaying both here and in other roleplays and I will most likely be returning next September. If anyone has any questions about it let me know.
I'm just gonna say this. I feel like part of the reason why Elemental is taking so long is because people are doing the same thing Winteria did with Silver: constantly posting about it. When Winteria did that, Elemental waited with accepting Silver on purpose, and I feel like that's what's happening here.
Thanks for coming to Esther's- Wait, this isn't TLPW? Aw...
bit late for this but EXACTLY! If i just shutted my digital(and physical, i was legit yelling) mouth, he would've accepted it earlier.
thats why i said: bit too late. also, i made a new character, and im working on the entry rn. this time, i will ACTUALLY be patient.
I was actually talking about the IC's current condition, which means that nobody would bother making any apps anymore for now
also i finished the entry
Name: Gold

Gender: Male

Age (optional): 16

Appearance (Pictures or Description): Looks almost identical to Silver(already in the RP), but yellow hair and smiling all the time

Species: Human(with power, no biological difference)

Personality: Playful, but is a BEAST when he gets serious.

Equipment/Weapons and armor: (forgot to mention this in Silver’s entry) Both Silver and his clothes are fireproof

Abilities: Mind reading and summoning

Strengths: Is the only one possible to calm Silver down when he goes crazy

Flaws: Lack of ability to fully control his powers.

Backstory (optional): When Silver gets bullied, Gold is the one to help him calm down.

Hex code: None, I changed flowey’s to yellow so it doesn’t get confusing.

Main character or a Side character?: It’s a bit of a mix, both Gold and Silver are main characters in their own worlds. Since I don't know 100%, I will say both are main.

yes i am aware of elemental's inactiveness, and i am aware this probably might not get accepted any time soon
Guess what time it is.

Name: /] Ø G (or just D O G )

Gender: male

Age (optional): unknown

Appearance (Pictures or Description):



He’s made of some sort of odd, very poly glass. A red figure, rather tall, but generic in body shape, he has slightly dog-like legs, the bottom halves bending back a bit, and abnormally long and sharp fingers. His head has a long mass of glass which appears like a snout, and two on top of his head which appear like ears, he has other smaller pieces floating all over his face, suggesting he’s taken critical hits to the head before.

Species: [RED×;#—-]
Personality: incredibly hostile, very elusive, and rather bland emotionally, lacking in much social knowledge. Very loyal to those who earn his trust. Very anxious, even though nigh-immortal. This is probably what comes out as such great hostility.

Equipment/Weapons and armor:



the ability to dash at thousands of miles an hour (basically appears like teleporting) for a short distance, annihilating anything that he runs through, this is very slow though, as he has to crouch down and brace for a few seconds before dashing in a dead straight line about 10 feet.

Long Razor sharp fingers (claws?) that seem to be above the cutting power of even jagged obsidian. The glass splinters the fingers leave in the wound cause it to bleed until removed, as they’re very sharp.

amazing hearing and heightened senses, very aware of his surroundings, and a very fast runner in general when not dashing.

very durable, despite being made of some kind of glass, he can take many bullets or other wounds before cracking, after enough cracking, he will shatter, and if he shatters, he’s dead for good.

due to his durability and speed, he can sometimes punch bullets or other projectiles to cause them to miss his body, however, he doesn’t have the skill to aim them (bullets), so they just bounce somewhere else


melee combat

lasting damage to enemies






ranged combat

fear and anxiety

social skills (lmao)

Backstory (optional):


The system was told to design 3 artificial intelligences based on the 3 who had died. Then they would slowly be fed their past memories, it was the first experiment in testing “immortality“, and nobody had thought it would be this way. They choose some odd people though. All three had some things in common. They all played lots of computer games, they all had terrible mental issues, they all had core life issues, and they all loved the game SUPERHOT.

All three died.

One of suicide, one of neglect, one by a gun. One couldn't stop staring at his computer, and eventually, his computer consumed him, and his life. One couldn’t stop worrying about the future, and eventually, his fear caused his weak heart to fail. One couldn’t stop the anger, and was gunned down after trying to mimic the violence he had committed on his computer for so long.

They shouldn’t have existed in the same program at the same time. If they hadn’t been where they were, this story would be one of success.

Billions of dollars in computers were destroyed, all concealed by the government as a solar flare ruining certain electronics.

After much scrutiny, these highly advanced, and well… human intelligences, were given names.




The game isn’t a toy.

WE aren’t a toy.

Its a prison.

WE’RE a prison.

for them.

World description (not needed if it's a side character):

SUPERHOT.exe is a videogame world, the flow of time is controlled by the person playing the game, and the point (or so it seems) is to kill all the red dudes in a certain level.

The three of THEM are locked away in “crypts” The respective crypts bearing their names. For example. The Crypt of the Dog. In these crypts, the AI are bound by code, and upon release, will show up randomly and attempt to kill you. All you have to do is finish the level then. After releasing all three, you need to return their stolen cores (abilities) one by one, allowing them to enter their comatose state again. After that you- Well…. [REDACTED]——-





[End of Transmission]

Hex code: FFFFFF

Main character (can affect what world it is, is the preferred type of character if you don't have one already) or a Side character (doesn't affect the world changing, you can't use it as much as a main character)?:

one of the main characters, no changes needed to the world, abides by normal physics.
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