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Golem guide

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Golem is a hardmode boss, found at the end of the jungle temple. It has high HP, high defense and multiple tricks in his behavior. He is definitely one of the hardest bosses in the entire game. Players should be physically and mentally well prepared before taking him on.
Generally speaking, you *do* have some chances to defeat him with cheated in Lunar-tier weapons and Terraprisma, but it is not guaranteed.

Arena preparation:
It is already generated by biased world-gen. No actions needed. Like always, campfires, heart lanterns, honey pools help to regenerate health.

Ineffective Weapons:
Terra Blade: this sword can barely handle its first phase and completely useless at the second one. Being “forged from the finest blades of Light and Dark”, this sword accepts only true, cell-powered Heroes.

Seedler is not viable too, because golem hands catch its “coffee bean” projectiles and make the special drink out of them, for him it is equal to Endurance potion with 99% DR.

Scourge of the Corruptor is particularly dangerous to players, as tiny eaters become hypnotized by the mighty “Eyes of the Golem” and debuff your character in the same manner as Red’s potion does. All projectiles spread corruption.

Vampire Knives have a special ability to heal the boss thrice as fast as you deal damage to him. Not recommended, for obvious reasons. They are even more dangerous if you have Stake Launcher in your inventory. It counts *you* as a Vampire and becomes Golem’s ally, dealing 10x damage.

The combination of Desert Tiger Staff and Firecracker is especially cruel. Armored adult tiger travels back in time and becomes a little kitten. Instead of attacking the boss he tries to play with Firecracker, putting himself in danger of self-explosion.

Chain Gun works fine only for 5 seconds. Shortly after, it overheats and tries to free itself from its chains to cool down. They, of course, bind the character and you are unable to move.

Dart Pistol and Rifle arrange “Darts” competition among themselves. The “Bull’s-eye” is your character’s eye. Coin gun usually tosses a coin and decides which weapon starts the first.

Resonance scepter summons homing, high damaging Princess lost soul to chase all players.
Recommended Weapons:
Zenith. One of the weapons that can defeat him in less than an hour. You may need to buy it from a secret NPC, named after TEdit. Item ID – 4956.

Despite their damage being reduced to 1 it this fight, Terraprisma’s swords are the only weapon loyal to the Player. After several hours of fight, they helped me to defeat otherwise impossible boss. Also pretty easy to obtain pre-Golem. Recommended in Master mode + For the worthy worlds.

Broken copper shortsword. I never ever tried this myself, but a lot of people say that it is broken indeed. They simply can’t lie! It is also rumored to scale stats with progression.

Pearlwood sword – an ultimate, hardmode version of shortsword. It is overupgraded though, because is not even 'short' at all! Immense range (size matters, and we all know it), more than doubled damage for noobs, who didn’t manage to defeat him with the original.

In reality, any loadout you killed Plantera with is viable)

Melee – Hallowed, Chlorophyte, Turtle armor, Death sickle, True Excalibur or Nights Edge.

Ranged – Hallowed, Chlorophyte (or better) armor. Chlorophyte Shotbow, Phanton Phoenix, Megashark, Uzi, Onyx Blaster.

Magic – Chlorophyte, Hallowed (or better) armor. Rainbow Rod, Venom Staff, Unholy Trident, Crystal Storm.

Summon: Tiki Armor (Spooky is better), Sangune Staff, Blade Staff, Morning star & Durendal combo.
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And why a zenith? You get that WAY after golem
And then there’s the shortsword, which is modded
And the pearlwood sword sucks


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Holy cow, thanks. I was stuck on this hellish boss for months now, but with the power of terraprisma I can finally move onto the lunar events.

(My lord the amount of people here not understanding this is a joke/satire honestly baffles me)


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This section is for posting legitimate guides only that help the player with various aspects of the game. The intent of your guide appears to be for making a joke/fake guide.

If you want to make a joke guide, it is better to do it in this thread where it is clearly understood that players post tips that shouldn't be followed for fun: Terraria Bad Ideas

It would not make for a pleasant experience if people do take your guide seriously and it hurts their gameplay experience.

For this reason we are closing this thread.
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