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  1. Knight9910

    Knight9910 Terrarian

    I made a similar post to this on Terraria Online, but figured I'd make it here too. The idea is humorously terrible ideas for Terraria, or ideas that make an amount of sense but would never work in practice.

    I'll get us started...

    * The "beginning of the end "actually IS potentially the end of the world. Fail to defeat the celestial towers in a short enough time, or get defeated by Moon Lord? Your world is deleted.

    * Three silver bullets kills werewolves, regardless of actual damage dealt. Also applies to players in werewolf form.

    * If you play on your birthday, the Clown will come to party... and blow you up.
  2. Techno Mancer

    Techno Mancer Brain of Cthulhu

    Dye gives things buffs
  3. Fredbear

    Fredbear Official Terrarian

    Rune set makes Terraria self destruct and replace itself with runescape.
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  4. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    Final boss is actually an invasion where hoards of Medusa fall from the sky.
  5. Night

    Night Plantera

    [​IMG]Medusa Head as a vanity piece that petrifies other players and mobs when you look at them
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  6. sillydoo

    sillydoo Terrarian

    duke fishron is a pre hardmode boss
  7. Fredbear

    Fredbear Official Terrarian

    When you mine dirt, you get a chance to get "Fecal Matter"
    -100000 damage
    -100000 speed
    You vomit to other NPC's when equipped. NPC's will leave because you have dung in your pockets!
    Heal all hostiles around you.
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  8. Evan20000

    Evan20000 Terrarian

    EoC's servant's replaced with flying medusas.
  9. Fredbear

    Fredbear Official Terrarian

    Medusa Invasion-
    Armor Medusa
    Medungeon Guardisa
    Eye of Methulhu
    Brain of Methulhu
    Medusa of Worlds
    Queen Medusa
    Wall of Medusa Heads
    The Twin Medusa Heads
    Skelusa with extra ketchup
    Medusa Statue
    Medusaic Cultist
    Medusa Pillar
    Medusa Lordess

    Event-Must be summoned with Free Gold in trash bin
    Craft with one dirt

    Spawns 7777 of each and all have one damage
    Give permanent stoned so you can watch yourself suffer.
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  10. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    So far 50% of ideas involve Medusa.
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  11. Auraza

    Auraza Terrarian

    • last prism no longer consumes mana
    • phantasm on-hit effect now shoots 5 arrows instead of 1
    • fixed a bug where moon lord was capable of being defeated
    • brain of cthulhu no longer directly attacks the player. instead, it asks the combatants trivia questions. if all players do not answer correctly within 3 seconds, they take 50 damage. the trivia continues until the brain or the player is defeated.
    • rod of discord now drops at a 100% chance from the 50,000th chaos elemental kill, and at a 0% chance from all previous kills. this kill counter is reset upon killing another type of enemy.
    • added novakid to playable races
    • sdmg now uses live dolphins as ammunition
    • reduced portal gun's effective distance to 10 blocks
    • all bosses do not need to be summoned. instead, they free-roam the world on world creation until they are defeated.
    • eater of worlds now eats the world one column of blocks per second starting from the left side of the world, until defeated.
    • skeletron now has dialogue voiced by alan oppenheimer
  12. MyruMyru

    MyruMyru Steampunker

    Make the Moon Lord frustrating to fight.

    Oh, wait...
  13. Darkly

    Darkly Terrarian

    Make an event that lasts for 3 days in game called "Battle for Scotland" and the whole time Scotland Forever Remix is playing and your screen is a picture of Sean Connery and frozen until the event is over. Also your computer cant be shut off, cant take it off screen, and is at max volume and cant be changed.
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  14. SodaDarwin

    SodaDarwin Steampunker

    • Tactical Shotgun now fires twenty bullets per shot, just for good measure.
    • Increased the volume of Meowmere.
    • Duke Fishron now has a .1% chance of being summoned when you fish at the ocean, at all.
    • Cholorophyte bullets now go around blocks to reach their target.
    • Replaced the Wall of Flesh with the Floor of Flesh.
    • NPCs now pick up coins on the ground.
    • Moon Lord fight now places you under the Feral Bite when he grabs you with his tongue in expert mode
    • Feral Bite now lasts ten minutes, and is infectious.
    • Underworld now deals damage to players just for being there. It's hot in there you know.
  15. Cubicality

    Cubicality The Destroyer

    Mr. Over 9000-
    9001 health
    9001 defense
    9001 attack
    When in range he inflicts the "Under 9000 lol n00b" debuff if you have less than 9000 defense which makes your defense 0.
    Whenever he hits you he yells IT'S OVER 9000!
  16. Bill Cipher

    Bill Cipher Golem

    Whenever you kill an enemy in one hit, the Moon Lord spawns.
  17. Darkly

    Darkly Terrarian

    Whenever you don't kill an enemy in one hit, 5 Moon Lords spawn.
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    GIRGHGH Golem

    Making the sand gun deal no damage. Sand as amo deals -1 damage, so -1+0=-1. You would heal anything you hit.
  19. MegaMage314

    MegaMage314 Plantera

    All mana potions give mana power instead of mana sickness. Mana power increases magic damage by 25% and lasts 5 seconds. This buff's damage and duration is increased by 25% and 5 seconds with every mana potion used before the buff runs out.
  20. eltiolavara19

    eltiolavara19 Skeletron Prime

    eater of worlds/BoC can spawn naturally in the corruption/crimson and also sometimes martians invade you without warning (why would they warn you?)
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