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Golfer NPC dilemma


Everythings fine with the NPC except .. I cant get him in any way in my world because the world is made before Underground Desert even existed lol
So Id love to see a way to either create the Underground Desert biome or another way that he can spawn.

Another smaller suggestion:

Not sure if its a bug or a feature but when Im using Zenith (Holding down attack button and moving it around the screen) whenever I hover over status icons the attacking stops.
Would love to see this changed so I can move my mouse around without having to worry about the attacks stopping.


The Destroyer
Also I don’t have an iPhone nderground desert on console, but the enemies still spawn, so I think he may just spawn above the surface.


Would it be appropriate for the basis of the joke if he spawned inside a golf bunker minibiome inside the desert to avoid the sandy entombment/wonky generation rather than the underground desert itself for the given reason? (with a little locked chest of a golf starter kit which he gives you the key to when he's freed.)

1.4 desert generation recently does seem to be very sand heavy, which is fine by me as my favorite worldshaping tool is copious amounts of dynamite but even still not quite as smooth in the transition as pre 1.4. Maybe they were trying to nerf fossils and incidentally made the ratio of sand to underground desert rock turf wobble as i've noticed less of those too.
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