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Discussion in 'Released' started by Grox The Great, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. radicalbanana77

    radicalbanana77 Terrarian

    before i forget to ask have you managed to track down the reason why undying flesh isnt dropping from zombies

    just came across hellstone golems and omg they can break blocks thats the last time im making a house in hell
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  2. Grox The Great

    Grox The Great Terrarian

    This is a problem that has to do with an internal flag of mine not being reset when the mod is reloaded, i'm almost finished fixing it.

    EDIT: RadicalBanana, I have and will be uploading the fix shortly.
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  3. Grox The Great

    Grox The Great Terrarian

    Ok, uploaded Basemod version 1.0.1 and GRealm version 1.0.1!

    - Fixed bug where drawing would occasionally check on a stationary point instead of a moving one, resulting in clipping onscreen.
    -(Hopefully) Fixed bug where Accessory Slots+ could cause Basemod to crash under certain conditions.
    - Fixed graphical bugs with Grovite Brick's glow sheet.
    - Fixed Undying Flesh; now properly dropped by zombies.
    - Fixed Grief Tiles mod setting not syncing in multiplayer.

    - Changed Shellvine; now draws with the player to allow for it to be properly dyed and to support vanity slots of other shells.
    - Changed Cybees; they only target one npc at a time now and the bolt is visually straighter.
  4. Hiccup251

    Hiccup251 Skeletron Prime

    Alright, I reinstalled tAPI and deleted the modinfo.json in mods/local, and it seems to work fine now. I'll let you know if anything else goes wrong. Thanks for the very quick fix!
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  5. 2close4cum4t

    2close4cum4t Spazmatism

    this appears when i go into singleplayer and click Create Player
    System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    at Shockah.AccSlots.MBase.<OnModCall>b__4(Player player)
    at BaseMod.BasePlayer.HasAccessories(Player player, Int32[] types, Boolean normal, Boolean vanity, Boolean oneOf, Boolean& social, Int32& index)
    at GRealm.MPlayer.<.ctor>b__7(PlayerLayer layer, Player drawPlayer, SpriteBatch sb)
    at TAPI.PlayerLayer.Action.OnDraw(Player drawPlayer, SpriteBatch sb)
    at TAPI.PlayerLayer.Draw(Player drawPlayer, SpriteBatch sb)
    at Terraria.Main.DrawPlayer(Player drawPlayer, Vector2 Position, Single rotation, Vector2 rotationOrigin, Single shadow)
    at TAPI.MenuButtonDrawPlayer.Draw(SpriteBatch SP, Boolean mouseOver)
    at TAPI.MenuPage.Draw(SpriteBatch SP)
    at TAPI.Menu.DrawMenu()
    at Terraria.Main.Draw(GameTime gameTime).
    EDIT: nvm i just deleted all the config files and started it up and its working now
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  6. [FR] Aymerhic

    [FR] Aymerhic Official Terrarian

    man i think its a problem but i think only zombie normal (one type of zombie) drop undying flesh i have killed a lot of rain zombie zombie from halloween and other but no undying flesh (i killed like 50 zombie) i aldeary got 4 undying flesh in one zombie but i cant get more but i dont think its a problem or u failed for the rarity of the drop

    (this message is for the creator of the mod)
  7. Sapphire wolf

    Sapphire wolf Terrarian

    Undying flesh is semicommon which means it drops from zombies every once in a while not all the time, I get undying flesh for about every 30 zombies
  8. Betailas

    Betailas Terrarian

    Is it possible to get the content list of this mod along with the crafting recipes somehow? Or all the recipes are available from Guide?
  9. Sapphire wolf

    Sapphire wolf Terrarian

    From what i have seen, in all mods the recipes can be seen from the guide so yes, they can be seen at the guide
  10. Betailas

    Betailas Terrarian

    The thing is that not all the items are widely available (in vanilla, for example, not everyone knows without a wiki how to craft Terra Blade), so here comes the question about the recipe list in order to get acquainted with the complete content of this amazing mod.
  11. darthmorf

    darthmorf Party Girl

    Nice stuff! the modding community has really exploded recently, I feel.
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  12. radicalbanana77

    radicalbanana77 Terrarian

    can i still use my characters and worlds from the previous version?
  13. [FR] Aymerhic

    [FR] Aymerhic Official Terrarian

    and i have some bug (idk if its with another mod or tapi) but sometimes when i use item with my inventory open the item used lost their attack and do 0 damage (cant touch enemy) so i dont know if its tapi or another mod

    EDIT: the item lost the damage until u reset the game
  14. radicalbanana77

    radicalbanana77 Terrarian

    ok i just tried to load up my world from before the recent Grealm update and it crashed it didnt give me an error or crashlog it just said tapi.exe has stopped working im kinda annoyed because i spent all of yesterday defeating evry boss up to the wall of flesh and now i might have to start again
  15. Grox The Great

    Grox The Great Terrarian

    Did this happen with the latest version of Basemod and GRealm? (1.0.1) Ingame it will say 1.0 patch 1, forgot to change that. If it does NOT say 1.0 patch 1, get latest and try making this happen again.

    I included every possible zombie in the game, including ones in the invasion itself (outside of mummies and the shroom zombies) so raincoat zombies *should* drop it as well, I will check on this though.

    EDIT: After consideration I realized I did *NOT* include the halloween specific zombies; I will fix that.

    I would do this, but there is so much content in this mod that detailing everything would take a very long time and would lengthen the time between updates. Part of the charm is to find out how to craft things, like the original game: the wiki didn't always exist. :p

    If you still dislike this, you can copy the mod file, rename the file extension to .zip, and look through the Items folder at .jsons to see the recipes those items have. All of the items have the same name as seen ingame for the most part so this is fairly reliable.

    I have heard of this bug before happening with other mods, I don't think it's related to GRealm or Basemod. What *exactly* are you doing? Do you like, have a sword in your mouse and try to swing it and this happens?

    EDIT: Also, what prefix is on the item?

    The update did not change what little saving GRealm did in any way, so this should not be happening. Can you tell me what you did GRealm-related on the server before updating? And does it still crash even with GRealm off?
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  16. radicalbanana77

    radicalbanana77 Terrarian

    just realised i activated the wrong mod when i loaded up the world which kinda permanently corrupted it
    edit: my character is fine and has all the items from grealm though. it isnt to much of a problem ive got another world where ive just entered hardmode so i will use my old character on that world. And since ive just started hardmode do you know which items i should try and get first to do with this mod
  17. Grox The Great

    Grox The Great Terrarian

    Well there's a few of my favorites that are coming up:

    1. If you've been keeping up with boss killing (ie doing all of them instead of the absolute minimum) then the zombie invasion houses a plethora of drops. Some require drops from the prehardmode version of the invasion, but a town npc will appear who will sell these drops once you've beaten the invasion in hardmode if you did not beat it before hardmode.

    2. If you haven't already I highly reccomend making one of the shells; the defense and it's ability to bounce back projectiles is very handy. Higher-tier shells even have secondary effects. The best shell just into hardmode is the Jungle Shell (guide -> Golden Thorn) or the Spirit Shell (guide -> Souls of Flight) if you feel like killing wvyerns early on.

    3. I'd also make a Charrbone blade, as you can make it with mostly prehardmode content except you need ancient bone shards from the ancient dragon skull that spawns in hell in hardmode. The garenteed on fire debuff and range makes it useful.
  18. radicalbanana77

    radicalbanana77 Terrarian

    for the zombie invasion would it be easier to get undying flesh if i set my computer clock to after october so none of the halloween zombies spawn which apparently dont drop it
  19. radicalbanana77

    radicalbanana77 Terrarian

    heres my setup if your interested i think its quite good for just entering hardmode
  20. [FR] Aymerhic

    [FR] Aymerhic Official Terrarian

    yeah its that when i swing it with the inventory open (getting it in the mouse) it destroy the damage but that not happen all time and the weapon dont have prefix (bone sword from horde invade that bug just get when the horde invaded but its not the horde do that)

    EDIT:http://imgur.com/veQaIS4 my setup

    i only used the hotbar item and no the warrior emblem (add an shackle flail in the first slot but only used the heart wand woodchipper )

    EDIT 2: also i have seen the bone musket use the bullet in inventory no in the ammo section
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