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tModLoader Grox The Great's Mods O' Magic Revamped


Hey, I have a question, does anyone know why i don't have basemod nor Grealm in the mod browser ? I use the latest FNA version of tmodloader and there are no such mods.


Skeletron Prime
hm I just installed it yesterday from mod browser with no problem. Maybe your filters need to be changed?

Can all the golems destroy walls? I saw a honeyhive golem smash into a naturally-generated mahogany house ruin, destroying the door and wall blocking it. I had an earthwrought golem spawn about a screen or so from my base, and now I'm concerned.

Edit: Also, the Ghostly Cutlass doesn't seem to hit through tiles like it says it does.
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Skeletron Prime
Interesting issue, and I'm not sure if it's with GRealm or the other mods, but the Bone Musket will fire an entire Endless (mod-crafted) Bullet Pouch in one shot, maybe a few shots at most. Just start firing, and the pouch in question will vanish quickly. It treats the Endless Musket Ball Pouch (the vanilla one) just fine, though. Tested this with @Joost8910 's Joostmod (boomerang and ricoshot pouches) and @Fargowilta 's (whichever mod adds crystal and ichor pouches).

I'm not bothered by it (using other gear), but I noticed it and thought I'd say something. Also of note: the Bone Musket does show the "Undead Weapon" tag when wearing Pelvic armor, but doesn't state what its undead bonus is.

Lastly, again with the golem vs walls question; I had it happen again in Hell, a golem down there knocked through a wall in a tower and flooded it with lava. Is this normal? Can all golems do this?



Skeletron Prime
Do we have a listing of what Chain Launcher will and won't fire? I'm using Spirit and Thorium, as well... among other mods... and there's a LOT of "Thrown" weapons on my list that seem like they'd fit, but don't.
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