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Discussion in 'Released' started by Grox The Great, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    There is a tool for returning Terraria to previous versions, don't remember its name though...
  2. SoulCat

    SoulCat Terrarian

    Are you talking about game launcher because I don't think you can downgrade to with that

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  3. weedle

    weedle Terrarian

    will this work with terraria 1.3
  4. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    tapi itself doesn't work with 1.3..but TModLoader does..
  5. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

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  6. Does it work for tmodloader cause i loved this mod.
  7. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    unfortunately no tAPI mod works with TML...but tremor has made a new TML based mod you should check out :)
  8. I know about the tremor mod for tmodloader im working with another guy to get it working for me.
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  9. I can play tAPI again so that means i need to get this mod you did a really good job on it. :)
  10. Raulzus

    Raulzus Skeletron Prime

    This mod will be missed. It had some of the greatest sprites in a mod imo.

    No chance of this getting ported over to TML I guess?
  11. Spoopyro

    Spoopyro Skeletron

    Why most you bump the thread up and remind me of the fun I had?
    But I doubt it'll be updated, the guy who was working on this went to work for redigit
  12. Audrina2k

    Audrina2k Terrarian

    He didn't go work for redigit.
  13. Spoopyro

    Spoopyro Skeletron

    He didn't? I must be thinking of the guy working on tAPI, my mistake.
  14. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    Arkhalis and Yoraiz0r are the 2 you're thinking of
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  15. Audrina2k

    Audrina2k Terrarian

    YOU are one of my favorite mods. :)
  16. Redball

    Redball Golem

    Who necrod this thread? o_O RIP awesome mod ;(
  17. Audrina2k

    Audrina2k Terrarian

    I will STILL downgrade to play it. the horde? Best. Ever. I mean EVER. I was about to ask if I could have someone repeat the mod and ask permission but it appears someone actually DID. I hope it was okay and they kept it.
  18. Redball

    Redball Golem

    I downgrade even further to play the story of redcloud sometimes ;) I would just love to mix Grox`s mod with the uptodate mods. Soooooo many guns and bows and......:naughty:
    And the horde of course . So much content from a litle event and its variations from biome to biome:passionate:
  19. witherlord00

    witherlord00 Terrarian

    This was a good mod.
  20. bootr bawss

    bootr bawss Skeletron Prime

    has grealm been updated to 1.3?
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