Hallowed Be Thy Name - Hardmode Hallowed World Challenge Run


"Hallowed Be Thy Name, for the Spirits of Light themselves have blessed you."

Welcome! Welcome all to this Challenge Run of mine!

First, we have to estabilish Da Rules:
  1. We are going to start with a fresh new Classic character.
  2. We are going to play in a Medium sized world witht the seed "Hallowed"
  3. We can only use the Purification Powder out of every Purifying item in the game.
As you've seen from the title, this challenge entails a Medium Size world that's been (almost) completely turned to Hallow, only sparing the Evil Biomes. However a Pre-Hardmode Hallow does Jack shut, and that is no bueno. So, being the kind of person that would make their first world a Master Mode one (I regret it very much) I decided to activate Hardmode.

But first we have to generate the World:

(I actually had to go back and recreate the options because I forgot to screenshot it the first time. Oops.)

Here is the World in TEdit for all who are interested:
Immagine 2022-10-24 225912.png

(my computer freezing everytime I Hallowed a part of the world made this significantly more annoying than it needed to.)

Without further ado, let's dive right in! We are going to play as Azalea, and from now on I'm going to describe what is happening as if Azalea is the one doing all the stuff I'm doing.

(If you're wondering why she looks like a smurf, it's because she's a Hallowed Dryad.)

Ahem Expecting to be immediately swarmed by enemies, Azalea dug herself a hole and left Joe Mama to fend for himself. However to her surprise, it took a while for any enemy to show up, and even when someone showed up (fairly sure it was a Pixie) it hit Joe Mama once and then just decided to just not commit murder.



Azalea decided that a 3 by 2 hole was pretty small, so she decided to dig herself a bigger hole, a slow and grueling process due to only having a Copper Pickaxe in hand. While mining, Azalea discovered something that was going to be a huge pain to deal with: she can't mine Pearlstone. Putting it on the to-solve list, the Hallowed Dryad decided to chop some trees and get herself a Crafting Table Workbench, only to discover that you can't make a Pickaxe out of Pearlwood. Great. After some more digging down and some frankly disappointing enemies, Azalea decided to rescue Joe Mama. Normally, this would be easy: just dig two blocks under his feet and he'll fall. Easy, right? Well, if not for the fact he would not stay STILL and decided that the murderous denizens of the Hallow looked cute. After some frankly ridiculous times he stood still for a second before moving again, Azalea finally managed to catch him and rescue him.


Not much happened here, Azalea just made the hole bigger. And Joe Mama fell down. Oh, and I switched to Retro Lighting temporarily to see more, since Slimes don't spawn in the Hallow.


With nothing better to do, Azalea decided to expand her hole to get somewhere, and hopefully obtain some new shinies. On the way there, it started to get dark AND THOSE GODDAMN PIXIES ARE DRIVING ME NUTS! How do you know when a Pixie is near? You hear them and their annoying sparkle. The fact that they got stuck didn't help. Azalea manged to free them and her sanity.


Azalea was apparently too tall to go back. Nothing a few Pickaxe swings couldn't fix. This is also around the time where I started to realize our lack of lighting options would turn into a problem.


Wow, very helpful. It's not like WE'VE ALREADY DONE THAT, or the fact that the Surface is a dangerous place. I should have just let you die.


Joe, there are no slimes. Have you gone mad?


Oh look, a Wraith. It gave Azalea a heart attack when she first saw it. Soon she realized she could just stab in the same direction and the knockback would keep the Wraith from hurting her. Side note, thank god for PC autofire, my fingers would have died without it. Very disappointing. Oh and the hole was covered in darkness and Azalea couldn't see anything. Had this been on the Constant seed I would have died right there.


HOLY CRAP A GASTROPOD! For those who don't know, the Gastropod is the only Slime that can spawn in the Hallow (barring the Rainbow Slime, but it can only spawn during the Rain, which happens randomly) and we need the Gel that Slimes drop to make Torches to actually see. Unfortunately, Azalea is only dealing 1 damage with her measly Copper Shortsword. Thankfully, the Gastropod went nowhere while Azalea was busy killing the Wraith. After vanguishing the evil Wraith, the Hallowed Dryad attempted to kill the Gastropod, who also got stuck, so she had to fix the path for the FLYING Gastropod. Unfortunately she quickly realized that her Shortsword wouldn't cut it, especially after she got hit by a laser. So she made a Pearlwood Sword, who had the Ruthless modifier. This was one of the best modifiers that she could get, as it gave increased damage and reduced Knockback, which was very helpful in a situation in which you couldn't chase after the enemy. She also made some armor from the remaining wood. And so Azalea went on the attack again. The Pearlwood Sword didn't reach the Gastropod. So she changed the opening. This time the sword actually hit the Gastropod, and if she kept swinging the Gastropod would never be able to shoot a laser to her. And so after just a few swings the Gastropod fell, and with it she obtained some Gel. Finally, she could make some torches and see! And so she did, and with it she realized she had accidentally boxed Joe Mama in.


Nothing much happened after that, a few more Gastropods showed up as well as a Hoopin' Jack. Oh and Azalea killed a Unicorn. Turns out Unicorns may not be as tough as they seemed at first.


After a dreadful night spent mostly in the dark dealing with a Wraith and Gastropod, a bright new day shined on Hallowed Be Thy Name, and to celebrate Azalea decided to make proper housing for herself (and for Joe, but mostly so he stopped complaining about not having a home. Kids these days). This marks the end of the start of the Hallowed Be Thy Name Challenge Run! (I really gotta change the name of the world.)

So, what's the game plan?

The plan is to get the Demolitionist so we can get rid of Pearlstone. To do that we're going to have to fulfill three conditions:

  1. There is an Empty House. Not a problem, we can always make more houses
  2. The Merchant is present. This one's a bit trickier, but nothing a bit of grinding can't handle.
  3. The player has an explosive in their inventory. This is the tricky part, as we have to go out of our way to get one, since the easiest source to access them (Slimes) are gone in this world. This leaves us with Pots and Chests as our only option. Which means we'll have to brave the Surface. Hopefully this won't end up a disaster.
Before we go let me answer some questions you might make:

"Are you aware that according to the lore the Dryad NPC is the only Dryad remaining?" Yes, and I have an explanation why there is another one going about in the world.
"What do you think is going to be the hardest part of the run?" The Pre-Hardmore progression part, since once you get Early Hardmode tier gear it's as if you were playing a somewhat normal playthrough
"You are never going to complete this challenge, are you?" I, uhhh SMOKE BOMB runs away

Whoever made that Crimson World challenge with Crim, I think, for the basic idea of this kind of challenge run. I can't find the post anymore sorry.
Scratch that, the guy/gal I was referring to is @Sora_92, who played as Flann here. Thanks for commenting!

This post on Reddit for the idea of a Hallowed Dryad as well as for Hallowing (is that even a word?) the world.


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First I thought "oh, is there a seed like "hallowed"? or was that made via T-edit?" I'm still confused about that, but, then, huh...

Seeing the character hiding in a quickly dug hole at spawn brough back some memories, huh. like, that's familiar, huh! and apparently you said it too...

- rummages through some folders with terraria screenshots -

Indeed, indeed, that brings back some memories! You kinda made my day~!
Indeed. Crimson Challange indeed. - though it was not Crim being the main character of it, but Flann - and she got into my mod as a sort of easter egg NPC too XD


But that's okay. Saying Crim, makes me happy too, sounds like the wacky NPCs are somewhat well-known~?

Erm... anyway, this is not about that though, so, let's see... so, "Hallowed Challange" it is, huh?
And also a "Start in Hardmode" challange in one. I recall I did a challange playthrough like that too at some point. (But where is the link for that... hmm... I'll try to find that too) It's certainly an interesting challange.

So, let's see... It appears so that Azalea had a tiny bit easier start than Flann, but not much. I'm surprised the spawn wasn't overrun by monsters right away.
The hallow is quite the unforgiving biome too. Plus, unlike Crimsoned Island, this other world is in hardmode since the start. That's both a blessing and a curse.

Getting torches is certainly one of the first challanges in both cases. It's difficult, because, yeah, neither areas have slimes native to... erm, no, just as you said too, the hallow has gastropods, so, yeah, good job taking one down! Meanwhile pre-hardmode crimson has no slimes (crimslimes are hardmode), though you could get torches from pots - but RNG, huh... but I think maybe it was a torch zombie that first dropped some. pretty interesting.

If we go by similarities, one of the next problems is, indeed, you can't mine pearlstone. so, explosives it is, which is also very random. but you can sometimes find them in chests. now... you won't likely reach too deep without some, to find much gold chests, but there are plenty of living trees it seems, they might just have what you need - or at least provide a way down - which though probably turns out a dead-end...
but it also brings another problem along, that is, how to craft a furnace? indeed, tricky challange.

BUT, I think, there's one thing that is a very big difference and we already see it there. The hallow is valid for housing! So, you can build up a town without having to go for a tower like Flann's home. ...However... you're in hardmode, so, you might wanna adapt a sort of... wraith-proof architecture style... most likely something that is built a bit higher and out of the wraits' reach. like houses standing on wooden beams or something of the sort.

It's also a normal (not expert) world, right? So, having a town up, should nullify monster spawning, instead of just reducing it (like on expert and above), so, once it's a town, that area should be generally calm and safe, I think, except for events like blood moons and the like.

Once you managed to get a foothold, I think, you'll have a good safe little town there, which is very nice. What to do after, I wonder... Not to tell you what to do though XD
But I suppose once you have explosives, there's much treasures to find, and, much enemies... but theoretically it should be possible to create things such as the ankh charm there pre-bosses, right? pretty interesting! and many of the hardmode monsters drop powerful weapons. I remember that from "Start in hardmode challange" pretty interesting. though that also means while you can find powerful weapons, armor is a problem. glass cannon, huh. but... if you can get bait, and a decent sized lake, fishing can get you plenty of hardmode ores ...well, at least cobalt/palladium usually, enough for armor too, eventually. also weapons. they're very powerful here, I guess it's kind of how like pearlwood is actually useful in that world for once, for more than just as building material.

Well, how Azalea's story will go...? I'm certainly interested to hear more!


Looks like I'm gonna have to rename one of my Players to prevent possible confusion! `:p

Anyways, I hope there'll be much enjoyment to be had during the run (always appreciated). `:)


First I thought "oh, is there a seed like "hallowed"? or was that made via T-edit?" I'm still confused about that, but, then, huh...
I made it in TEdit. As far as I know there is no seed like that.
but it also brings another problem along, that is, how to craft a furnace? indeed, tricky challange.
I'm planning to get the Dryad for that. Which means I'll have to defeat EoC with whatever I can find.
It's also a normal (not expert) world, right?
but theoretically it should be possible to create things such as the ankh charm there pre-bosses, right?
I checked, and it looks like you can do that.
Looks like I'm gonna have to rename one of my Players to prevent possible confusion! `:p
:dryadgrin: No need!


I made it in TEdit. As far as I know there is no seed like that.
Ah, I see. Interesting. Because the seed there says that, and it did generated a world. or was it written there just after? XD

I'm planning to get the Dryad for that. Which means I'll have to defeat EoC with whatever I can find.
Looking back on the crimson challange, the merchant sells furnace, if he's housed in the jungle. I think he got that added to his shop when "not the bees" seed was added because stone is very rare there. But it works well for these challanges too, I think.
So, you can get a furnace pre-bosses, though reaching the jungle and surviving in the hardmode jungle without any adequate armor (or even weapon at first)... well, that's quite a challange too... XD
But once there's a town there, no monster should spawn there most of the time, and it allows for a pylon there too, which is very-very helpful.

I checked, and it looks like you can do that.
Yup. Not to mention, now we have the shimmer too, so any component that turns out to be rare, can be acquired via shimmering its counterpart.


Welcome, welcome all to Hallowed Be Thy Name, a horrible mistake that should have never been made. Joking, this is pretty fun


After gearing up, Azalea decided to explore more of the world, since she was stuck in her little hole the last time, and because she needed to find explosives to get the Demolitionist. She went left, because basically next door to the right there was a Corruption biome, which meant death. For now. Anyway, once she embarked on the journey, Azalea quickly found some Living Trees (shower thought, why are they called Living Trees? Normal Trees are living too. Shouldn't they be called Giant Trees?), which may hold great loot.



So you see that unicorn over there? Try as it might, it couldn't jump to me. Stoopid. Let's shift focus to the first chest: in there there was a Wand Of Sparking, Grenades (which don't count as explosives, unfortunately.) and some torches. The more the better. Oh and Azalea got killed by a Pixie. In my defense I accidentaly scrolled to far and selected the torches instead of the Sword. Oops.


After that embarassing moment, Azalea made her way back to the Living Trees. Once she arrived there, she went down into the trunk and quickly found a chest. In it Azalea found some miscellaneous items and... an Aglet. Where the F where you in my previous world? Sigh.


Oh hey, a room full of pots. Did you know that you can get Bombs from them? That's right, it's Linking time!


I'm... dissapointed I guess? After Azalea smashed all of pots in the room, she found that one of them contained bombs. I thought it was going to be harder obtaining bombs than this. Oh well, I can't really complain. Mission complete! Oh, and I got some Hallowed Torches as well. Weird.


Well, now the game is showering Azalea with bombs I guess just in case pot RNG decided to screw her. Oh, and in that chest Azalea also found a Living Wood Wand and a Leaf Wand, which were perfect for a building project she had in mind.


After taking everything from the chest, Azalea descended further into the tree. During her descent, the Hallowed Dryad noticed a light flickering in the dark like the classic horror trope. Like any sane person, she decided to investigate it. After some searching, Azalea quickly found where the light was coming from: an opening in the side of the Living Tree. She'll have to break down the wall. After opening the cave, Azalea found the source of the light: a Pixie. Other than that, the small cave held a chest, in which was stored a Boomerang. I doubt it's gonna be useful, but worst case scenario I'll just sell it.


After clearing some Pixies deeper in the caves, Azalea went back to the Underground Cabin to loot everything she could carry in her hammerspace. In the chest she found a Magic Mirror: useful in case she needed to get home quickly; even more bombs, juuuuuust in case she didn't have enough; and Silver Bars, which are going to be very useful to make better tools. In the cabin itself she got a Keg, perfect for getting absolutely drunk; a Hoplit statue and a Platinum chandelier, very fancy.


It was at that moment that Azalea thought to herself that the world was purposefully screwing her over


After breaking part of the door frame, Azalea looted the chest inside, and would ya look at that, Azalea got a Gold Worm. Nice.


After hearing someone with a Shakespearian accent yell "Worms!", Azalea decided to climb back to the surface, only to find... a normal slime. No, not a Gastropod. No, not a Gay Rainbow one. Just a normal, run of the mill mask wearing (shows how on time I am) Slime. Not to mention it was on a branch. How the hell did it spawn? Was it originally a ballon one that crashed into the tree? So many questions.


Anyway, after that fateful encounter Azalea decided to explore the remaining Tree, which unlike the other was all alone by itself. To the Dryad's surprise, the Living Tree didn't have any rooms, but instead abruptly cut off into a cave with a chest. In the chest there wasn't anything particularly noteworthy other than Glowsticks. While she tried to take all of the contents of the Chest, the Hallowed Dryad realized she had ran out of space. Thankfully some of the items in her inventory were Accessories she could equip to make room.


Blubbluuub! Blublublub, blubludlublub blub blublub.


After opening a hole to the chasm below her, Azalea was suddenly jumped by a Cursed Armor! Fortunately, after the jumpscare it wasn't too much of a problem to hadle (feels familiar?).


Azalea's attempt to diggy diggy down was quickly met with resistance by the Pearlstone in the ground. She should really hurry up to make room for the Demo Man.




Emboldened by the recent journey, Azalea decided to try and kill some of the Gastropods that had arrived. She quickly realized she was outmatched, and had to retreat, leaving the Gastropods free to enter the hideout. And that's how Azalea ended up with some Gastropods on her front door. This is going to be a disaster.


And so, sword in hand, Azalea charged through the door, ready for a most grim fate, to fight the intruders. Just as quickly as the battle started, it had ended, much to the surprise of the Dryad and of Joe Mama. However, dealing with the flying jellyfishes was not the only task she had to accomplish, she also had to seal the hole to prevent more intruders from entering the hideout. Having learned nothing from the previous disaster, Azalea decided to try to kill a few Hoppin' Jacks, only to get killed. Twice. Hopefully nothing like this happens again.


After that whole disaster, the Hallowed Dryad decided to take a moment to rest and store what she had gathered. Forgetting that she had taken a chest from her expedition into the Living Trees, Azalea made two whole chests out of the Pearlwood she had left, put them into Joe Mama's housing and stuffed her inventory inside. Only then she noticed she had exactly 666 Dirt Blocks left. Uh, what a weird coincidence.


In the second episode of "Enemies That Somehow Spawned Where They Shouldn't Be Able To", we have a normie Zombie in nurse outfit that managed to sneak in our hideout. Of course, it wasn't much of a threath.


Quick question: did you know that Gastropods can go through platforms? I didn't. So this is how Azalea ended up with a lot of Gastropods in her hideout. And a Pixie too. [Big Oops].


JOE MAMA! NOOOO! Also I just noticed Azalea's death message. Really salting the wound, uh?


After that disaster, Azalea decided to try to expand the housing options so the Merchant and the Demolitionist will be able to move in. Also, that is not a solid block, game, you're drunk.


So, a new non-Joe Mama Guide spawned in, and got killed almost instantly. Not her fault you decided to spawn there. What do you mean we have no right to say that? I tried to make Spawn more safe, it's not Azalea's fault she was cornered!


So, after sealing the other hole, Azalea went to the far side of her hole to get the Merchant and Demolitionist to spawn. Unfortunately, the only one who spawned another guide who wasn't Joe Mama. Dissapointing.


Let me tell a little fun thing that happened: after sealing the hole, a Pixie managed to get in the hole, despite there being no other holes that it could get in. Did it spawn here? Anyway, after dealing with it, Azalea walled in Spawn so when she teleported back she wouldn't be left out in the open. After that, the Dryad decided to use one of the bombs she had found to make more housing so the demolitionist could move in. Instead, the one who moved "in" was the Merchant, who spawned outside the hideout, meaning he's going to get killed. Your fault.


So, the game decided to crash while I was in the middle of making spawn safe. Now, I think I know why: I use headphones, which only get audio if they're already connected when Terraria launches, If I put them in after the game launches, whether they were connected before; the game crashed exactly when I accidentaly took them out. Weird, I know. Thankfully, the game had autosaved not too long before the crash, meaning that Azalea didn't lose too much progress. Still kinda annoying.



After rebuilding what was lost in the crash, a random guide spawned as well as the merchant. Why does the guide have to occupy the Demolitionist's place? sigh.
After that, the Dryad made a basic box over the spawn, and she tested it: as you can see, it didn't work. I mean, Azalea's not a teleportation engineer, can't really blame her now, can you?


Turn out all that was needed was more space and some platforms over the entrance and wala! It's done. Also enjoy more stoopid unicorn.


After telling the Merchant to get his :red: inside, Azalea decided to finish exploring the Trees: while she looted the place she didn't go the full depth of the rightmost trunk. After crossing with the railroad tracks, the tree continued for a bit and ended into a new cave.


After going back up and taking the rail, Azalea found that the railroad ended into an opening that led to a small cave. Climbing it revealed a narrow passage into another room of the cave. Unfortunately, the passage was too narrow and made of Pearlstone, which she couldn't mine yet. So she threw a bomb and ran back, except she got stuck mere inches away from the about-to-detonate explosive. Too put it bluntly, she was :red:ed. Except she survived the explosion. With 1 HP left. ONE.


After that whole ordeal, Azalea decided that she had had enough and teleported back home. There she made the decision to make herself a silver pickaxe: digging with the old copper one was becoming irritating.


Suddenly, Azalea noticed a weird spot on her minimap. Having tons worth of bombs, she decided to blast her way to it. Getting killed because she got ambushed by a Pixie and because Fall Damage is a thing. After using ropes to avoid gravity, she reached the bottom and noticed something weird: the cave seemed familiar somehow...


Entering the cave, Azalea remembered what it was: it was the end of the railway from the living trees! This was incredible! Why? Because it meant easy travel between the two places!


And so, Azalea decided to grab the opportunity and go explore more of the west side of the world she has neglected. While dealing with a few of the enemies that showed up, the Arms Dealer arrived in town. More useful than the Guide, but also not the Demolitionist.


Further to the left there was a Hallowed Desert. Full of Mummies. Light Mummies. Needless to say that the Dryad got her :red: absolutely kicked. That put her ambition to explore the West to rest for now.


Since Arms Dealer had taken the Demolitionist's house, Azalea had to make another one. Not really wanting to make another hole for the Demolitionist's house, she decided to use the already present frame of the spawn bunker to make the house, deciding to use the Silver Chandelier she had found to good use. Not the prettiest, but it's good enough.


While waiting for the Demolitionist to show up, the Hallowed Dryad went back down to dry the lake that connected to the Living Trailway. While she was there, guesss who showed up? The Travelling Merchant.

Oh, and the DEMOLITIONIST! HECK YEAH! Finally, infinite explosives (Ok, at a price, but still, infinite explosives).

This meant our current goal was accomplished.


With Bomb in hand, our Dryad decided to brave the Corruption to the east, which had spawned on top of another desert. However she quickly realized that she had no answer to the Corruptors' ranged projectiles, and so Azalea decided to approach the Corruption from another angle. The Underground. Unfortunately, Sand follows the laws of gravity (Damn you Newton) meaning the Dryad would have to bomb quite the depth to get to the non-gravity-affected Dirt below. And of course, her bomb supply was limited, meaning she would have to resort to mining with her Pickaxe rather quickly.


And Digging she did, until a Wraith menacingly approached her from the Corruption. Yeah Azalea didn't really have anything to worry about. It was more of an annoyance than anything.


Oh no! Another Wraith! What will the Hallowed Dryad Azalea do? A: swing her sword in the general way of the Wraith. B: Fall asleep. C: Ignore it. D: Leave, bored to tears.


Azalea kept mining, and eventually her Pickaxe met the Corruption's Ebonstone, impenetrable to weak Pickaxes such as hers. And oh, what misfortune! She had ran out of bombs to blast her way into the chasm. She'd have to return to the Hideout, but in the way stood a Hopping' Jack. But not to worry, as Azalea rushed to the enemy, who was too fat to fit into the tunnel, and with a couple of swings the cursed Pumpkin fell.


"I get that you're short, but the Guide is literally 10 meters away from you, how can you not see him? Did you blow your eyes and ears out or something? I'm starting to regret having you here."


After she finished scolding the Demolitionist, Azalea noticed a weird flower that had grown in the Hideout. However, that was no ordinary flower, as the Dryad sensed some kind of presence within it, and picking it up summoned a friendly ghost named Abigail. That was new. (Haven't really played the latest updates.)


With Abigail by her side, Azalea went back to the tunnel and using the bombs she had just bought, breached the Corruption Chasm.


Getting inside and walling herself in to avoid ambushes by the Corrupted creatures of the Corruption was easy, especially thanks to Abigail slowing them down. However a bold thought crossed Azalea's mind: what if she went and fought the Eater of Worlds, skipping the Eye of Chutullhu? Unfortunately that will have to wait, as it was getting late for me.

So, what are our goals currently? I'd say it's beating the Eater of Worlds. And hopefully not get annihilated by it in the process. To do that I'm going to need to get some stars to make Jester Arrows, which can pierce through enemies, and considering that the segments of EoW have separate hitboxes and health points piercing weapons are going to be OP against the boss. But why would we fight the Eater of Worlds? To be able to make Shadow tier equipment and get Meteorite Bars, which we'll need to smelt. But to do that we need normal stone. But oh! Defeating any of the Pre-Hardmode bosses (excluding King Slime for some reason) allows the Dryad to move in, and what does she sell? Purification Powder to turn Pearlstone back into normal stone to make into a furnace! How convienent!

Well, see ya next month! :dryadgrin:


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