PS3 Halloween World Event!

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Hello Terrarians, Love the new Website by the way.

On to the subject, the title explains it all, throughout October I will be hosting a ever changing Halloween World event, Right now the world has only a haunted House (all begining supplies inside from the Pumpkin moon) But i have plans to add loads of things, but the help is so lacking. It's funny actually... Took a good 2 hours to finish up this small Area but it looks amazing, now As for the event well it speaks for it self, Since we got the Pumpkin Moon. We should also have Mobs that drop the costumes during Halloween right???
After all its not Halloween if you cant dress up while Fighting a boss right? That is what i Hope to accomplish by the end of this Month.

On Halloween those who have joined will be invited to another world where we will BOSS the Pumpkin moon 5 nights in a row in Terraria!

I also have mini events going on in a friends world! (if anyone is interested)

There are loads of things we can build in Terraria now with i can't wait to see if we get FROST before Christmas, if we do you can bet i'll be decking the Halls with Wintertime events!

(Yes i make a point to make a event every Game holiday)
Anyone who wishes to join will have to start a new character with nothing on them. You won't need anything in the Halloween World, everything will be pre-supplied to you! I am also hoping to do it on PC, however i have no idea how to host....
Add me I'm B101-HM66_999


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