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Mac Help on Wall Of Flesh on multiplayer expert mode


I've been struggling with the Wall Of Flesh (WOF) in expert mode and i have tried at least 10 times. I have even tried extended the hellbridge and its like half of the world. I'm contemplating using dynamite at the end (even though part of the end is platforms)

I play with a friend and have no problem with the early parts of the fight as i barely lose any health at that point of time. However, when the WOF gets to about 2k health, he is too fast for me and eventually gets me with the hungry and "the tongue".I have seen that the WOF can reach up to about 50 MPH which is obviously too fast for anything pre-hardmode. I have a cellphone and it helps with looking at the DPS throughout the battle. It will show up to 200 DPS to 30 DPS as i'm using a hellwing bow which is very inaccurate.

Here's my gear:
Full molten armour
Hellwing Bow
Bee's knees or Bee gun
Lightning boots
Shark tooth necklace (for armour penetration)
Shield of cthulhu
Obsidian Shield
Hive Pack
Total: Around 54 defense with the potions

And here's the potions I use:
Ironskin Potion
Regenaration Potion
Endurance Potion
(I have tried with swiftness potion but it didn't help much)


I'd recommend both getting a load of beenades (my friend and I used about 150 each) and just spamming them, don't spam too fast, as I believe there is a limit on bees on the screen at a time. A good 2 a second should be plenty, make sure to keep up speed, for most of the fight the WoF was barely on our screens, Hermes boots are helpful. Any speed boosts will do great.
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