tModLoader Helpful Hotkeys

amazing idea. will probably never disable this mod as its convenience is over the roof! However, if there was one suggestion I would make is the ability to swap inventory items 1-10 with 11-20, like having a second hotbar.
v1.6 released:

2 new hotkeys:

Switch Frame Skip Mode: No Default
Cycles between frame skip off, on, and subtle.

Quick Use Config Item: No Default
Use the item specified in the config, regardless of slot, if found in inventory. Similar to Quick Use Item #20 but allows the item to be moved.
New idea:
A key that allow to sell everything in your inventory at once (Excluding favorite, of course)
Plz.. my load.
i really wanna choose hot keys.. not only #20 item.
i really need #11~20 more than 10 items hot keys..
plz help me.
Please for the love of all you and I hold dear, make that dash hotkey! AutoHotKey has a terrible input lag...
I would love to see a hotkey that sorts the inventory, and is there any way to disable the smart stack UI button?
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Is there anyway to add hotkey(s) for quick swapping armor? Say if you were using shroomite armor for ranger and wanted to swap between 3 helmets. You can't equip them from having on hotbar :(
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