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I am bored

Angry Bones

The Destroyer
I finished terraria i did all
Festive Moons
Old Ones Army
beating enraged bosses
is there something i can do before selling my soul to the angler

Huzbubber Tim

Ice Queen
Try out some mods, they can change up the game a lot and add lots of new content to explore, I'd definitely recommend that if you're looking for new stuff to do with Terreria


Eye of Cthulhu
You aren't done 'till you've done this.
  • Craft a DCU and dig out a chunk of your world.
  • Obtain a rod of discord.
  • Complete a boss fight with a coin gun on platinum coins only.
  • Try to get a stack of platinum coins without exploiting.
  • Fight all three mechanical bosses underwater.
  • Make a giant base that you never have to leave to get things done.
  • Build a complicated wiring contraption.
  • Defeat Ocram.
  • Play through 1.0.
  • Make an afk box for the moon events.
And finally... defeat the moon Lord with a copper shortsword
This is what I was working on before the updates, I'll get back around to it once I'm done with everything else I wanna do. 🤔🍹



I like taking games apart & reverse engineering them to learn newer stuff. I might even make a few Mods in the future once I feel as though I understand Terraria enough to make legitimate changes to it, that will help or improve the original game in some way.
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