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    Hello! Im here for help on how to get truffle. I made an overworld mushroom biome aswell as made a suitable house on that biome. Too suitable.. My NPCS constantly switching to my mushroom biome house! I tried moving them.. it doesnt work for one NPC. The Witch Doctor. There is a perfectably suitable house I made for him that he refuses to move too, meaning no banner appears, and he keeps going to the mushroom house making it impossible for me to get Truffle.

    Then I moved out the withc doctor and made a new house, but other NPCS come in. Could anyone help?
  2. Treesmasher

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    Geez that font is obnoxious. The obvious fix would be to make a bunch of houses and move all npcs into those one by one, but I doubt you will do that. Care to give screenshots of this phenomenon?
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