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Ichor Torch

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Ichor torches are one of the biggest letdowns to me. It follows the cursed flame of fire underwater, despite being ichor. I propose a change.

The ichor torch now inflicts ichor to all enimes nearby (sunflower radius), but also gives players onscreen an ichor like debuff which reduces defense by 10 (fix that number in the comments)

Thanks for your time.


Brain of Cthulhu
Torches seem to be more for aesthetic purposes than functional purposes and I'm hesitant to support a change to that. Someone shouldn't suffer because they like to build using Ichor Torches. Personally, I never equated the 'works underwater' with Cursed Flames - I just assumed the Cursed/Ichor Torches were upgrades to the regular torches.
There's also the potential to open the floodgates: If Ichor Torches got a functional property, people will want other torches to have a functional effect as well.



Every playthrough will now be crimson lmoa

Cursed Torch; burns everything and everyone nyah
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