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Member-Run Project I'm working on a game

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by DatBallistaBoi, May 5, 2019.

  1. DatBallistaBoi

    DatBallistaBoi Terrarian

    ...yep, I'm working on a game (with help :D)

    It's basically like Minecraft and Terraria, but... it's a lot harder (but there's better weapons too - there's a sword that does over 1200 damage!)

    Also it's called Spirabox

    [​IMG] Byte Cake
    [​IMG] Byte Stack
    [​IMG] Byte Grabber
    [​IMG] Amalgamated Horror Achievement (not by me)
    [​IMG] I Speak For The Trees Achievement
    [​IMG] Super Star Achievement
    [​IMG] Biting the Dust Achievement
    [​IMG] A Savior Achievement
    [​IMG] Kilo Byte (not by me) (spritesheet)
    [​IMG] Byte Gunner (not by me) (spritesheet)
    [​IMG] Needle Byte (not by me) (spritesheet)
    [​IMG] Drowning Debuff
    [​IMG] Burning Debuff
    [​IMG] Acidic Debuff
    [​IMG] Splinters Debuff
    [​IMG] Flamecharge
    [​IMG] Fire Essence (not by me)
    [​IMG] Rain Pot
    [​IMG] Fire Plant (not by me)
    [​IMG] Forestree
    [​IMG] Leaf Staff
    [​IMG] Wooden Bow
    [​IMG] Wooden Sword (i was making the original sprite but my sprite making program crashed, oof there)
    [​IMG] Throwing Stick
    [​IMG] Wood (wooden wood :DDDDDD)
    [​IMG] Book
    [​IMG] Reinforced Arrow
    [​IMG] Flame Arrow
    [​IMG] Arrow
    [​IMG] Sandrachnid
    [​IMG] Acid Dripper
    [​IMG] Corroding Cumulus
    [​IMG] Acid Roller
    [​IMG] Sludger
    [​IMG] Byte Charger (not by me) (spritesheet)
    [​IMG] Spira (final boss, also that's EXTREMELY BIG O_O)
    [​IMG] Fire Shield Byte (not by me) (spritesheet)
    [​IMG] Sea Spikes
    [​IMG] Fireball (not by me)
    [​IMG] Trident
    [​IMG] Schniztealseer (not by me)
    [​IMG] Polaris (not by me)
    [​IMG] Barker
    [​IMG] Dogwood
    [​IMG] Applenade
    [​IMG] Life Boost
    [​IMG] Essence Boost
    [​IMG] Accessory Boost
    [​IMG] Charging Wand (not by me)
    [​IMG] Polaris Wand (not by me)
    [​IMG] Void Byte (this is a lot of bytes O_O)
    [​IMG] Bubble Byte
    [​IMG] Supreme Sea Star
    [​IMG] Uncharger Byte (not by me)
    [​IMG] Corior
    oh my that was a lot of sprites
    and there's going to be even more
    also for some reason this game already has fan art...
    Shown in this picture from left to right: Rain Pot, Flame Arrow, Sandrachnid, Biting the Dust Achievement, I Speak For The Trees Achievement, Byte Gunner, Acid Dripper, Byte Grabber, Fire Shield Byte
    ...so, yeah, that's almost all of it

    expect to see this on steam somewhere 2021-2022

    ok bye now
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
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  2. ThatRandomBuilderGuy

    ThatRandomBuilderGuy Eye of Cthulhu

    Oof. What’s the game gonna be called?
  3. DatBallistaBoi

    DatBallistaBoi Terrarian

    i forgot to add that :|

    let me put that in
  4. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    I'm not sure about this. But a game that has an estimated expection of 2-3 years is gonna be very difficult to develop. Assuming there's no gameplay footage yet. Neither do I know if you had previous experience in game development.
    Please don't underestimate the time and effort needed in game-development. As I've underestimated that in the past too. Just taking a huge timeframe to work easy on it may not reach your expectations.

    I don't want to say 'don't follow your dreams', but please make sure you have worked on smaller projects before. So you know what it takes.
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
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  5. ChipperCrow

    ChipperCrow Terrarian

    'expect to see this on steam somewhere 2021-2022' If you've had no experience making 'games' like this before (and you haven't, from what you've told me), then I feel like it'd take a lot longer than three years.
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  6. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    This is cool!

    Now im wondering the price lol
  7. Lazyshadow

    Lazyshadow Terrarian

    If you really have no experience on these kinds of projects, make a small game, and then work your way up to spirabox, or get some good programmers to pursue your idea.
  8. Blood Crawler

    Blood Crawler Brain of Cthulhu

  9. Lazyshadow

    Lazyshadow Terrarian

    I agree, they’ll help you with your game
  10. BlueBolt22

    BlueBolt22 Official Terrarian

    lol im actually working on something similar. It's also a game inspired by Terraria and Minecraft and the post is called the same thing!