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Hello terrarians, hello dev team.

There is a simple feature I would really really like in the vanilla game: A neutral (preferably unobtainable) indestructible block. One that has maximum mining and explosion resistance (or a special rule which prohibits the destruction).
It's not meant to appear in a regular playthrough, but for map makers using third party map editing tools and maybe even journey god mode (although I'm not sure if the latter is a good idea, yet). Just something that can be used to railroad/contain a regular terraria player (no need to disarm the rod of discord - although, thinking about it, a matching background which prohibits teleportation might also be an interesting idea)...

It would be great if the vanilla base game would support this kind of feature, because every time I have seen a server trying to contain someone in a certain space, they used dirty hacks like applying the cursed debuff on the player when they are too close to the forbidden wall or temporarily emptying their inventory (which sounds scary, I farmed ages for my stuff).

Potential Names I had in mind:
• Bedrock (would immediately bring the idea across, thanks to association)
• Unobtanium
• Admin Block
• Indestructible Block (not very original, but spot on)
• ... (feel free to suggest some, too)

It would be nice if the block had a somewhat flat and neutral texture so it can be painted nicely, as well.

My main point here is, that we almost had a block like this: The jungle temple block. It has two downsides, though:
• A regular character can progress beyond them, gaining the ability to destroy them.
• They are not neutral. Place enough of them and suddenly you're in a jungle biome, which is in most cases undesirable.

And yes, I know that being able to tear through your whole world at the end of a playthrough is something amazing, no matter what kind of block you encounter. I acknowledge that strength and support it. That's why I would make them unobtainable in the first place. Probably even unplaceable - if you can't mine them, you shouldn't be able to place them. That would also prevent griefing by people who obtained them via inventory editors.

Thank you for reading this. It would be a small change, but I think the game would greatly benefit from it.
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My personal opinion is that this kind of block would make adventure maps rather plain.
Terraria has countless variety of blocks, limiting this to only a single block would limitate the map making as well.
Paint would suffice for a bit, but not for the texture or block's special effects (even for something simple like trees only growing on grass blocks).

I think using a debuff like Creative Shock, or just setting the rule to not use pickaxes in this map, is easier set up than working with a single block just because otherwise people may cheat with it.

Another option is to use Titanium ore (or any hardmode ores), they're neutral, looks like a standard strong block, and no pre hardmode pickaxe is able to destroy it.
Although some endgame pickaxes will be able to destroy it, it would be clear enough to show that it's not meant to be used to.

T-Shock is also a server tool that allows you to block mining blocks in certain areas, so if it was meant for third party support, might use third parties as well.
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My personal opinion is that this kind of block would make adventure maps rather plain.
Terraria has countless variety of blocks, limiting this to only a single block would limitate the map making as well.

I get what you mean with that. That's why I would just hide them behind the decoration where the light level is basically zero. Basically like a bounding box.
The problem I see with the debuff (and the reason why I find this workaround dirty): it's completely binary. You can either mine, or you can't, there's no differentiation between the blocks. Unless you give the player a pickaxe with a certain mining power. With the indestructible block you would still allow the player to dig around/destroy stuff in a designated area and still mine as fast as they want, because they could use their endgame pickaxe without the worry of destroying something which isn't meant to be destroyed.
I would prefer something you can also apply in normal gameplay, like a flag you can apply to tiles and walls with a special paint that can be applied with the normal painting tools. It could be called something like 'Luminite coating', and require beating the moon lord to get without an editor.

There could also be something like special goggles or an accessory to see the coating in blocks without disturbing the appearance of any design otherwise.

To make sure people can't beat a puzzle by using a 'coating removal' paint, there could be a 'locking' furniture that prevents removal of the coating. Placing this item adjacent to any wall or tile with the coating would make all coated tiles and walls touching each other immune to removal until the item is removed. Placing this item in a secret room or at the end of the puzzle would prevent altering the puzzle until it's completed.
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