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tModLoader Infinity

Discussion in 'Works-in-Progress' started by Lolkat, Feb 21, 2016.

  1. could you add the baits in it would be sweet for a fishing playthrough [for crafting it it could be 99 worms{for worms respectively}]
  2. greenskye

    greenskye Terrarian

    I'd like to suggest the ability to combine infinite buff potions in a manner similar to how the cell phone is created.

    Not totally sure on what combos to make or good names. But maybe something like this:

    1. Ultimate Infinity Potion (Ancient Manipulator)
      1. Ultimate Warrior Potion (Crystal Ball)
        1. Ultimate Battle Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
          1. Archer's Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
            1. Ammo Reservation
            2. Archery
          2. Magician's Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
            1. Magic Power
            2. Mana Regeneration
          3. Barbarian's Draught (Tinkerer's Workshop)
            1. Rage
            2. Wrath
          4. Summoning
        2. Ultimate Defense Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
          1. Troll's Blood Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
            1. Regeneration
            2. Heartreach
          2. Turtle Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
            1. Endurance
            2. Ironskin
            3. Warmth
        3. Lifeforce Potion
      2. Ultimate Explorer Potion (Crystal Ball)
        1. Ultimate Utility Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
          1. Construction Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
            1. Builder
            2. Mining
          2. Light Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
            1. Night Owl
            2. Shine
          3. Awareness Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
            1. Dangersense
            2. Hunter
            3. Spelunker
        2. Ultimate Movement Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
          1. Magma Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
            1. Obsidian Skin
            2. Water Walking
          2. Parkour Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
            1. Swiftness
            2. Flipper
            3. Gills
      3. Ultimate Angler Potion (Tinkerer's Workshop)
        1. Sonar
        2. Crate
        3. Fishing

    I tried to only include potions that people might generally want on all the time. These potions I'm not sure should be included because they might interfere with certain play styles or cause distracting effects:
    Battle/Calming Potion
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  3. Lolkat

    Lolkat Skeletron Prime

    Hey everyone, I haven't been on here for a few months but I'd like to drop by and say a few things.
    If you've got an issue with the mod or a problem the best way to get in touch is via the discord server.
    And this mod is certainly on a hiatus, and has been for a while. If a drastic change to tModloader occurs that renders the mod unusable, that will be the one exception for now.
  4. HerrToget

    HerrToget Terrarian

    I've played this mod for a while now and some things should be fixed: first of all you should either make the endless quiver (normal arrows) craftable at a workbench too or all the other ones at the crystal ball. It's just weird that the most useless of thos quivers is one of the harder ones to get.
    Then you should make other quivers so that they won't drop their respective Arrows. It's like cheating new arrows and when you have one of thos quivers you don't really need more arrows of that type (except maybe in multiplayer).
    also, it would be nice to see more supported mods like tremor or thorium but that's no that necessary
  5. pionoplayer

    pionoplayer Terrarian

    Just popping in to say: Like the mod.

    Although two things I would like to see:
    greenskye's suggestion, luiafk has a similar function to that and it would be nice to have here.
    Support for other mods like Thorium, Sacred Tools and Spirit mod would be awesome.
  6. Sharpfart

    Sharpfart Steampunker

    I made some Endless Dynamite Sprites if you want to use them.
  7. TheTrueBrawler

    TheTrueBrawler Plantera

    Small bug I noticed with the mod. When it comes to the Snowman Cannon, every infinite rocket launches Rocket IVs instead of the ones they are supposed to.
  8. neketgamer

    neketgamer Terrarian

    Hmmm... VERY cool mod:rslime::happy::dryadhappy::merchantcool::redspin::pinky::pinky::pinky::pinky::pinky:
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  9. Chef Big Dog

    Chef Big Dog Terrarian

    Can You please add Spirit Mod items, it is a very popular mod afterall and most people that use this mod would have the spirit mod
  10. Chef Big Dog

    Chef Big Dog Terrarian

    You should also fix colour coding
  11. Lolkat

    Lolkat Skeletron Prime

    What do you mean by that? Also, spirit mod's on my radar.
  12. Chef Big Dog

    Chef Big Dog Terrarian

    "colour coding" the colour of rarity, you know like the lunamite ore is dark red, the unreal prefixed meowmere is magneta e.t.c.
  13. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    that is "Rarity" in general https://terraria.gamepedia.com/Rarity not colour coding.
  14. temery2383

    temery2383 Skeletron Prime

    Not sure if it was mentioned in previous pages (because I'm not about to read this big long thread lol), but is there a plan to make endless boss summoners? That would be pretty cool. It may be difficult with things like the guide and clothier voodoo dolls, but I guess those could be made to where left-clicking chucks one out that can't be picked up.
  15. Levi the Shader

    Levi the Shader Plantera

    Hello there, i recently found a bug with the Bottomless Life Leech Coating: this haven't buffed me when i was consumed it.
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  16. Lolkat

    Lolkat Skeletron Prime

    I would like to work on them, and it shouldn't be too hard.
    I know about this, but I'm unsure of how to fix it. I'm going to have to play around a bit to figure it out.
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  17. Levi the Shader

    Levi the Shader Plantera

    Ok, it happen too with the Bottomless Midnight Oil.
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  18. Rougheredge

    Rougheredge Terrarian

    The Bottomless Explosive Coating doesn't work for me.
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  19. Lolkat

    Lolkat Skeletron Prime

    I'm aware, just not sure how I can fix it. I don't have Thorium's internal buff names, which would help, but I am unable to get into touch with Diverman.
  20. lightbowser1

    lightbowser1 Skeletron Prime

    do you try on his discord channel? because hes more active on there.