Influx weaver vs Terra blade

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Did you ever think that Influx Weaver is better than Terra Blade?

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  1. Abood1313

    Abood1313 Terrarian

    I recently got the influx weaver and saw the stats, it looks stronger than the Terra blade and it also shoots projectile like Terra blade. But I was curious so I went to the official wiki for Terraria. I found out that the Terra blade's use time is faster than Influx weavers. So I started calculation.

    Couldn't attach images. Sorry.

    Terra blade use time= 15
    Influx weaver use time= 19
    Use time= How many frames after swinging/ firing again.
    But the influx weaver is stronger than the Terra blade.
    Influx weaver attack w/o modifiers= 110
    Terra blade attacks w/o modifiers= 95

    That doesn't stop me there. I calculates attack damage divided by use time and this is the result. The results show how much damage per frame.

    110/19= 5.78 (Rounded}
    95/15= 6.33 (Rounded}

    Guess that shows the result that Terra blade is better than Influx weaver.
  2. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    You forgot one detail,

    Influx waver has the ability to strike a different enemy after strike the first one. or is even able to hit the same enemy three times, makes it a viable weapon for both crowd control and single target attacks. The Terra Blade will only pierce, wasting it's triple pierce effect against a single enemy.

    With that said, the Influx waver is more useful than The Terra Blade.
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  3. Sargon

    Sargon Terrarian

    Attacks per one second equals 60 divided by the use time of a weapon. Thus, Influx Waver's (base) attacks per second is 60/19 ≈ 3,16 and Terra Blade's attacks per second is 60/15 = 4. Therefore:

    Influx Waver's (base) damage per second is 110x(60/19) ≈ 347,37
    Terra Blade's (base) damage per second is 95x(60/15) = 380.

    However, as noted above, Influx Waver has some attributes which Terra Blade does not have. In addition, the projectiles of the former sword travel slightly slower (velocity 11) than the projectiles of the latter sword (velocity 12).
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  4. Abood1313

    Abood1313 Terrarian

    That can be only good in some situations example waves of monsters or events. Also terra blade's velocity is bigger.
  5. daderpycoolguy

    daderpycoolguy Skeletron

    Who needs the terra blade or the influx waver when you got the meowmere? Jk jk, I shouldnt bring this up in a beam sword battle. But tbh, I think the influx waver is better because of its striking the enemy three times thingy.
  6. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    Or, we could simply say that they are both good weapons in their own right? *shrug*

    As for the "hitting the same enemy 3 times", I don't know of too many situations that I would actually use a beam sword against a single enemy of any kind. In fact, once you kill the Solar Pillar, you get the only Melee Weapon you should ever need, full-stop (until maybe the Terrarian and a Daybreak for Moon Lord's Heart).

    Once I get a Solar Eruption, I find that I pretty much never need to reach for the beam swords or anything else for that matter.
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  7. RushOfCold

    RushOfCold Spazmatism

    It's Influx Waver not Influx Weaver.
    Anyway, the stats and power of the weapons vary. Let's look this over.

    The Terra Blade has a base damage of 95. It shoots a green beam that pierces 3 times. Created by a True Excalibur and True Night's Edge, no trivial task, I'd say.
    The Influx Waver has a base damage of 110. It shoots a blue beam that will hit the same (or nearest) enemy again. Therefor it is great for individuals. And you get a chance to get it from the UFO, which you don't see a whole lot since those martians don't show up often nowadays.

    So, the blades are good for various uses. The Terra Blade is great for crowd control and the beam will come around more often and move much faster with speed modifiers. Therefor you can shred through your enemies faster and they can reach the enemies themselves faster. Mostly for crowd control. Also far easier to get than the Influx Waver, also considering you get it before the Influx Waver anyway.

    The Influx Waver is actually pretty strong in crowd control, but is dominant on individuals such as bosses. Now if used correctly, this weapon can be on par or even better than the Terra Blade because of its power. The Blade itself does high damage, so does it's beam. Also considering the beam often returns for a second hit. However, this sword is far more inaccurate than the Terra Blade because it's beam moves relatively slower than the terra beam. And if I remember correctly, it isn't altered by any speed modifiers.

    I'd say these swords would end up in a draw because they have weaknesses and strengths, also they're both just cool weapons.
    All I got to say.
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  8. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    @Venomalix :

    The Terra Blade is rather easy to make, and the Influx Waver is subject to RNG.

    Getting a Night's Edge is most likely part of anybody's Melee Playthrough, I can't think of one reason you wouldn't make it, as it is THE best weapon in Hardmode for Melee; it even surpasses the damage of the Cascade and Dark Spear per-hit, which is nice for those high defense Hardmode mobs.

    It might be quickly discarded once you get an Amarok, but if you just stash it in the chest, the rest is easy!

    All you do is get 2 Broken Hero Swords. That's it. Since you're inevitably going to be doing Solar Eclipse already (you do want a Moon Charm for your Celestial Shell, right!?), it is pretty common to get 2 BHS by the time you see a Moon Charm.

    The Excalibur is a non-issue; killing the 3 bosses gives you more Hallowed Bars than you should ever need, unless you seriously wasted them on Hallowed Armor (why make that when Turtle Armor is available as soon as you kill the 3 mech bosses which is easily done with Adamantite or especially Titanium?).

    Then it is simple... Excalibur + BHS = True Excalibur. Night's Edge + BHS = True Night's Edge. Both True Swords combined = Terra Blade.

    Meanwhile, on one of my playthroughs, I've seen three invasions, killing as many flying saucers as I can and I haven't seen a Waver yet. So, with RNG... Terra Blade can actually be easier to obtain.

    But the rest of what you said is spot on: Both swords have strengths, both have weaknesses. I find the Terra Blade mows through everything in the Dungeon with ease. If it gets close enough, the physical sword chops it to pieces. If I'm running through a hallway, everything in front of me is simply dead before it can move.

    Once I get what I need out of the Dungeon, it is time to kill the Cultist (I do that with a Hatchet, switching to the Terra Blade when he splits up so I can guarantee I hit the right one) and once I kill the Cultist, then it is Solar Pillar time which I'd think the TB would work better on anyways 'cept maybe the Pillar Itself.

    Either way, it is moot once the Solar Pillar Falls because then I got something way better than both combined.
  9. pajrc

    pajrc Official Terrarian

    1) Moon charm drops from Werewolves, you are thinking of the Moon Stone.
    2) ONLY 2 broken hero swords? You do know that they are a 1/4 chance to drop from a MOTHRON
    Mothrons are uncommon (never mind, rare) mini-bosses in Solar Eclipses. They only appear after Plantera. They have high health (and exponentially higher in Expert), not to mention the 5K MOTH SWARMS THAT THEY SPAWN!!! This makes Mothrons 1) super hard to find 2) very hard to kill if you find one and 3) hard to get the sword if you kill one.
    I say the IF is a bit easier to get, as you only have to do one part for it, instead of using your Hallowed bars instead of making armor and stuff. The Night's Edge is hard to get, as you have to go around to four different places to make it, inevitably dying multiple times. Also, you mean best melee in pre-hardmode? Terra Blade is Hardmode, it OBVIOUSLY surpasses NE. Then, you need to face the Mothrons, which are giant chainsaw killing machines (under exaggeration) that will tear you apart more quickly than you can say, "I probably should have taken the Influx Waver instead."
    NE + Some waste of Hallowed + Mothrons + Killing one > Finding probe + Having chances in your favor.
    They're still kind of cool weapons, just one is easier than the other and they have different uses!
  10. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    Same difference, both are required for the Celestial Stone, but yes, I meant Moon Stone.

    Really? Every single Solar Eclipse I've ever had Post-Plantera in, I've had to fight at least 3, sometimes up to 5-6 Mothrons per. Given the fact that you can go to the Lihzarhd Temple and get enough Solar Tablets to spawn 20+ Eclipses within an hour, I'd say that the Mothrons are really not a problem.

    If you're wanting a sword, then you're melee. Why on Terra would you ever make Hallowed Armor when Titanium Armor exists? Even if you have Adamantite, that's plenty good enough to get you to Turtle Armor; the Hallowed Gear doesn't give you that much of any boost over Adamantite. The difference is negligible, and you'd have to kill a couple bosses to get enough to make the full suit anyways, right?


    1). Kill EoC. That's.. hard?
    2). Go to the Dungeon and open chests... you're gonna do that anyways, right?
    3). Get 12 Stingers and some spores (dunno about you, but when I'm looking for an Anklet of the Wind, I have far more than I ever need to make the BoG)
    4). Gathering Hellstone... if you're a melee, you're either grinding for a Cascade drop or you're mining up Hellstone for your Hellstone Armor anyways (unless you're gonna skip it with Crimson Armor, but still. You need at the very least a pickaxe unless you're gonna fish for hours).
    5). Find a demon altar to put them together.... uh, not hard?

    I thought I was being obvious when I said that the NE was the best melee in normal/easymode. Whatever the terminology you wanna use. It is the single best weapon damage-wise; it out-damages the Cascade hit-for-hit, but might do slightly less DPS on mobs with low defense due to the Cascade's ability to hit several times in quick succession.

    I dunno about you, but I found Mothrons to be rather easy because the only things Mothrons DO is fly at you and release little bugs (after taking a long time to lay the eggs). When it flies off to land on the ground, run after it, use your weapons on it and you'll kill the eggs and hit Mothron at the same time. While laying the eggs, the Mothron is defenseless unless you actually walk up to it and touch it. When he's in the air, wait for him to charge and..... jump. He's basically Queen Bee without the projectiles and the bees. All you need is a few wood platforms in the air, and perhaps a rope to hang on to stay above the mosh pit.

    If you want, I'll post a video of me killing several with naught but an Amarok and Adamantite Armor. They really aren't hard at all.
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  11. daderpycoolguy

    daderpycoolguy Skeletron

    Now thinking about it killing Mothrons is easier than killing the UFO. We will need to test that.
  12. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    Not if you have a Yo-Yo or a Solar Eruption and you're hiding 3+ blocks underground, lol. It's more about RNG of trying to pop the invasion, get in the hidey-hole before you get electrocuted to death, and pray the Waver drops instead of something like 5 car keys in a row (I've seen this once).
  13. Turjan

    Turjan Terrarian

    True. I have several Mothrons per Solar Eclipse, and Eclipses happen all the time in my game. I had two BHS after my first post-Plantera Eclipse. When I looked up what I need for the Terra Blade, I noticed that I already had everything.
    Funny enough, in practice, this didn't work out for me. I tried the NE pre-hardmode, and I put it into a chest and went back to the Bee Keeper. I got hit too often when using the NE. Of course, I got it out of the chest as soon as I hit hardmode, because then you need the pure damage output it delivers.
    Yup, I found Mothrons easy. And I'm not even particularly good at the game.
  14. Treesmasher

    Treesmasher Golem

    In the end, Terra Blade is good for taking out waves of enemies, while the Influx Waver is good for taking down bosses. But thanks for sharing this information.
  15. Varsia

    Varsia Spazmatism

    ...I'm going to comment on this insignificant, yet really annoying detail. I'll just leave it here, you'll figure out what's wrong with it eventually.

    Anyways, I used Terra Blade on my latest playthrough, because I never actually thought about getting the Influx Waver. In the end, though, it doesn't really matter. You'll just replace them anyway.

    I guess it's nice to know that both are about equal in their own ways.
  16. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian

    Not sure what you're trying to get at there. I do wish if someone was going to quote me and say that they have something against what I said, that they would just be upfront and forthright with me rather than playing tricks and games. No offense, but can't you just say what your problem is?

    Is it the "the Mothron is defenseless when he lands" because of the "mosh pit" below you of all the other mobs? That is easily remedied. The mobs spawn on the ground below you, and if you've several ledges nearby you, the Mothron seems to find the closest ledge that's at least 20 blocks away from you to land and lay eggs on. If you have some ledges that are above the ground, the Mothron won't be landing in the mosh pit and you can easily follow him to whack him and break his eggs at the same time. In fact, even with an Amarok, you can deal about 30% of Mothron's total health in damage while he's going through the lengthy "laying eggs" animation. Then, when he's done, he'll fly off and then start his "Imma ram you over and over again" shtick. It is basically a re-hash of Queen Bee; you simply stand on your platforms in the air above the ground and jump when it charges at you. The charge is incredibly easy to dodge and there's nothing else that should be bothering you during this time except for vampires (which can be somewhat rarer than other mobs) and deadly spheres (which move rather slow, but if one sneaks in while you're not paying attention it can hurt a plenty if it gets ahold of you).

    If you've still a problem with what I'm saying, then please elaborate and don't go "you'll figure it out eventually" because most likely I won't because we obviously disagree. If you disagree, that's fine... I'm more than capable of civil debate, and I'm glad to hear other points of view (as well as debate them)... but I need to know the point of view first.

    And if the "Mothron is hard!" people really need it, I'm still willing to put up a "Solar Eclipse while wearing naught but Turtle Armor and Amarok" video to show you that it really isn't that hard if you do it right.
  17. Varsia

    Varsia Spazmatism

    It's that a he is laying eggs.
    That is all.

  18. Xylia

    Xylia Terrarian


    Semantics. That's even worse, lol. Okay, how about "IT", because it is actually a robot according to the noises it makes.
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  19. Varsia

    Varsia Spazmatism

    I'm pretty sure it is an "it".
    It's either an "it" or a "she".
  20. daderpycoolguy

    daderpycoolguy Skeletron

    But is it easy with Amarok and Adamantite Armor? The outcome isnt provable if your variables are different.