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Introducing the Void Vault and Void Bag


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Good afternoon Terrarians!

After a lot of discussion internally, we have finally figured out what everyone enjoys most about Terraria: Inventory Management! You know, especially having your bags full of stuff and having to head to the surface to unload, followed by the long walk back. I mean, who doesn't appreciate the awesomeness of that right?

Well, for those of you oddballs out there that don't get a kick out of all of that downtime, the Re-Logic team would like to introduce you to our latest and greatest creation: The Void Vault and its companion item, the Void Bag!


Void Vault in the Comfort of Home


Void Bag in Use​

Now, we know what you are thinking? "How can these items get my clothes cleaner or julienne this pile of carrots I have sitting here?" Well . . . they can't. But all your inventory management issues? They can make them disappear! How can this be possible?! This is madness, you say!? Not so, dear friends, feast your eyes on this!


(Wait, your inventory is full? Where is all that pricey furniture going exactly?!?)


(Oh - into the Void I see! How convenient! The purple text means it's working!)

That's right - what on the surface appears to simply be the fourth available character storage item - the Void Vault - transforms into an automagical inventory overflow vacuum when combined with the Void Bag held by the player. This combination of items will immediately whisk away any items the player picks up once their inventory is full - and deposit them safely at home in the Void Vault for safekeeping. This won't totally eliminate all of your inventory woes, but it will certainly cut down on those trips to and from home base!

We are so confident that you will love the Void Vault and Void Bag that we are selling them for the low low price of... wait, what's that? We are giving these away for free with 1.3.6? Crazy, I tell you!

Well, there you have it, Terrarians - the latest inventions from the Re-Logic labs, coming to a Terraria 1.3.6 near you sometime in the future!
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