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Is the Hardmode mechanic based on anything?


I was thinking about how Terraria has taken mechanics from many games, such as many mechanics from Minecraft, accessories, and NPCs. Then, I thought about hardmode. Did this mechanic just pop into a dev's head, or is it based on mechanics from other games, such as New Game +?

Omega Derpling

Considering in 1.1 it consisted almost entirely of buffing existing content (the only hardmode bosses were the mechs) with the only exception being Hallow. I’d say that it’s pretty likely that it’s based on New Game +.


I know some games (Like Castlevania: Circle of the Moon) introduces stronger enemies in early areas as you progress in the game, all of the areas are connected, so there's still a bit of a fight when you backtrack.

I like to think of this when I think about Hardmode's mechanic.


I've seen Dragon's Dogma do something similar. Once you beat the "Disc One Final Boss" (of which I suppose the WoF would be the equivalent), Gransys changes both aesthetically and mechanically. The sky becomes a sickly green, nearly every spawn is replaced with stronger enemies, and a few new areas and materials become accessible.
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