PC Item 3,000!

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"Expert Mode" - hopefully answering the cries for a difficulty adjustment that so many have had...that it isn't just "bigger numbers" is the really cool part - or at least you will think so until EoC eats your face for the first time. ;)

(That and better rewards - reminds me of Diablo somewhat)

...and that's only one feature.

This is the type of thing I meant when people asked if 1.3 was "bigger" than 1.2 - it's all in how one defines "bigger". :)
Wow Terraria 1.3 could be BIG Very BIG Then 1.2 Keep you the Good Work! Redgit be proud of you Cenx! i hope I to be a beta tester! :)
i can't wait to see more items to see and weapons i want terraria to add mini spaceship that shoot Lasers I Will freak out when it done and oh yea a Space Mecha That use Jetpack shoot Lasers
I knew I did not build a laboratory for nothing. Cannot wait to add the Alchemy table to it. I hope there are a few more in NPCs with the new patch also. I have lots of extra housing.
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