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  1. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    This is a thread where I'll be posting my builds and any comics/stories I make. So without further ado, here are some creations

    Treeopolis (as seen in CC #18) Had to put this one in spoilers because of image size
    Beachhouse (9/30/14) (re-edited on 10/4/14)

    Desert Outpost (9/28/14)

    Apartment Unit ( I plan on using these kinds of builds/designs in a much bigger future build) (9/18/14)

    Oriental Shrine (can't remember when I made this but it's fairly old)

    Sweetsland (I made this in tribute to Snickerbobble's Confection Suggestion thread)

    Garden-ish Home 1/10/15
    Skyware House(Treehouse Prototype) 7/2/15
    Marble Garden (with Gazebo) 7/6/15

    Beach Housing (08/07/15)
    Capture 2015-08-07 00_12_21.png
    Spa (08/07/15)
    Capture 2015-08-07 22_44_35.png
    Capture 2015-12-04 17_00_11.png
    Xmas Room 2015
    Capture 2015-12-17 00_18_03.png
    Capture 2015-12-17 13_48_45.png
    Capture 2016-01-23 22_16_50.png
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2016
  2. Midnight Moonlight

    Midnight Moonlight Skeletron Prime

  3. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    :D ty
  4. Mystery

    Mystery The Mysterious One

    Hey Jeno. Nice builds. I'll have to keep an eye on this thread.
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  5. Shika

    Shika Golem

    I'll have to keep an eye off of it, if you know what I mean. Makes me feel self-conscious. These are better than furniture stores any day!
  6. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    thank you, that means alot to me :)
  7. Ali

    Ali Terrarian

    this is cute
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  8. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    thank you
  9. Lhama

    Lhama Steampunker

    Beach house, but it's raining ! lol
    Anyways, nice stuff, you should add a roof to that beach house.
    And the right part ( the one with the slider ) of "treeopolis" doesn't look like it's being held in the air by something. It looks fragile and like it's going to fall. XD Try making some big trees to conect them.
    It needs improvements, but I really like them! :D
    Keep up with the good work. ;)
  10. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    Thank you, I thought about making big trees to connect them but decided against it. I'm also debating whether to put a block roof or a wall roof on my beach house.
    Edit: The Treeopolis was a server build and I forgot that server no longer exists :c
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2014
  11. Rassy

    Rassy Skeletron Prime

    Long time i don't see your builds, they keep surprising me. :D
  12. Pixel

    Pixel Terrarian

    Your buildings are nice and all, wise block choices and well contrasted palettes but the problem is your build structure. Try and change around the wall sizes and shapes, perhaps make them a tad asymmetrical.
  13. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    I'll be sure to do that for future builds (I have a habit of making things so symmetrical it isn't even funny ;v;)
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  14. Lhama

    Lhama Steampunker

    Maybe that how you feel more comfortable building. If you enjoy them symmetrically, keep doing them that way :3
  15. Firexia

    Firexia Terrarian

    Beach house definitely needs a roof. Other than that, it's a really nice build.
  16. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    I put a suitable roof on my beach house and the new pic is up
  17. Lhama

    Lhama Steampunker

    Nice! Looks way better !
  18. Sheffy_

    Sheffy_ Golem

    Dat staircase tho xD
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  19. Jenosis

    Jenosis Dungeon Spirit

    added a shrine I made a few months ago
  20. Rariaz

    Rariaz Plantera

    really nice! very creative. GJ!
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