PC Jenosis' Collection of Builds

made this on friday after a long session of Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth.
Madea new world for building in and spawned in a snowy world so I decided to make this
Capture 2015-10-29 23_52_16.png
How did you make those round things in your CC entry?
Those were actually something I made in my mod (and painted them). I asked QuackersDelta if there was anything against modded content and they said no so I decided to make a gif of all of them aligned like that.
Nice use of the crates. ;)

Shame wood lattice isn't officially in the game, and I'd like not to mod my game.
Thanks! I actually just saw what the biome crates looked like after finally catching some. Hallow crates are really good to use with crystal and nebula blocks.

god ikr @ the lattice. We really need those.
If you're worried about installing a mod tModLoader gives the option to restore back to vanilla (personally I made a copy of vanilla and the modded version so I can have both at once and they both work).
Wow uh... it's kinda been awhile since I've been on here huh. Figured I'd post something I built just in time for the holidays:
Capture 2017-12-22 16_14_03.png

been favoring modded building more than vanilla building these past 2 years and this is something I finally got around to doingon my own time.
(This build has Chads Furniture, FurnitureFood and Fun, and some Spirit tiles for those wondering)
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