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tAPI jordan's mods.


Jordan's Mods
This is a compilation thread for all mods to be released by myself, with the help of a few others; nealpd and Cireus. I have had some past experience with modding back in the tConfig days and wanted to come back and finish what I started. You may find a wide variety of mods below (once complete), ranging from minor additions, such as weapon packs; to more content heavy mods such as jExo. I plan on staying true to the original feeling of Terraria, providing what I hope to be top notch content.

Documentation of my mods will be written over on the Social Forums (Later they will be written on Github so people do not have to create accounts for the documentation), so be sure to join (spoilers/beta versions will also be posted over there)!



jExo is a mod based around the almost infinite configuration of a set of items!
The first release will contain the full armour set with a large variety of configurable options, through modifying the weapon in game. It will also contain a substantial variety of weapons such as the Minigun or the Claw, that are also largely configurable.

This mod is currently in open beta and can be found over at the social forums! (Only the Exo armour is currently finished, tools/weapons are still to come)




jFlail is a mod completely focused on the addition of more flails!
It adds a considerable amount of flails, covering all tiers throughout your playthrough, starting at wood tier and ending at post-frost moon tier. Each unique flail will have a unique identifier making them stand out among the existing flails! This mod is currently in open beta and can be found over at the social forums!




jThrowables is the latest mod to be added to this collection and was almost entirely made by @nealpd with some extremely minor guidance by myself. It is a mod fully focused around adding more ranged consumables to the game at varied tiers. This mod is currently in alpha and can be found over at the social forums under the jThrowables thread.

Please report any bugs or interactions you believe may be unintended so we can update and have a fully working mod as quickly as possible.




jLib is a library mod used by all my mods, making this a dependency when using any of my mods. This may also contain some content that I want available throughout all my mods, the content will be non-intrusive.


Downloads for beta versions can be found on the social forums in their respective threads: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?social-forums/jordans-mods-discussion-group.48/

Full releases will be readily available for guests and those ho do not wish to join a social group on this page. I will also try to find a better place for the documentation so that guests can access without being required to join the forums, this will come at the same time as the full releases!

jFlail, jExo, jThrowables and jLib are currently released over at the social forums!

I have a Github account which currently contains a few other mods that are in very WIP stages. Some tinkering is required for them to work, however if done correctly you can see some of the upcoming mods before they are even announced. https://github.com/thatguyjordan



Made by nealpd!




Coding by: jordan, nealpd
Spriting by: nealpd, Cireus
Extras: Chadwick (For all the wooden flail alternatives)

That's all for now, please leave comments and if you thoroughly like the content maybe give the post a like to help give me more motivation and also some solid indication that people enjoy the looks of my mod.
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Miscellaneous Mods!

This section will house a collection of small mods with very specific uses.


Liquids +

This is quite a small mod focused around adding pseudo-liquids. It currently 'adds': tar in the jungle, ichor in crimson, infernal lava in the corruption and hallowed lava in the hallow. Based on this suggestion by Snickerbobble: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/sprites-biome-colored-lava.15810/

The 'new' liquids are not technically new.. They are overriding vanilla lava when in specific biomes. This is due to the impossibility of adding new liquids through tAPI. They work, but there are some things that haven't been fixed; lighting, lavafall colour/texture and the embers. I have tried to fix these, but my previous attempts have failed.


Tar: Black. Decreases movement heavily when submerged. Gives the player a buff which does a few things; slows movement and fall speed, lessens jump height and colours the player black, as if they are soaked in tar. The damage is much less than normal lava but makes up for it with the decreased mobility.

Ichor: Yellow. Does the same amount of damage as lava, but gives the player the ichor debuff. This cuts the players defense subsequently causing the player to take more damage from the lava.

Infernal lava: Green. Does the same amount of damage as normal lava, however, infernal lava gives the player the cursed flames debuff.

Hallowed lava: Cyan. Does much more damage than normal lava and does not yet cause a debuff. The original suggestion had it doing confusion, however I feel that is a bit odd for super hot lava. Any other suggestions are definitely welcome.

To be completed

Poison water in underground jungle. Only damages at certain intervals while completely submerged. Has a chance to cause poison debuff on third hit.

Corruption/crimson water will have aesthetic changes. Debuffs will be added that cause the player to have a slight discolouration due to being soaked with contaminated water.

New fish to be found in the corruption, crimson, jungle and hallowed lavas.






Re-done Slimes

Small recolour mod for this art thread: http://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/when-chrome-has-nothing-better-to-do.16022/

All credits for the textures go to monochromgoggles



Latest Downloads

Liquids + (v0.0.2)
Re-done Slimes (v0.0.1)

Old Downloads

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dash attack.
we need more dash attack
Dash upgrade was already going to be in the armour, not unlike the dash from the tabi. If I manage to be bothered I may add a dash shortsword like katana for my misc mod.

We also need more Harpoon type weapons
How about making a Grappling hook Type weapons??
Grappling hook is a nice idea and if I am able to somehow get it on the armour I will. Harpoon type weapon is a decent idea, may get to writing some stuff on that down!
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How about adding a blowgun-type weapon
(Shoots pellets made from Iron)
I originally intended on that but thought that I was adding too many ranged weapons so I temporarily scrapped it. However, I do plan on extending blowpipes in a different mod.

Digging claw is upgradable to the axe


Official Terrarian
Or maybe some new summoner items? Theres only like 5 or 6 summoner tools excluding frost hydra and queen spider.It would be cool to see more summoner items ;)


Or maybe some new summoner items? Theres only like 5 or 6 summoner tools excluding frost hydra and queen spider.It would be cool to see more summoner items ;)
I will be expanding summoners across a couple mods. The earliest mod with summoner releases will be Malevolency i think


How about a Magic-type Weapon?
I was having trouble coming up with something for mage if you couldn't already notice :p I was thinking about a pre-HM to early HM weapon that fires all of the different staff projectiles randomly. Also a weapon that fires magical spikes could works, it would by default explode into fragments. Just a couple ideas i've been debating
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