Journey's End on XBox and PlayStation - Known Issues and FAQ

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Greetings Terrarians, the development team at DR Studios are hard at work squashing bugs for the Journey's End update on Xbox and PlayStation. To keep you updated, here are the bugs that have already been fixed, known issues that will continue to be worked on, and frequently asked questions:



  • Move the Sun! You can now control the sun and the moon on the frontend menu by holding RT/R2 + right stick. Give it a whirl!
  • It's back! It is again possible to use the Touch Pad on the PS4 Dualshock Controller to zoom in and out of the world and transition between the world and map!
    • In Settings >> Controller >> Pinch Zoom World and Pinch Zoom Map are now available


  • Based on player feedback we've fixed the hotbar navigation when a Dynamic Hotbar item is bound to a hotbar slot, making it easier to jump through the Hotbar
  • Improved mouse & keyboard support across the board. Keyboard bindings for inventory management are now closer to PC
    • Use Shift/Ctrl/Alt + click to quick deposit/sell, quick trash and favorite items
    • Press Alt + left click to toggle the vanity visibility on equipment (this differs from PC, pressing Alt changes the cursor to an eye and you can click anywhere in the slot)
    • In Settings >> Keyboard & Mouse >> Quick Trash can be set to Shift + click or Ctrl + click
  • Improved world creation speed!
  • Improved boot up time, the game now starts a little bit quicker!


Multiplayer and Split Screen
  • Fixed mannequins losing items when placed by the host and not being able to be seen by other players
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer where an item was lost if held when a chest was closed
  • Fixed player 2+ in split screen being immune to projectiles
  • Fixed a few issues where open menus caused navigation conflicts or problems navigating the game in split screen and multiplayer
  • Fixed issues where open menus interfered with joining multiplayer games
  • Fixed the issue where users were unable to navigate through the Options menu during multiplayer if their network connection was lost when a menu was open
  • Fixed the delay in picking up items when the host threw an item to another player
  • Fixed a number of crashes
    • Fixed some player reported crashes when player encounters certain trees from their 1.3 worlds
    • Fixed the crash when the Painter's house is in a hallowed-snow graveyard biome and trying to open his shop
    • Fixed a bug on PS4 where some worlds are unable to be hosted, or cause a crash when they move to an area which was very built up (many items placed in one location). If you have worlds where you cannot get your friend to join them, and you're able to access your files on PS4, please send us the world file so we can investigate further Upload your PS4 game files to the devs
    • Please let us know if you experience a crash by reporting it in the forums and including as much detail as possible!

And many more fixes!
  • Fixed the issue where some players were unable to unlock Pet Collector achievement. Please let us know if you still are having an issue by raising a bug in the forums!
  • Fixed! The housing menu should be easier to navigate/query/assign npcs now!
  • Fixed the issue where player's couldn't quick equip an item from a chest, as long as there isn't a conflicting binding for Use Item bound in the Settings
  • Fixed the controller binding for Research! You can now open the Research menu directly from an item in the Inventory. You can find this in Settings >> Controller >> Controller Bindings: Edit >> Inventory and bind Research Item!
  • Fixed a number of UI visual and graphical issues
  • Fixed that one hairstyle being displayed outside the hairstyle list menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was prevented from continuing to play if they died while a text input box was open
  • Fixed issue where sometimes when using a crafting station items could appear at a locked-on enemy's location
  • Fixed item pickup range in Journey mode to match PC. It's now possible to throw items from the inventory without immediately picking them back up!
  • Fixed multiline editing on signs and tombstones for PS4.
    • Sorry Xbox players ;( this is a harder fix to add as it's not supported by the Xbox's default text input system
  • Fixed a bug where the frame rate would drop when the housing menu was open and you had a lot of NPCs
  • Fixed the issue where the summons tag on enemies could disappear if you got too far away from the enemy, making it hard to know who your summons were targeted on
  • Fixed the issue where the biome artwork behind the map was incorrectly scaled depending on UI zoom level and especially in split screen
  • Fixed a graphical glitch in the tutorial dialog boxes
  • Fixed a missing controller prompt on tutorial dialog boxes

  • "Classic" scheme has been changed to be the closest match Red's Pick from the Console 1.3 Era (though it retains the ability to remap/add all of the new functions available with 1.4)
  • D-Pad Cursor Snap feature from RL/PW can be achieved by binding dpad to Grid Snap (see video below)
  • D-Pad Hotbar feature from RL/PW can be achieved by binding the four dpad directions to Dynamic Hotbar 1-4 (see video below)
  • Grapple is now bound to B again, along with Interact - Interact may be bound to whatever button players have assigned for Secondary Fire or Grapple, but not any others in order to avoid numerous conflicts and edge case issues.
  • Fixed an issue where the system was wrongly capping the maximum number of worlds at 10, but the UI was not recognizing this cap. The world/map cap is now 30 as originally intended, and the UI will enforce this (no New button if you have 30 or more worlds)
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to add more offline players to splitscreen on PS4
  • Fixed the mouse scroll wheel issues on PS4 and Xbox
  • Fixed lag spikes caused by the growth of Pumpkins
  • Fixed Player 2+ in split screen not being able to see the Traveling Merchant's wares
  • Fixed Thunderstorms in splitscreen causing blocks to become invisible
  • Fixed time being frozen in non-journey worlds when joining a MP session from the tutorial
  • Fixed the Angler's quests not being updated for Clients in a MP session
  • Fixed treasure bags only being dropped for one person in MP or Split screen
  • Fixed Dungeon Casters and other Projectile weapons' VFX not showing in the left hand side of the world
  • Fixed Geodes not being able to be thrown on the ground to open them

Check out the video below to see how the evolved versions of Dpad Hotbar and Dpad Snap work in 1.4!

With this evolved version of these long-standing features, you can now do things that you could not do previously:
- Dpad Hotbar can now be mapped to 0-4 buttons. Previously, this was an all-or-nothing feature.
- Dpad Snap can now be mapped separately (LB+Dpad) in the video - so that players can now use Dpad Hotbar and Dpad Snap at the same time.

By Default in Classic controls, Dpad Snap is on and no Dpad Hotbar buttons are mapped, we leave this up to you, the player.

  • Fixed autosave bug
  • Fixed the black screen sync bug
  • Fixed a crash when fighting Empress of Light
  • Fixed a crash after long play times
  • Fixed a crash in very old world saves
  • Fixed hotbar navigation affecting player movement
  • Fixed housing query controller bindings (Players will have to go into settings and rechoose from Classic, Advanced or Simplified again or bind the Housing Query setting)
  • Fixed research not consuming the held item stack
  • Fixed mouse conflicting in split screen pause menu
  • Fixed PS4 offscreen mouse cursor
  • Fixed PS4 trophy for Empress of Light
  • Added shoulder combo hint on screen
  • Added more controller bindings on screen
  • Added safe region settings in game
  • Added support for PS4 touchpad button

  • Fixed sync bug on Xbox



Will we get Mods?

-Modding is not currently possible on Console. This is something the team will explore as we move forward - but we cannot currently make any promises one way or the other.

Will we get Texture Packs?
-Like Mods on console, Texture Packs are not currently possible on Console. This is something the team will explore as we move forward - but we cannot currently make any promises one way or the other.

Can I crossplay with players on other consoles, on PC, or on mobile?
-Crossplay is currently not supported for Terraria - this is a feature that the team plans to explore once all active platforms are at content parity. We cannot promise whether or not we will succeed in this effort nor what form it will take, but we will attempt to make it a reality.

Can I play Splitscreen+Online multiplayer?
-Splitscreen + Online (in combination) multiplayer is not currently supported - this will be explored at a later update, as we did not want to delay the launch to chase the many edge case issues this specific situation creates.

My Keyboard won't show the Chroma/RGB effects.
-Chroma/RGB Effects are not currently supported on Console.

Can I upload my old world from Xbox 360?
-No, sorry, old cloud saves aren't compatible, we only use Xbox One cloud data.

Can I play 3 or 4 player splitscreen on PS4?
-This should be supported, but we are aware of some issues that players on PS4/5 are encountering. The team is looking into this. Updated Oct 19 - the new patch should fix this. If you are still having issues, please report.

The map progress in multiplayer isn't being shared between the players anymore.
-This is intended. To mirror how it works on PC, the map progress will no longer be shared.

Can I change the cursor color of my mouse?
-You can't change cursor color, sorry.

Some of my accessories won't go into the vanity slot anymore.
-As of the 1.4 update, this is intended and matches what is on PC. Accessories that have no vanity display (they can't be seen on the character) can no longer go in the vanity slot.

I keep slowing down while running and swapping between my hotbar items.
-This is something that is on the list to be fixed. A workaround right now is to unbind your Navigation setting. Settings>Controller>Edit Controller Bindings>Explore>Navigate Hotbar. @ArticReaper has a great guide for it here: Console - How to fix Character Stutter on 1.4 update for Console
-Update: Fixed in the Oct 7 patch.

How do I see all of my menu, some of my UI is off the screen?
-This is something on the list to improve upon. Right now, you can fix this from the main menu settings. Settings>Interface>Advanced>Edit Safe Region. @ArticReaper has a great guide here: Console - How to fix safe region so hotbar is on screen for 1.4 Console Update
-Update: Oct 7 patch added safe region settings in game

I can't move any of my NPC housing and I can't check to see if I have valid housing.
-As of the Dec 7 update (, the housing menu should be easier to navigate/query/assign npcs now. If you’re still having trouble, please submit a bug report and list out the steps that you’ve already tried.


That's it for now Terrarians. If you have issues that you don't see listed here, be sure to do a search in the Console Bug Reports section - if you don't see your issue there, please go ahead and create a new thread to report it. The more details that you give, the steps that you've already tried, will be much more helpful to the dev team as they look over the reports. :)
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