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Journey's End Vanity Contest Submission Thread

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Hello, I am so happy to be here and do this! When I heard about this contest I flipped, I couldn't wait to participate. I do know there's a very low chance of winning, however, I am just happy to be apart of it and get some practice in with what I love!

I decided to go with a cute little dinosaur costume. I know the dinosaur costume is common, but its one of those things people love, that's why they do it. So the Classic dinosaur (I call it, "Project Dinosaur") costume seems the way to go. I think the way it should be obtained in the game is when a meteorite has landed, it spawns or has a chance to spawn along with it. So instead the dinosaurs dying from the meteorite they are created from it. Much Love to everyone who has worked on Terraria and good luck on future projects! #TheDinoMovement
DinosaurPrime (5).png
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n.b this is not my submission, this is someone else's submission
I've spotted this submission in Terraria's community content on Steam by a player with the name Ebithril, and i'd like to add it here, to give them the chance to win.
A quick search found no member on this forum with the name 'Ebithril'. If they submitted this with a different username, you can ignore this post

Ebithril's submission:
1584232144_Terraria Admission Naga.png

"My Vanity Armor submission. (Proud!)"
"I was thinknig(sic) when I did it, if I should add some adornment to the head, like a crown/tiara.
Risk was, that it could make the head look "cluttered".
Still, might be something that the Dev's can do since they have years of experience with pixelart. :)"


Well... here is my submission. I was thinking that this armor set could be found underground like where you find the enchanted sword, but in a rock formation and the armor is there. This would be a cool vanity set to find in the game as it brings a bit of a challenge to find it as it can be rare. I have been a huge fan of the game and am very sad to see that this is the last update... Thanks for being one of the greatest games to grow up with. <3 Oh yeah! This is TEMPLAR ARMOR.
KNIGHT (4).gif

Marbelly milo

a rough design of my vanity set. inspired by Thomas the tank engine (obviously).

obtained any NPC while versing a boss.

called the train suit. (train mask, train jacket, train boots) or something like that

IDK how to show it on-site so just download the pdf then delete it if u wanna see. i know it is a poor design, but it is actually cool so check it out. upvote cause yeh.


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my submission, the googly eyes. only takes up the helmet/accessory slot (IDK if this is against the rules, couldn't find a specific rule against this)
and of course there has to be artwork,
Legal notice: I am not responsible for any nightmares caused by my artwork

I saw others mention googly eyes, but none have actually turned it into a full concept so...... no rule breaking here.


my entry is an odd one but its kind of fun and i like it.
(hopefully, probably not) if possible when worn as normal armor you become an enemy of a biome when you enter it like space you would be a wyvern. however you would get a debuff to your weapons.
(a more legal entry) its an vanity set that will change to a critter of the biome. if no critters are in this biome you become an iconic bunny. not shaped like a human just barrow the sprite.
image from official terraria wiki
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It is a traditional outfit from the north of Iran.
the head is a hat with a scarf. but the scarf is not that close and from the behind if player chose long hair, it can be seen.
the skirt is very long that's why I draw the shoe on the right side.


Terraria Vanity final - Harvey Rupp.png

Head piece: service bot head unit
torso piece: service bot main unit
legs piece: service bot monowheel unit

-Monowheel leg piece replaces legs entirely, similar to the way that the djin's curse does.
-no hair showing through the helmet

ambitious Ideas:
-eye turns red when fighting bosses
-special dialogue with cyborg/mechanic

Artwork and Ideas drawn by me (Harvey Rupp) using Adobe Photoshop CC and Wacom Intuos Comic digital tablet


My submission lol Very badly drawn cause I bad at drawing and my friend kept tormenting me
The purple can be changed with dyes
The tail always drags against the floor (unless in a minecart)
Thats it I guess



Name: Burning Moonfire

He is an organism composed of flames. In general, he controls the body. The armor used in appearance was the armor of the last one he ate. The skull in the flaming face is the effect of burning the wearer.
Also, since he is composed of endless flames, he has low durability, but has almost unlimited regeneration.
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