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Discussion in 'Released' started by Kalciphoz, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Moon_Man

    Moon_Man Terrarian

    didja read my comment?
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  2. Kalciphoz

    Kalciphoz Plantera

    Oh yes, sorry about that. I do plan to release the inventory thing separately, but I might wait until next tModLoader update.
  3. Moon_Man

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  4. Alienmasterxd

    Alienmasterxd Terrarian

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  5. Kalciphoz

    Kalciphoz Plantera

    Wow thanks ^^

    I think tModLoader deserves a lot of the credit as well though
  6. Alienmasterxd

    Alienmasterxd Terrarian

    yeah but you are a genius i love you mod so much i downloaded it after just 1 minut
  7. hsalF-esreveR

    hsalF-esreveR Terrarian

    How do i decrease the size of the UI?
  8. Kalciphoz

    Kalciphoz Plantera

    If your UI scale is set higher than 100%, you can lower that. Some UI elements should already decrease in size if your resolution is sufficiently low though.
  9. Jofairden

    Jofairden Golem

    Oh yes! The mod that has the potential to be one of the best around finally released!
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  10. deathpancreas

    deathpancreas Terrarian

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! This looks great! Downloading this tonight and starting a Calamity RPG playthrough asap. (Sorry Spirit mod)
  11. Kalciphoz

    Kalciphoz Plantera

    I have uploaded an important hotfix for an issue players were having wherein ranged weapons added by the mod would be corrupted occasionally. Existing ranged weapons corrupted in this way will unfortunately remain broken, I apologize for this.

    EDIT: Uploaded one more hotfix which fixes a crash some users were experiencing upon entering a world.
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  12. killerjerick

    killerjerick Terrarian

    I've had a lot of fun on Singleplayer, although attempting to play on multiplayer kills my CPU, game is basically 2fps the whole time, unfortunate as I wanted to play on a server with a few friends, I hope optimization is possible as you state in your Q&A, anyway, thanks for a fully fledged RPG mod, Definitely up there with some of the more renowned RPG mods, looking forward to what the future brings!
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  13. GoddessAlthena

    GoddessAlthena Terrarian

    This keeps crashing my game. I am just trying to get this one mod to work. all other mods i have are disable and i did a reload mod to make sure evrything is disable. i then install mod. enable then reload mod again. the game crashes when it says loading the this mod. i cant even start up terrraria bc of this. i have to delete you mob to even load up game.
  14. セフィロス

    セフィロス Skeletron Prime

    A Crashlog or something would be nice keeps crashing isnt a good explain why it does keep crashing and also hard to replicate this way.
  15. Alienmasterxd

    Alienmasterxd Terrarian

    Would someone try the Mod out in the multiplayer with me?
    try nothing costs
  16. GoddessAlthena

    GoddessAlthena Terrarian

    I see no crashlog in terraria. maybe tell me how to get this info.
  17. Reckysfriend

    Reckysfriend Terrarian

    Really awesome mod! Hope you go all the way with a skill/passive tree as well! Sadly the MP is not that good yet but I and my friend hope that you work on it soon! One big thing though is that you should look into making this mod compatible with "Magical Storage" which is one of the bigger and only storage mods. I don't know if it is because of the UI your mod uses that makes the UI in Magical Storage unable to load, please look into it! Do you think there will be an option to use other UI's? One of my bigger problems was that the UI felt very off from Terraria, maybe one more defultish or something along those lines? That's all the feedback I have, keep this mod going strong!
  18. A1denSss

    A1denSss Terrarian

    Hi, I'm playing with a screen resolution of 1280x1024 and a modification to auto trash, and this mod has a cumbersome interface with elements that can not be removed (for example, 4 slots for magic below, they interfere with me in the initial game, and if I'm a warrior, why do they need me? ), could you make it possible to return the old interface or set up this one?

    Thanks Google translator.
  19. Kalciphoz

    Kalciphoz Plantera

    I do plan to implement an interface more along the lines of vanilla, with the option of toggling between them. The incompatibility with magic storage likely has little to do with my UI overhauls though.

    This should be fixed with the hotfixes I uploaded. Are you still using the latest version?

    There should be a client log in the directory: Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Logs/

    Spells are still useful for melee players because the Orange Cross Glyph generates copies of your last selected melee weapon and deals melee damage.
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  20. A1denSss

    A1denSss Terrarian

    So can I do something? And by the way, magic storage mod I also use it, so on the interface 1280x1024, without your everything looked normal, but now .. alas.

    And thanks for the information about the glyphs, since the wiki is almost empty.

    And after installing this mod, materials around the cursor start blicking (tree, platform, etc.), And the mouse makes a few clicks (it became clear that the Cheet Sheet functions speed up the spawn of the mobs). Maybe not associated with this mod, but it starts after installation.

    And items what i'm move from 2nd to first inventory - double...
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