Console Killing the Empress of Light, but it's explained very perfectly ordinarily.


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Oh, you haven't played a bullet hell game before? That's fine, just follow my guide, because you should trust me. Please trust me.

Anyway, let's begin.

Getting Your Stuff
If you want this pixie to die, you need some good stuff, because you know deep down that you probably don't have enough skill to dodge this stuff. Nothing personal.

Armor Recommendations
I got my first win with Hallowed armor, but I recommend something better. Not because you're bad, (ok, maybe a little bit) but because this is a hard boss and Hallowed is NOT optimal.
For Melee players, go get Beetle armor. I know, I know, it's absolutely PAINFUL to get. I've tried, trust me. But it's worth it. Or, a better alternative would be to get Solar Flare armor. It destroys this boss.
For Ranged, get Shroomite. Nuff said.
For Mage, get Spectre. I like Hood, but Mask is better for an offensive attack.
For Summoner, get Spook armor.

Melee should get the Terra Blade. Seedler is good, but just don't. Terra Blade is better.
Ranged should use Tsunami, but you can even use Aerial Bane. No, cross that out, the Old One's Army is... there's no way to describe it.
Mages should use the Razorblade Typhoon, but Duke Fishron is an even harder boss. If you need a guide for the Empress of Light, you're hopeless with the Duke. Go get the Blizzard Staff or Razorpine.
Summoners, don't bother with Sanguine. Seriouly, don't. NO, I can see you with that Bloody Tear! Get the Xeno Staff.

Go grab some wings. Trust me, don't try to get Soaring Insignia. It'll be a waste of Lacewing, and I really don't trust you to kill the Empress on Expert. Also, go grab some class-based stuff. I don't know, honestly.

Dodge. Not that hard.
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