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Hello everyone. My name is Sapharan. I'm interested in games, legends and mythologies, books, movies and some other stuff. But in games i love what's inside them. How they work. So i try this and that. I was playing with japanese RPG Maker. And i happend to get my hands on Minecraft. Then i fell in love with sandbox games. But, on the horizon appeared something better. Since i'm big fan of non-linear, adventure games and metroidvanias, this was like my dream come true. Terraria. And later, tConfig (Surfpup, you're the man, and now, there is even a team of developers for tConfig). So, i began to mess with tConfig. And these are my results. tConfig? Oh that's sooo 1.1. then there was tAPI age. I was a right hand of Zoodledec then, and we worked on Necropolis for a long time. And now since 1.3 happened, tAPI got "cancelled". I was looking for new way of making mods, and it appeared. tModloader. Anyways, let's get to the point. This mod focuses on content for now, but it will include some new mechanics. Main focus is on adding more monstrosities to attack you. You can find wide variety of monsters, some items that go along with them. I will update this mod frequently with more creatures to kill, and in future add some npcs, more items, and new mechanics. Who knows, maybe i will be able to include minibiomes.. But no promises! Also, if it weren't for some people, i would have never done this.


(i stole it from you Shockah, sorry (atleast i'm honest))
You can do anything you want with these mods, other than:
  • take credit for my mods released under your name
  • use the mod in any publicly released modpack - please link to the mod instead. If you insist, contact me first, be it by PM or Discord.

Legend of Terraria 3

This mod contains many monsters inspired by mythologies, legends, and also games such as Castlevania series and Gothic series. Currently there are about 150+ monsters.
Some mobs drop rare items such as accesories, materials and even armor sets. These are my own creations and also inspired by Castlevania series. Currently there are about 220+ items.
Aside from the content there are little things added to this mod:
-Cross-content: As of now the only cross content featured in this mod is with Thorium mod and GRealm. There are few items added, few new recipes and few new mobs.


Requires tModloader v. 0.9.1
Download: Legend Of Terraria 3 v. 1.0.5
Legend of Terraria 3 Bestiary[OUTDATED]

- Initial release
Bug fixes
-corrected spawning conditions for sludges, they should've spawn in Hardmode

-Nerfed some mobs a bit
-Mobs should not spawn during events anymore
-Added Lucky Finish mechanic
-Added Luck system (It's advised to create new character)
-Added consumables and accessories that boost luck (11 in total)
-added 2 new mobs (Malphas and Quetzalcoatl)

-Added 11 new mobs (Schrat, Hobgoblin, Wight, Shoggoth, Jersey Devil, Shantak, Bicorn, Chichevache, Kappa, Beelzebub, Amduscias)
-Added 6 new weapons (Morgenstern, Shadowflame Greatsword, Shoggoths Talon, Shoggoths Spike, Shoggoths Servant)
-Added 2 new accesories (Dark Shield, Skull Shield)
-Fixed some bugs
-Lowered the volume of some sound effects
-Removed Lucky Finish System
-Removed Luck System
-Added cross content with Lucky Finish Mod (Queatzacoatl drops Lapis Lazuli)

-Added 72 new items (Ember Core, Thunderstruck Core, Muddy Water, Heart Plum, Cold Heart, Eye Of Life, Bloody Heart, Rotten Heart,
Crystal Heart, Heart of Darkness, Heart of the Night, Heart of Infinity, Grox The Wrath, Divers Bars, The Zoodlestare, W1K The Doodle,
Zero Exocyd, 5 Wolf Pelts, Tanning Rack, Wolf Talon, Wolf Tooth, Leather Strap, Sawtooth, Lupine Claw, Wolf Piercer, 11 New Gems,
Jewel Sword, 18 Gem Gauntlets)
-Added 3 new armor sets (Ember Armor, Thunder Armor, Hunter Armor)
-Added new Town NPC (Demon Artist)
-Added new 4 new mobs (Eischrat, Wustschrat, Zombie Goblin, Zombie Lihzahrd)
-Introduced to Troves, they will drop in cenrtain occasions
-Added new Troves - Jewel Casket (dropped by every enemy in the game with low chance) and Black Jewel Casket (rare drops from Mimics)
-Amduscias now drops Frost, Ember and Thunderstruck Cores
-Mermans now drops Zircon
-Sharks and all hostile fish enemies now drop Aquamarine
-Paranthropus now drops Turqouise and Opal
-Malphas now drops Onyx
-Unicorn now drops Spinel
-Werewolf now drops Garnet
-Desert Spirit now drops Charoite
-Lihzhard now drops Peridot
-Water Slime now drops Bottled Water
-Honey Slime now drops Bottled Honey
-Mimics now drop Black Jewel Casket
-All boss bags will now contain Black Jewel Caskets. Quantity depends on boss difficulty.
-Added some minor secrets, with means to discover them.
-Added cross content with Thorium mod!:
-Thorium mimics will drop Black Jewel Caskets
-Added 10 more powerfull versions of Thorium gem rings
-Nerfed some monsters a little
-Mermans and Jersey Devil projectile will no longer go thru walls
-Fixed the bug where sound emitting mobs could be heard by all players all over the map
-Fixed the spawning issues. Now monsters should not spawn near or inside the town
-Fixed the White Slime spawning too frequently
-Fixed wrong spawning conditions for Rad Sludge
-Fixed Wight name. It was wrongly called Dead Bone.
-Fixed Wight spawning conditions, now spawns only during Night
-Fixed the bug where underground mobs were spawning on the surface
-Fixed the bug where Chichevache was spawning wrong gore
-Added 5 new mobs (Crimson Ghost, Green and Blue Dungeon Guardians, Skeleton Breeder, Une)
-Added 2 new items (Strawberry, Grapes)
-Cross-content [Thorium mod]: Added 4 new recipes for Geode using this mods gems
-Cross-content [Thorium mod]: Glistering Golem now drops this mods gems
-Ghosts eyes and other things now glow
-Projectile NPCs will no longer drop any loot added by this
-Nerfed slightly all Wolves
-Wolves now differ in size depending on their strenght
-Skeleton Farmer now spawns Une, and Boneyard dogs are now spawned by Skeleton Breeder instead
-all Schrats now appear when player has 120 or more max hp
-Skeleton Farmer now appear when player has 200 or more max hp
-reduced spawn rate of Wolves, Schrats and Zombie Goblin
-reduced Health of all cubes
-Fixed the bug where Jewel Caskets were infinite

-Added 59 items (Blade of Servants, Sight Bow, Eye Ball, Ice Wraith Tooth, Frost Barrier Potion, Frostblood Potion, Frost Salts,
Dingo Pelt, Tome Of Archery and it's pages, Shaman Shield, Spyro Wings, Knight Shield, Beef, Frankfurter, Hot Dog, Magical Feathers,
Dead Butterfly, Shadow Flame, Curse Barrier Potion, Shadow Barrier Potion, Stone Barrier Potion, Curseblood Potion, Shadowblood Potion,
Dainsleif, Dragon Slayer, Krush Varrok, Krush Kempok, Bastard Sword, Krush Brok Dar, Skull Staff, Medusa Staff, Bwaka Knife, 6 Star Swords,
Necromancer Hat)
-Added 56 mobs (Ice Wraith, Dingo, Dire Wolf, Fenrir, Fire Warg, Sand Dweller, Deep One, 25 Ore Nodes, Flying Zombie, Gorc,
Gorc Elite, Gorc Skeleton, Star Sword, Moon Sword, Fox, Snow Fox, Fennec, Jackal, Giant Rat, Desert Rat, Swamp Rat, Rusty Flying Sword,
Spellbook, Flame Demon, Medusa Head, Perchta, Ram, Medusa Head, Wood Golem, Sand Golem, Dan, Phantom Skull)
-[Thorium mod] 5 of Living Ores are excusive with Thorium mod activated
-Eye of Cthulhus now has some extra loot (Blade of Servants, Sight Bow, Eye Ball)
-Added new drops to monsters
-Added new potions to vanilla fishing crates
-Gelatonius Armor now has new armorset bonus: It will spawn a minion as long as you have whole set equiped
-Gems added by this mod are now available via extractinating slush and silt
-Some vanilla crates and Lockbox now contains pages from Tome Of Archery and other new loot
-Following mobs are now immune to Frostburn: Draugr, Draugr Thrall, Draugr Viking, Frost Golem
-Succubus now spawns after any Mechanicall boss is defeated
-Stone, Ice and Jungle Golem now spawn only underground and after Eye of Cthulhu has been defeated
-Golems and Nodes now suffer more damage from pickaxes
-Custos now suffer more damage from axes
-Lowered droprate of Jewel Caskets
-Removed option to get gems via mining ores
-Removed Terrarian Times: Prospector's World #1
-NPCs will no longer drop gems unless killed with Jewel Sword
-Renamed Terrarian Times: Prospector's World #2 to Terrarian Times: Prospector's World #1
-Renamed Ice Golem to Frost Golem to avoid confusion with vanilla Ice Golem
-Renamed Dungeon Guardians to Sentinels to avoid confusion with vanilla Dungeon Guardian
-Fixed a bug were Hunter's Hood was possible to craft for free
-Fixed a bug where surface enemies were spawning underground
-Fixed missing ingredients in [Thorium mod] additional Geode recipes
-Other small changes
-increased Tome of Archery damage from 9 to 21
-buffed the Hunter armor set slightly (increased defence and damage bonuses)
-Ghosts now drop Ghost Lamp more frequently
-Shoggoths now should drop their items a bit more frequently
-you can no longer get new gems from vanila gem ores
-you can now dash attack using medusa shield or dark shield
-big changes to spawning for all enemies
-enemies now should spawn less frequent
-some enemies spawn under new certain conditions (too much to list)
-pre-hardmode enemies now spawn half as frequent in hardmode
-now Medusa Head drops medusa staff as intended
-honey and water slimes now spawn honey and water on death only in expert mode
-removed Moon Sword ans Star Sword npcs
-vanila npcs that are spawned from statues will no longe drop modded items
-fixed the Ram sprite

-updated to tModLoader 0.9.1
-Complete HP Up rework - All hearts no longer function as permanent increase. All hearts are now changed to accessories.
Heart of Infinity is disabled. It is recomended to create new player if you have increased max hp using this mod.
-Added 28 items: Cold Shard, Life Iris, Rotting Piece, Bloody Chunk, Crystal Piece, Dark Token, Orb of Night, Firebrand,
Icebrand, Thunderbrand, Agni's Flame, Indra's Light, Rahab's Frost, 3 Blueprints (Dark Armor, Rocksteel Armor,
Sage Robes), 6 Ore Chunks (3 vanilla, 2 Thorium Mod, 1 GRealm), Miners Trove, Omnirs Presence, Edlin Shard,
Trove of Legends, Thorium Trove, Joyeuse
-Added 13 NPCs: Plum Beetle, Frost Beetle, Sand Beetle, Corrupt Beetle, Blood Beetle, Saint Beetle, Bone Beetle, Fire Beetle,
Venom Sludge, Thunder Demon, Frost Demon, Ore Node, Mech Golem
-[GRealm] Added 2 new NPCs: Acid Sludge and Pollen Sludge
-[GRealm] All Zombies now drop Undying Flesh
-[GRealm] Skeleton Barbarian now drops Barbiric Splinters
-increased droprate of cores from amduscias
-changed the sprite of Dead Skull
-Skeleton Barbarian now spawns after Golem has been defeated
-Dark Armor, Rocksteel Armor and Sage Robes are now craftable
-Flame Demon now drops Agni's Flame
-Lilim, Lilith and Stone Golem now drop Blueprints instead of armor set pieces
-Lilim, Lilith and Succubus no longer drop mana potions
-reduced Dark Armors set bonus from +25% to 15% magic and minion damage
-removed all specific Ore Nodes
-removed Barbiric Armor

Also, i have to point out that i took inspiration from many sources:
-Gothic games series
-Castlevania games series
-Some aspects of ancient mythlogy and legends

Lucky Finish

Second mod that is available here, called Lucky Finish, features new mechanics.
-Lucky Finish: Some may be familiar with it. For those who don't know it, i created for tConfig and tAPI small mod, that was only this mechanic. Every time you kill a monster, there is a chance for that monster to drop double, quintuple, x20 or even x100 amount of gold. Ofcourse, the larger the multiplier, the more rare chance it happens, x100 being extremely rare. But this time Lucky Finish comes with a twist,
-Luck System. The more luck player has, the better chance for lucky finish to happen. Each player can increase permanently their luck up to 20. But there are also items and a potion that can boost the stat even further. To picture the difference, with starting luck wich is 1 normal Lucky Finish (money x2) happens at 1.11% chance with each monster killed, but when you have 20 luck, the chance is increased to 22%. Ofcourse, bigger multipliers chance do not rise that quickly. For the Giant Lucky Finish (x100) the diffrence is minimal. For now luck only affects lucky finish. Unfortunatly because of how Terraria is written, i cannot use it to increase chance of dropping items, atleast vanilla ones. But i will find other uses. Oh and if you want to permanently increase your luck.. try rare monsters. There is probably some cross content when both are loaded.. Shhh.. it's a secret.. Good luck ;)
-Luck System will also slightly increase critical strike chance (every 10 points will give 1% extra).

Requires tModloader v. 0.9.1
Download:Lucky Finish v1.1
-Initial release

-Luck will now slightly increase critical strike chance
-Lucky Clover bonuses changed, reduced negative effects from -10 to -7
-Fixed typo in Lucky Clover description

-updated to tModLoader 0.9
-Added Clover Seeds, Green Quartz
-Added Leprechaun Armor
-Clovers seeds will drop instead of Four Leaf Clover when cutting grass
-Four Leaf Clover can now be grown using Clay Pot or Planter
-Four Leaf Clovers can now be found in herb bags
-Luck Potions can now be found in crates and Golden Lockbox
-Lucky Crystal is now craftable
-Lucky Clover is now craftable
-Rare enemies will now drop Green Quartz instead of Lucky Crystal
-fixed the bug where sound played for all players everywhere instead of where npc was killed
-fixed the bug that caused projectile npcs and npcs spawned from statues activating Lucky Finish bonus
-fixed the bug that caused npcs not dropping any coins
-fixed the bug that caused invasions to be endless
-fixed the bug that caused Lucky Crystal to not being consumed

- Re-Logic
- tModloader team (@bluemagic123, @jopojelly, @Chicken Bones, @Itamar, @Jeckel)
- Sapharan - guess why
- @Zero-Exodus - He helped me get into tModloader, always helps when i ask, Thank you! (also his sprites)
- @DivermanSam - Because he helps me alot too. And because Thorium is dope.
- @Zoodletec - Because he let me use some of his sprites, after edditing. And because i feel like it.
- @GroxTheGreat - For allowing me use of his code and sprites from GRealm (tAPI). And because he is Grox the Great
- @Omnir - For alowing me to use edited versions of his sprites, and because he is cool.
- @berberborscing - For alowing me to use his flying book sprite.
- @Coldshot Boostar - For drawing Ram sprite for me.
- @J-50N - For drawing Medusa Staff sprite for me.
- @Pinelord - For drawing Wood Golem sprite for me.
- Tremor Team for orc sprite as a base for Gorc's
-@Flashkirby99 - Helps me alot, and helped me fix Lucky Finish, thank you!

If any of you want to make any suggestion, feel free, you are very welcome, but consider that i will not take every suggestion. Suggestion must be specific, and it should contain much information.

Any feedback will be great! :D
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Some advice:
In the introduction, you should probably focus more about what the mod has to offer, not your touching life story about how you started making this mod.
You should also include images of some stuff in the game to kind of showcase them, so that people would at least know what will this mod add to their game.
Dear Ice Cube. No offense, that is not my first rodeo, I will include more details later this evening (well, my evening). I just had little time and thrown it here. It will be more detailed, i just have to make nice images. But thanks for the advice anyway.
If I would've wanted to make a thread about a mod, I would've at least found some free time to prepare stuff like screenshots and a normal mod description instead of just leaving the OP in a sort of empty state until I have more time to edit it.
Just saying :p
The Ice Cube is being a little harsh, but they're right. Your mob browser entry doesn't even have a link to this thread. I had to do a search just to find it, only for there to be no information on the content of the mod whatsoever, other than in the absolute vaguest of terms. I and many others aren't willing to take a chance on unknown content, so this gives us absolutely zero incentive to download.

If this is "not [your] first rodeo", then you should know better than to release a mod without even the most basic of information available.
Most people who have been involved in playing terraria mods for more than just the past year would probably know who Sapharan is and respect him and his work, the mere mention of his name is enough for me to recognize what "might" be coming back to the table

Looking forward to the content Saph
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Most people who have been involved in playing terraria mods for more than just the past year would probably know who Sapharan is and respect him and his work, the mere mention of his name is enough for me to recognize what "might" be coming back to the table
So you are saying people who didn't play Terraria that long don't deserve to know anything about the mod until they start playing it?
Playing the mod is an awesome way to find out what it has, rather than having "spoilers" before you even hit the dowload button
I'm not saying he needs to list all the items in the mod and all the features. There should at least be a basic description of what the mod is about and a few in-game screenshots. Take games on Steam, for example. All of them have a basic description on their store page, and videos or screenshots. You aren't being told something like "oh you wanna know what are you downloading well too bad you will have to find out yourself".
Guys.. Please. That is not why i created this thread. I will add more info later this day. Sometimes something happens suddenly and that something happend to me so be patient. Thank you.
Ice Cube, STOP, it's not your mod, let the guy think
[doublepost=1465407779,1465407622][/doublepost]He clearly said he has stuff to do, give him some time please
Ice Cube, STOP, it's not your mod, let the guy think
[doublepost=1465407779,1465407622][/doublepost]He clearly said he has stuff to do, give him some time please
Again, as I said, if I were to make a mod thread, I would've found the time to prepare the things for the thread instead of just posting it and then editing it later with all the content.
It just seems logical.
I dig this mod regardless. I saw "adds creatures" and was basically sold, even though half the monsters I've seen so far come in one of two varieties; slimes and golems. Golems seem to me, more than anything, just a way to get certain resources renewably, and the slimes often have some debuff they inflict on you to make life tougher. There's a tar slime that inflicts a tarred debuff, which is Slowed but 10 times worse and it got my :red: killed in the underground jungle, cause a turtle jumped at me.
I made a little update to OP, added two images that tease the content that the mod offers. I don't really want to spoil everything, because that takes away fun, so that's why i'm taking this aproach. Also i fixed a little bug. Those sludges should've spawned only in hardmode, now they do. Also i added the link to this thread in Mod Browser description.
I hope this things will make someone a little.. warmer..

ok so here's something i'd like to know:
why do merman shot fire balls?
why not water bolts?

Because i feel like it... And the serious anwser is: Merman in castlevania shoot fireballs :D
I made a little update to OP, added two images that tease the content that the mod offers. I don't really want to spoil everything, because that takes away fun, so that's why i'm taking this aproach. Also i fixed a little bug. Those sludges should've spawned only in hardmode, now they do. Also i added the link to this thread in Mod Browser description.
I hope this things will make someone a little.. warmer..

Because i feel like it... And the serious anwser is: Merman in castlevania shoot fireballs :D
I see what you did there :p
I gonna check the mod now.
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