Legendary Terrarian?

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  1. Glokar

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    So as you all know a while back Terraria collaborated with OneDrop to put YoYos into the game, and along with that they got the Terrarian into OneDrop's online store. I have never checked out the website before so I decided to do so and I saw as their newest release, the "Legendary Terrarian" with the description of

    "In Terraria, you need to kill the Moonlord to have a chance to get a Terrarian yo-yo. That chance is exactly 11.11%, repeating of course. It’s the best weapon in the game, and the best version is the one that rolls with the “Godly” modifier.

    We are still waiting for details, but the Terrarian might be unseated as the best weapon in the game by the Legendary Terrarian. Keep an eye out for announcements from Re-Logic on that.

    And as is now tradition, the Legendary Terrarian is also coming to the real world. We are using the same technique as we did on the Seven Summits and the Kuntosh 5000QV: the Legendary Terrarian is made from 7075 aluminum alloy (the original is 6061) and the weight distribution is changed so the total weight is less than the original, even though 7075 is more dense (weighs more). What that means is it looks the same to your eye in play as the original, but it feels totally different. You will notice the visual changes in the cup. This procedure is now known as “Boosted”.

    Are you ready for the next level?"

    The important part being the first half. So I have two questions for you all, one, Have you guys seen this before? and two, What do you guys think?

    (If you want to check out onedrop's YoYos here is the link YoYos - One Drop YoYos)
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  2. Lord Garak

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    It boggles my mind people pay for those things.
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  3. InstaFiz

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    Does this mean I have to reforge my Terrarian from Legendary to Godly now? :indifferent:
  4. Sigma90

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    Legendary is a melee modifier. As you pointed out with the Godly modifier, are you sure they're not referring to Legendary as being a modifier, as opposed to "Legendary Terrarian" being a whole new weapon?
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  5. Lord Garak

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    Maybe they confused the new True Terrablade with the Terrarian
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  6. InstaFiz

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    It would be cool if the new blade will actually become the new best weapon.
  7. Omega Derpling

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    The Terrarian cannot have the Legendary modifier as it affects size, which only applies to broadswords.
    Also I really hope the true terrablade isn't the best weapon as melee is the least fun class for me...
  8. alexander71504

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    Guys I think it’s a new weapon, like true nights edge and true Excalibur, now the legendary Terrarian. And as a person who uses these types of things in real life, and interacts with One Drop I can say they aren’t the type to confuse two things like some of you are saying.
    It may be a craftable type of terrarian? After all the original
    Terrarian in real life is made of 6061 aluminum, but this one is made of 7075, which a company called YoYoFactory calls the “ultra metal” eg: horizon ultra, space crown ultra, and ND ultra (all made of 7075, and better than the versions not made of it) perhaps ReLogic is going to add a new material even more ultra than luminite that you have use to make the new weapon?
  9. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    It wouldn't surprise me if there was an upgraded terrarian, the Celebration and terra blade are getting upgrades so why not the terrarian?