Lightning storm and hailstorm + new equipement

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    First of all, i will underline that : I'm new to the community, I'm new to the game and English is a second language for me.

    If someone else has already posted the same topic or a similar one, I would gladly edit the post to link any previous post upon request.

    And sorry for the lenght.

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    In my 60 or so hours of gameplay, I've noticed rain/snow but nothing more extreme like lightning and hail. I have noticed something similar in effect when I saw a fallen star hit a zombie at some point and found it cool to see the zombie explode. Extreme weather condition like lightning and hail could present similar threat to ennemies and player alike. I would suggest that they occur randomly whenever rain is in effect. A chance between 1/10 and 1/5 (applied after rain determination) strikes me as a good balance between rarity (being a sublayer of rain) and frequence.

    Type of elemental hazard

    Hail : This one is the simplest of the two as it could simply reuse the fallen star mechani, with the following modification : (1) sprite (could be a recolor of snowballs); (2) lower spawn point (at cloud level) & (3) greatly increased spawn rate. Maybe it could shatter glass?

    Lightning : This is probably the trickiest one as it should obey to different rules then gravity. The movement of lightning could be partly random (enven changing course while moving) with chance modification or priority based on the proximity and quality of conductors (i.e. striking closer and/or more conductive object with preference). Depending on the power of each strike, some may not connect with the ground as they would essentialy dissipate into the air. I could do further research on the subject and submit rough equations on the subject to the dev team if they (and the community) show interest.

    [Insert here other elemental hazard suggested by the community]

    New equipement using the elemental hazard

    Hail : They could be collected (as the fallen star but maybe with a melting time instead of being tied to dawn/dusk) and used as ammunition and/or throwing weapon. Damage output should be (slightly?) higher then snowballs.

    Lightning :Lightning road and kites spring (and wire, but it already exist) to mind as mean to protect against it, force it to follow specific path and even increase the likelyhood that it connect with the ground (or a trap room). Batteries could also be implemented as a way to store the energy that could be released in traps or even weapons (tazer gun and the like with stun effect).

    New equipement

    Battle-kite : Don't laugh, kite was used as a weapon with a line traditionnally coated in glass shard or other abrasive substance. Think how fun it would be to fly a kite and crash it into a boss or even use the line while running underneath the boss? Of course, there would be obious limitations such as : being above ground, not raining?, no trees,...
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    dis is kewl