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Whilst commenting on a thread about nerfs to the grand design, I came up with a somewhat simplistic idea (1) - other commenters suggested the others, so I have compiled them here! I will update if I think any more could be viable

Sensors in the Lihzahrd temple!
1) Making the traps activated by player proximity rather than by pressure plate, this stops the plate being blocked, and so, the player must navigate around the traps.

Block-blocking in the Lihzahrd temple!
2) Preventing blocks from being placed in the temple until Golem is defeated - this will prevent the shielding of the traps (and spikes), so more navigation skills are needed to get through the temple. Thanks @darthmorf!

3) In addition to the above, prevent the wires from being broken (and potentially seen) until the Golem is defeated. Thanks @Kefke !

4) The traps, spikes and sensors of the temple can only be broken by a picksaw or higher.

The thread mentioned above: http://forums.terraria.org/index.ph...-made-into-a-hardmode-item.44273/#post-990736

Thanks for reading, leave your thoughts below!
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1 is actually a pretty good idea. Makes use of more 1.3.1 items which is cool. Traps triggers would be harder to detect.


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I really do not want to have to pop a voodoo doll, three mech spawners, wait for a Plantera bulb to spawn, and finally a power cell just to harvest a few flame traps.

That's a good point, but I'm trying to think about ways of making the temple a bigger threat. If you're doing massive builds, don't you just go to an all-items world for the traps?

EDIT: The fix to your point that I propose then, no blocks can be placed until golem is defeated, but they can be broken by a picksaw or higher?
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Eeeeh I don't really see the point. Breaking/blocking the traps still requires you to watch out for and see the traps before they get you.
And what @Agastya said.


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The point is moreso to increase the threat of the temple - even without preventing block placement/breaking, the wire needs protecting so the traps can't be disabled (until golem is defeated)

I've had a thought about the idea, and I'm considering changing it so that the traps can only be broken by a picksaw+
The only reason I included block placement is so that the spikes and traps are not as easily navigated.

EDIT: Updated
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