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tModLoader Limited Life Mod

Dual Iron

Limited Life
! This mod is meant to be played on playthroughs with new characters. !

  • p
  • Fixed a big saving bug
    • Your existing characters' consumed Treasure Bags will be reset to nothing. Rejoice?
  • Made the 'day count' be a lot more reliable
  • Added immunity frames upon healing
  • Fixed some saving bugs
  • Last update for a long while. Limited Life is pretty much complete (*no it isn't)
  • There is now an admission of known issues and a more detailed description
  • Thanks for everything.
  • Code is now open-source.
  • Life now shows as a percentage by default. You can revert this change with the config
  • The Nurse has more interesting dialogue than literally one line
  • Bosses themselves no longer heal life: opening treasure bags for the first time does
  • Character selection screen updated
    • Invalid characters can no longer be selected at all
    • Max damage of 1k now
  • Updated to 0.11.5
  • Ok NOW multiplayer works, I promise
  • Life is once again 15,000.
  • A new sprite for hearts while the mod is enabled (doesn't work with Calamity active).
  • Multiplayer works, hopefully.
  • Mod Config added.
    • Added a config for maximum life and starting life separately.
  • Updated to 0.11.4.
  • Buffed default starting life back to 25,000.
  • May have fixed some multiplayer issues. Maybe. Configuration is still mostly incompatible with multiplayer, though.
  • Fixed some multiplayer compatibility issues.
  • Bosses now heal 750 life, regardless of their maximum life.
  • Players' maximum life is now modified to be 20,000 at maximum.
  • Fixed healing from Nurse costing money for nothing. Curing debuffs will still cost a lot though!
  • Buffed life fruits to heal 100 life.
  • Buffed life crystals to heal 150 life.
  • Nerfed life fruits and crystals' maximum uses to 20 each, totaling 5,000 maximum possible life recovered from them.
  • Nerfed starting life to 20,000.
  • Added CalamityMod support (Blood Orange, Miracle Fruit, Elderberry, and Dragonfruit)
    • Each heals 1,250 life and can be used once. This totals an extra 5,000 maximum possible life to be recovered.
  • Added a config file to change some starting values. In multiplayer, the host's config will take precedence (I think). You can change the following values:
    • Starting max life (clamped between 100 and 100,000),
    • Maximum uses of Life Crystals/Fruits (negative numbers will result in an infinite number of uses)
    • Health obtained from consuming Life Crystals
    • Health obtained from consuming Life Fruits
    • Health obtained from CalamityMod's Blood Orange, Miracle Fruit, Elderberry, and Dragonfruit
    • Health obtained from downing bosses
  • Nerfed worm bosses' healing to 10% of the worms' total life.
  • Nerfed other bosses' healing to 20% of their total life.
  • Nerfed Life Crystals' healing to 100 life, and Life Fruits to 25.
  • Fixed Eater of Worlds not healing any life.
  • Fixed Life Crystals and Life Fruits being usable while Eater of Worlds is active.
  • Nerfed boss healing to be ⅓ of its original value, with a healing limit of 12,500. This way killing most modded bosses won't heal you back to a full 25,000 and the game still remains a fair challenge.
  • Healing potions can no longer be used. At all.
  • Fixed game sometimes crashing if a player joins as an old character.
  • Added mod icon.
  • Initial release.
  • If you know a character is a Limited Life character, yet you still can't play with them, exit & re-open Terraria. That often fixes the issue.
  • Sometimes, hearts will still drop from pots and enemies in multiplayer. They can't heal you, so don't worry about them.
With this mod:
  • Every new player's starting maximum life is modified to be 15,000.
  • Hardcore mode is enabled by default and can't be disabled throughout the game.
  • Damage taken is capped at 1,000 and instant kills will instead deal 1,000 damage.
Healing is nullified. Examples:
  • Potions that affect temporary maximum life are nullified (life force, others).
  • Healing potions and related are useless.
  • Hearts will now instantly despawn and no longer drop from enemies.
  • There is a hard cap on life, making it impossible to increase at all. The only exceptions are from the mod itself.
For increasing players' life:
  • No healing can occur while bosses are alive.
  • Life Crystals and Life Fruits now heal 150 life and are usable 20 times each.
  • Blood Oranges, Miracle Fruits, Elderberries, and Dragonfruits from Calamity can be used to restore 1,000 life each. They are usable once each.
  • Opening boss bags heals you for 500 life. This only works for the first time opening the bag (and is mod-compatible).
  • All these values are configurable.
Mod information:
  • This mod is available on the Mod Browser with the title "Limited Life". Alternatively, click here.
  • The mod is compatible with most mods and multiplayer! :)
    • Some exceptions would be @hamstar's Injury and Lives mods, whereas they depend on 1. softcore, 2. a normal amount of life, or 3. modifying max life.
Think of it like Terraria UHC.
Enjoy and share how far you got in the comments. May your swords stay sharp!
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Might want to note this wouldn't be compatible with mods like my Injury mod, and might have issues with any UHC mods in general.

This seems functionally similar to Injury, with the exception of rewarding health with boss kills, and giving no buffer for 'petty damage' (touching sharp vines, tripping on slimes, etc.), which would surely take its toll over time.
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Dual Iron

ummm... wouldn't 25,000 max life makes m̶o̶o̶n̶ ̶l̶o̶r̶d̶ whole game a total joke?

Edit: Trying anyway.
My friend lost a total of 10,000 hp alone from being a little unprepared for Moon Lord.
If anything it's not enough. Better be resourceful 'til you kill another boss! :p

Moonburn IT

My friend lost a total of 10,000 hp alone from being a little unprepared for Moon Lord.
If anything it's not enough. Better be resourceful 'til you kill another boss! :p

I lost more than that, about 18,000. I was kinda goofing around most of the time though, so...


Interesting...but only 100 life from crystal hearts?and that at 25 000 life...maybe 250 would be better...I mean falling in lava deals something like 60-80 damage WITHOUT the burning...and what about bosses that summon themself?also,I think it'd be best to make it possible to increase max life yourself(per Configs)because of modds. Or is it possible to make it the way that every increase max life item is automatically added to the Configs (disabled by default)and you can say what they do(consumable:yes/no)(max life increase:0/25(maybe something like -50 too in case it is supposed to do something like heal you))(heal:0/100(it would be nice if it would also be possible to go into the negative for damage too in case it adds max life or something))(max consumable:1/1000(0 or -1 for infinite))so,umm... Yeah. That would be my idea
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