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I've been attempting some multiplayer action with a friend in tApi modded Terraria, but I've run into issues with most mods and some weird errors. I'd like to start an official list of mods that work in multiplayer, and maybe make it into a tag. Most mods don't test for MP, and some threads don't mention MP compatibility or don't adress it with certainty, so what about listing them off in one place for everyone to check and see?

So far I got:
  • W1k's is definitely MP compatible
  • Omnir's is mostly compatible, although I've heard of hiccups...
  • and that's it. Haven't tested more mods.

Anyone mind contributing?

Tremor mod
Barberborscing v1.1.1
moar tier mods
population control
dynamic dificult

The only thing that didnt work and crashed was the neorecipebook that didnt work on multiplayer. Except that we had no crash related to your mod at all and we got arround 9 hours already on this world.
Technichally from another thread, but this guy apparently made these work.
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