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    Custom Wavebanks

    This thread will act as the hub for all the Wavebanks I post, from now on.
    Click one to see the description, track list, and download links for each wavebank.
    Some tracks are listed as being replaced by multiple tracks- this means that one sound file contains multiple music tracks one after another. They will always play in the same order, unfortunately.

    Edit: Requests are closed.

    The closet! You only wear one outfit, so there's plenty of room for skeletons.

    You can't just jump in and fiddle with Terraria's music!
    That's fraud! FRAUD! Hey everyone, we've got a FRAUDSTER OVER HERE!

    Tell me something! Are you a fan of Pascal Michael Stiefel's amazing compositions, plus you'd also like one track by Grant Kirkhope? If so, and you'd like to have that in your Terraria, this is what you're looking for!

    A Hat in Time has an amazing soundtrack, and given my recent obsession with it, it only makes sense to create this. I've also found it to be quite fitting! Hopefully you'll enjoy it too.

    01, Night- Mafia Town Is Asleep
    02, Eerie- Dead Bird Studio is Closed
    03, Day 1- Her Spaceship
    04, Boss 1- Mafia Boss' Big Showdown
    05, Title Screen- Title Screen
    06, Jungle- The Lava Cake Peak
    07, Corruption- Subcon Forest
    08, Hallow- New Adventure
    09, Underground Corruption- The Subcon Caves
    10, Underground Hallow- Scootin' Through Clocktowers Beneath The Sea
    11, Boss 2- Your Contract Has Expired
    12, Underground 1- Dead Bird Studio
    13, Boss 3- Turn on the Pyrotechnics
    14, Snow- Alpine Skyline
    15, Space- Clocktowers Beneath The Sea
    16, Crimson- A Forsaken Place
    17, Golem- The Weather Has Cleared
    18, Day 2- Welcome to Mafia Town
    19, Rain- No More Mafia Boss
    20, Underground Snow- The Tower of the Goats
    21, Desert- Heating Up Mafia Town
    22, Ocean- Mafia of Cooks Time Rift
    23, Dungeon- Entering Vanessa Manor
    24, Plantera- The Battle of Award 42
    25, Queen Bee- Welcome to Mafia Town (Remix)
    26, Lihzahrd Temple- The Twilight Bell Peak
    27, Eclipse- Scootin' Through Subcon Forest
    28, Rain SFX
    29, Mushrooms- Subcon Forest Time Rift
    30, PumpkinMoon- Toilet of Doom
    31, Underground 2- Dead Bird Studio Basement
    32, Frost Moon- Alpine Skyline at Night
    33, Underground Crimson- Vanessa Wants To Play
    34, Lunar Pillar Event- Judge, Jury and Executioner
    35, Pirate Invasion- Barrel Battle
    36, Underworld- Your Contract Has Expired (Remix)
    37, Martian Madness- She Came From Outer Space
    38, Moon Lord- You Are All Bad Guys
    39, Goblin Army- Train Rush
    40, Sandstorm- Scootin' Through Mafia Town
    41, Old Ones' Army- Trainwreck of Electro Swing

    Installation instructions included.

    Let's-a go!

    This one uses music from the Mario and Luigi series- primarily Dream Team and Bowser's Inside Story, with some nice tracks from Superstar Saga and one track from Partners In Time.
    The whole soundtrack is pretty quiet, as the music files I have just came that way.
    I would recommend turning the sound and ambient volume down, and turning the music and your speakers up.


    Since the tracks were really quiet, I boosted their volume by 8 decibels each to match the vanilla music. Some of them have just a bit of audio clipping, but the worst ones were normalized.
    Some tracks that I thought were unfitting were also replaced.

    02, Eerie- Replaced Dreamy Somnom Woods with Element Palace/Joke's End, from Superstar Saga. This track actually sounds eerie.

    06, Jungle- The first track has been changed from Dreamy Mount Pajamaja to Dreamy P'illo Castle. Trust me, this track fits better.
    The second track is still Chucklehuck Woods.

    15, Space- Stardust Fields was replaced by Dreamy Somnom Woods. This is the best track I could find that fits space. If anyone else has a better track they can think of, please tell me.

    21, Desert- Dozing Sands and Teehee Valley have swapped places, so now Teehee Valley will play first instead.

    31, Underground 2- Mount Pajamaja has been replaced by Beneath P'illo Castle, which was actually composed for an underground area.

    35, Pirate Invasion- Both tracks were replaced by Bowletta Battle, from Superstar Saga.

    36, Underworld- Neo Bowser Castle has been replaced by Inner Fawfulized Peach's Castle, and Bowser Castle, from Superstar Saga.

    The audio clipping was just a bit too much, and the tracks way too loud, so I instead boosted their
    volume by smaller amounts, and all of them lack clipping, except for the Underground Corruption
    and Underground Crimson tracks, which actually already had clipping to begin with (?!). The clipping is not noticeable, however.

    I also made edits to many of the tracks to improve looping and blending between multiple songs contained in one file.

    Updated for 1.3.3.
    Battle (SS), Bros Battle (BIS) added for Sandstorm.

    Updated for 1.3.4.
    Battle (PiT) added for Old One's Army.

    01, Night- Somnom Woods (DT)
    02, Eerie- Element Palace/Joke's End (SS)
    03, Day 1- Mushrise Park (DT)
    04, Boss 1- Boss Battle (BIS)
    05, Title Screen- Save Screen (DT)
    06, Jungle- Dreamy P'illo Castle (DT), Chucklehuck Woods (SS)
    07, Corruption- Bowser Path, Tunnel (BIS)
    08, Hallow- Bumpsy Plains (BIS)
    09, Underground Corruption- Bowser Path, Tunnel(Inside Bowser), (BIS)
    10, Underground Hallow- Bumpsy Plains(Inside Bowser), (BIS)
    11, Boss 2- Boss Battle (DT)
    12, Underground 1- Cavi Cape (BIS)
    13, Boss 3- Giant Bowser Battle (BIS)
    14, Snow- Mount Pajamaja Peak (DT)
    15, Space- Dreamy Somnom Woods (DT)
    16, Crimson- Bowser Castle (BIS)
    17, Golem- Giant Dreamy Luigi Battle (DT)
    18, Day 2- Wakeport (DT)
    19, Rain- Dreamy Wakeport (DT)
    20, Underground Snow- Dreamy Mount Pajamaja Peak (DT)
    21, Desert- Teehee Valley (SS), Dozing Sands (DT),
    22, Ocean- Plack Beach (BIS), Driftwood Shore (DT), Oho Oasis (SS)
    23, Dungeon- Fawfulized Peach's Castle(Inside Bowser), (BIS)
    24, Plantera- Dream World Battle (DT)
    25, Queen Bee- Boss Battle (SS), Rookie and Popple (SS)
    26, Lihzahrd Temple- Inner Fawfulized Peach's Castle(Inside Bowser), (BIS)
    27, Eclipse- Bowser Battle (BIS)
    28, Rain SFX
    29, Mushrooms- Dream's Deep (DT)
    30, Pumpkin Moon- Cackletta Battle (SS)
    31, Underground 2- Beneath Pi'llo Castle (DT)
    32, Frost Moon- Cackletta Soul (SS)
    33, Underground Crimson- Bowser Castle(Inside Bowser), (BIS)
    34, Lunar Pillar Event- Antasma Battle (DT)
    35, Pirate Invasion- Bowletta Battle (SS)
    36, Underworld- Inner Fawfulized Peach's Castle (BIS), Bowser Castle (SS)
    37, Martian Madness- Boss (PiT)
    38, Moon Lord- Final Battle (BIS), Final Battle (DT)
    39, Goblin Army- Real World Battle (DT)
    40, Sandstorm- Battle (SS) Bros. Battle (BIS)
    41, Old One's Army- Dream World Battle (DT), Real World Battle (DT)

    Installation instructions included.


    A wavebank entirely comprised of music from MOTHER 3 and Earthbound! This wavebank was actually sitting on my hard drive for a while, unreleased. I think it's because there's a special surprise in Pokey Means Business, in place of the Moon Lord theme. The metal half of the song is replaced with the metal half of this awesome remix, by Merton!


    Check it out, it's incredible!

    01, Night- To Sunshine Forest (M3)
    02, Eerie- Threed, Zombie Central (EB)
    03, Day 1- Onett Theme (EB)
    04, Boss 1- Wasteful Anthem (M3)
    05, Title Screen- Let's Begin! (M3)
    06, Jungle- The Deep Darkness (EB)
    07, Corruption- Moonside Swing (EB)
    08, Hallow- Beyond the Sunshine Forest (M3)
    09, Underground Corruption- Deeper into Ness' Subconscious (EB)
    10, Underground Hallow- The Attic's a Dungeon?! (M3)
    11, Boss 2- Unfounded Revenge (M3)
    12, Underground 1- Dangerous Caves (EB)
    13, Boss 3- Battle Against a Machine (EB)
    14, Snow- Winters White (EB)
    15, Space- Refreshing Toilets (M3)
    16, Crimson- Happy-Happy is Blue (EB)
    17, Golem- Strong One (M3)
    18, Day 2- A Railway in Our Village! (M3)
    19, Rain- Hard Rain (M3)
    20, Underground Snow- Snowman (M3)
    21, Desert- the Unforgiving Desert (EB), Super Dry Dance (EB)
    22, Ocean- Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap (EB)
    23, Dungeon- Osohe Castle (M3)
    24, Plantera- Natural Killer Cyborg (M3)
    25, Queen Bee- Mr. Batty Twist (M3)
    26, Lihzahrd Temple- Pyramid (EB)
    27, Eclipse- Fate (M3)
    28, Rain SFX
    29, Mushrooms- Hi Hi Hi (EB), Mr Saturn Theme Z (M3)
    30, PumpkinMoon- Sanctuary Guardian (EB)
    31, Underground 2- Save the Miners! (EB)
    32, Frost Moon- Formidable Foe (M3)
    33, Underground Crimson- The Place (EB)
    34, Lunar Pillar Event- Master Porky's Theme (M3)
    35, Pirate Invasion- Kraken of the Sea (EB)
    36, Underworld- Lava Springs (EB)
    37, Martian Madness- Otherworldly Foe (EB)
    38, Moon Lord- Pokey Means Business! (EB), Forget Pokey, I Mean Business! (Merton: Video Game Metal)
    39, Goblin Army- Piggy Guys (M3)
    40, Sandstorm- Even Drier Guys (M3)
    41, Old Ones' Army- Audacious March (M3)

    Installation instructions included.


    This wavebank contains music from Return to Dreamland, Triple Deluxe, Superstar Ultra, and one track from Squeak Squad.


    Updated for 1.3.3.
    SSU Boss, SS Squeak Boss added for Sandstorm.

    Updated for 1.3.4.
    Dream Land (Gourmet Race)(Air Ride) added for Old One's Army.

    01, Night- Cookie Country 3, Winter Wafers 3 (RtD)
    02, Eerie- Dark Room (RtD)
    03, Day 1- Cookie Country 1 (RtD), Beanstalk Area (TD)
    04, Boss 1- Boss (RtD), Boss (TD)
    05, Title Screen- Corkboard (SSU)
    06, Jungle- Jungle Area (TD), Sub-Tree/Old Tower (SSU)
    07, Corruption- Tower Area (TD)
    08, Hallow- Nutty Noon 1 (RtD)
    09, Underground Corruption- Castle Area (TD)
    10, Underground Hallow- Nutty Noon 2 (RtD)
    11, Boss 2- DX Boss, Masked Dedede Phase 1 (TD)
    12, Underground 1- Cookie Country 1 and 4 (RtD)
    13, Boss 3- True Arena Battle (TD)
    14, Snow- Winter Wafers 1 and 4 (RtD)
    15, Space- Nutty Noon Map (RtD)
    16, Crimson- Volcano Area (TD)
    17, Golem- Wham Bam Rock/Dyna Blade(Castle Lololo) (SSU)
    18, Day 2- Prairie Area, Forest Area (TD)
    19, Rain- Sky Area (TD)
    20, Underground Snow- Winter Wafers 2 (RtD), Snow Area (TD), Winter Wafers 6 (RtD)
    21, Desert- Raisin Ruins 1 and 2 (RtD)
    22, Ocean- Onion Ocean 1(Kine's Theme)(RtD), Float Islands (SSU), Onion Ocean 5 (RtD)
    23, Dungeon- Haunted Circus Area (TD)
    24, Plantera- Galacta Knight (RtD)
    25, Queen Bee- Arena Battle (TD)
    26, Lihzahrd Temple- Ruins Area (TD)
    27, Eclipse- Landia Battle (RtD)
    28, Rain SFX
    29, Mushrooms- Crystal/Garden (SSU)
    30, PumpkinMoon- Marx Battle (SSU)
    31, Underground 2- Cocoa Caves (SSU), Butter Building (SS)
    32, Frost Moon- Grand Doomer Battle (RtD)
    33, Underground Crimson- Gemstone Area (TD)
    34, Lunar Pillar Event- Queen Sectonia Phase 1 (TD)
    35, Pirate Invasion- Scope Shot 1 (Superstar Boss Battle)(RtD)
    36, Underworld- Dangerous Dinner 1 and 2 (RtD)
    37, Martian Madness- Masked Dedede (SSU)
    38, Moon Lord- Magolor Battle, Magolor Soul Battle (RtD)
    39, Goblin Army- Arena Battle (RtD)
    40, Sandstorm- Boss (SSU), Squeak Boss (SS)
    41, Old One's Army- Dream Land (Gourmet Race)(Air Ride)


    Installation instructions included.

    *I can make spaghetti

    An Undertale wave bank with some track choices inspired by Shadowaltz's Undertale wave bank. Effort has been made to improve the looping on most of the tracks.

    Some tracks in the track list are not clearly labelled to avoid spoilers for Undertale, which I recommend not spoiling yourself for if there's even the slightest possibility that you might play it in the future.


    I felt like some tracks didn't fit particularly well, so they were replaced.

    04, Boss 1- Bonetrousle was fairly decent for Boss 1, but I felt it was a little too lighthearted for the role, even if it fit Skeletron rather well. So,it was moved to replace the Dungeon track, and in its place is Heartache, which was previously the track for Boss 2.

    09, Underground Corruption- Memory was alright for Underground Corruption, but I think that Premonition fit better.

    10, Underground Hallow- Home (Music Box) has been replaced by Memory, which was more suited to this biome.

    11, Boss 2- Heartache is a good track, but not quite fast enough for the Wall and the Twins, so instead, it has been replaced by Battle Against a True Hero, with the slower parts cut out.

    23, Dungeon- As mentioned before, Nyeh Heh Heh! has been replaced by Bonetrousle.

    26, Lihzahrd- NGAHHH!! was replaced by The Choice, since that music wasn't that appropriate, and The Choice was the best I could find.
    Bergentrückung fits very well in combination with the Golem's theme, so I have provided an alternate wave bank in the download with that track instead, however, this cut is only 17 seconds long, so it may get repetitive quickly.

    27, Eclipse- Since Battle Against a True Hero is now being used for Boss 2, it has been replaced by Amalgam, a somewhat fittingly odd battle track.

    Hopes and Dreams and SAVE the World have had their places swapped.

    Changes made in V1.2 reversed.
    The original reason was because Hopes and Dreams played before SAVE the World, but I don't think that SAVE the World is as fitting for the Moon Lord as Hopes and Dreams was.

    Updated for 1.3.3.
    Stronger Monsters reused for Sandstorm.
    It was reused because making a wavebank from one game is hard and Undertale barely has enough fitting tracks as it is!

    26, Lihzahrd- Bergentrückung version has been removed. Takes too long to compile, and it doesn't sound
    very good, even if it fits with the Golem.

    11, Boss 2- Battle Against a True Hero has been restored to its original form. The cuts sounded wonky, and I think it really works better when the music lets up a bit, even if the fight doesn't.

    Updated for 1.3.4.
    ASGORE reused for Old One's Army.

    01, Night- Quiet Water
    02, Eerie- Mysterious Place (Glyde Room)
    03, Day 1- Shop
    04, Boss 1- Heartache
    05, Title Screen- Start Menu
    06, Jungle- Another Medium (Hotland)
    07, Corruption- Undyne
    08, Hallow- Fallen Down (Reprise)
    09, Underground Corruption- Premonition
    10, Underground Hallow- Memory
    11, Boss 2- Battle Against a True Hero
    12, Underground 1- Ruins
    13, Boss 3- Spear of Justice (Undyne Battle)
    14, Snow- Snowy
    15, Space- His Theme
    16, Crimson- Chill (Feeling Like Garbage)
    17, Golem- ASGORE
    18, Day 2- Snowdin Town
    19, Rain- Respite
    20, Underground Snow- Waterfall
    21, Desert- Uwa!! So HEATS!!
    22, Ocean- Uwa!! So Temperate!!
    23, Dungeon- Bonetrousle (Papyrus Battle)
    24, Plantera- MEGALOVANIA
    25, Queen Bee- Spider Dance (Muffet Battle)
    26, Lihzahrd Temple- The Choice
    26, Lihzahrd Temple (Alternate)- Bergentrückung
    27, Eclipse- Amalgam
    28, Rain SFX
    29, Mushrooms- Tem Shop
    30, PumpkinMoon- Stronger Monsters (Hard Mode Battle)
    31, Underground 2- An Ending
    32, Frost Moon- Dummy! (Mad Dummy Battle)
    33, Underground Crimson- Here We Are
    34, Lunar Pillar Event- SAVE the World
    35, Pirate Invasion- Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans
    36, Underworld- CORE
    37, Martian Madness- Metal Crusher (Mettaton Battle)
    38, Moon Lord- Hopes and Dreams
    39, Goblin Army- Enemy Approaching (Normal Battle)
    40, Sandstorm- Stronger Monsters (Hard Mode Battle)
    41, Old One's Army- ASGORE


    Installation instructions included.

    See you next mission!

    A wave bank comprised of various music from the Metroid Series- A lot of music from the first two Prime games, and a fairly even mix of Zero Mission, Fusion, and Super Metroid music for the rest.


    Updated for 1.3.3.
    VS. Omega Pirate added for Sandstorm.

    Updated for 1.3.4.
    VS. Chozo Ghosts added for Old One's Army.

    01, Night- Sector 8, NOC (Fusion)
    02, Eerie- Red Brinstar (Super)
    03, Day 1- Tallon Overworld (Prime 1)
    04, Boss 1- VS. Kraid (Zero Mission)
    05, Title Screen- Title (Zero Mission)
    06, Jungle- Jungle Brinstar (Super)
    07, Corruption- Dark Torvus Bog (Prime 2)
    08, Hallow- Torvus Bog (Prime 2)
    09, Underground Corruption- Dark Torvus Catacombs (Prime 2)
    10, Underground Hallow- Torvus Catacombs (Prime 2)
    11, Boss 2- VS. Meta Ridley (Prime 1)
    12, Underground 1- Brinstar (Zero Mission)
    13, Boss 3- VS. Quadraxis (Prime 2)
    14, Snow- Phendrana Drifts (Prime 1)
    15, Space- Artifact Temple (Prime 1)
    16, Crimson- Phazon Area (Prime 1)
    17, Golem- VS. BOX Security Robot (Fusion)
    18, Day 2- Chozo Ruins (Prime 1)
    19, Rain- Crateria (Super)
    20, Underground Snow- Phendrana Depths (Prime 1)
    21, Desert- Sandy Maridia (Super)
    22, Ocean- Sector 4, AQA (Fusion)
    23, Dungeon- Wrecked Ship, Power Down (Super)
    24, Plantera- VS. Emperor Ing, Spider (Prime 2)
    25, Queen Bee- VS. Chykka Flyer (Prime 2)
    26, Lihzahrd Temple- Sector 2, TRO (Fusion)
    27, Eclipse- VS. Space Pirates (Prime 1)
    28, Rain SFX
    29, Mushrooms- Agon Wastes (Prime 2)
    30, Pumpkin Moon- VS. Space Pirates (Prime 2)
    31, Underground 2- Kraid's Lair (Zero Mission)
    32, Frost Moon- VS. Ing (Prime 2)
    33, Underground Crimson- Phazon Mines (Prime 1)
    34, Lunar Pillar Event- VS. Metroid Prime (Spider)
    35, Pirate Invasion- VS. Kraid, Crocomire, Phantoon (Super)
    36, Underworld- Magmoor Caverns (Prime 1)
    37, Martian Madness- VS. Neo Ridley (Fusion)
    38, Moon Lord- VS. Metroid Prime (Head)
    39, Goblin Army- VS. Hive Totem (Prime 1)
    40, Sandstorm- VS. Omega Pirate (Prime 1)
    41, Old One's Army- VS. Chozo Ghosts (Prime 1)

    Installation instructions included.

    IS AT PEACE...

    This wave bank is comprised of tracks chosen by Alucard3598 and I, and contains music only from Metroid Fusion, Zero Mission, and Super Metroid.


    Updated for 1.3.3.
    VS. Spore Spawn/Botwoon added for Sandstorm.

    Updated for 1.3.4.
    VS. Serris, Yakuza reused for Old One's Army.

    Old One's Army music replaced by VS. Kraid (MZM).

    1. Night: Sector 6 [NOC] Dark Area (MF)
    2. Eerie: Sector 3 [PYR] High Temperature Area (MF)
    3. Day: Heading to the Huge Bio-Readings (MF)
    4. Boss 1: VS. Serris, Yakuza (MF)
    5. Title: Title (MZM)
    6. Jungle: Brinstar - Overgrown with Vegitation Area (SM)
    7. Corruption: Chozodia ~ Chozo Ruins (MZM)
    8. Hallow: Final Orders (MF)
    9. Underground Corruption: Kraid's Lair (MZM)
    10. Underground Halllow: Brinstar (MZM)
    11. Boss 2: VS. King Worm, Mua (MZM)
    12. Underground: Space Pirate Mother Ship (MZM)
    13. Boss 3: VS. Kraid (MZM)
    14. Snow: Sector 5 [ARC] Low Temperature Area (MF)
    15. Space: Environment Sound [Silence 1] (MF)
    16. Crimson: Brinstar - Red Soil Swampy Area (SM)
    17. Boss 4: VS BOX (MF)
    18. Day Alt.: Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warior (SM)
    19. Rain: Sector 4 [AQA] Underwater Area (MF)
    20. Ice: Norfair (MZM)
    21. Desert: Maridia - Quicksand Underground Water Area (SM)
    22. Ocean: Sector 4 [AQA] Water Level Control Area (MF)
    23. Dungeon: Crateria - The Space Pirates Appear (SM)
    24. Plantera: VS. Neo Ridley (MF)
    25. Boss 5: VS. Zazabi, Varia Core X (MF)
    26. Lizahrd: Sector 2 [TRO] Tropical Area (MF)
    27. Solar Eclipse: Mother Brain (SM)
    28. Rain SFX: Crateria Rainstorm (SM)
    29. Mushrooms: Theme of Super Metroid (SM)
    30. Pumpkin Moon: VS. Nightmare (MF)
    31. Underground Alt.: Sector 1 [SRX] SR388 Simulation Area (MF)
    32. Frost Moon: VS. Chozo Guardian (MZM)
    33. Underground Crimson: Ridley's Lair (MZM)
    34. Lunar Event: Sector 3 Restore the Cooler Unit Timer Mission (MF)
    35. Pirate Invasion: Big Boss Confrontation BGM [Kraid, Crocomire, Phantoon] (SM)
    36. Underworld: Norfair - Ancient Ruins Area (SM)
    37. Martian Madness: VS. Mecha Ridley (MZM)
    38. Final Boss: The Legendary Power Suit ~ Brinstar Reprise (MZM)
    39. Goblin Invasion: VS. Arachnus (MF)
    40. Sandstorm: VS. Spore Spawn/Botwoon (SM)
    41. Old One's Army: VS. Kraid (MZM)

    Installation instructions included.


    This wavebank contains an assortment of music from the Legend of Zelda series, inlcuding certain Zelda Reorchestrated tracks.
    It's a fairly even mix of Ocarina of Time 3D, Wind Waker HD, Skyward Sword, and Twilight Princess music, with a little bit of Spirit Tracks and a couple of incredible reorchestrated pieces from Minish Cap in there.


    Updated for 1.3.3.
    ST Stagnox Battle added for Sandstorm.

    Intro re-added to 25, Queen Bee- ST Fraaz.

    Updated for 1.3.4
    SS Bilocyte Battle added for Old One's Army.

    01, Night- Hyrule Field Night (Twilight Princess), Lost Woods (Link to the Past, ZREO)
    02, Eerie- Twilight (Twilight Princess)
    03, Day 1- Light World (Link to the Past, ZREO)
    04, Boss 1- Boss (Ocarina of Time 3D)
    05, Title Screen- Save Select (Wind Waker HD)
    06, Jungle- Forest Temple (Ocarina of Time 3D)
    07, Corruption- Dark World (Link to the Past, ZREO)
    08, Hallow- Fairy Fountain (Wind Waker HD)
    09, Underground Corruption- Shadow Temple (Ocarina of Time 3D)
    10, Underground Hallow- Sky Keep (Skyward Sword)
    11, Boss 2- Dinosaur Boss (Ocarina of Time 3D)
    12, Underground 1- Forest, Snow, and Ocean Temples (Spirit Tracks)
    13, Boss 3- Koloktos Allegro (Skyward Sword)
    14, Snow- Mt. Crenel (Minish Cap, ZREO)
    15, Space- Temple of Hylia (Skyward Sword)
    16, Crimson- Death Mountain (Link Between Worlds)
    17, Golem- Gohdan Battle (Wind Waker HD)
    18, Day 2- Hyrule Field (Ocarina of Time 3D)
    19, Rain- Dragon Roost Island (Wind Waker HD)
    20, Underground Snow- Ice Cavern (Ocarina of Time 3D)
    21, Desert- Gerudo Valley (Ocarina of Time 3D), Gerudo Desert (Twilight Princess)
    22, Ocean- Zora's Domain (Ocarina of Time 3D)
    23, Dungeon- Spirit Temple (Ocarina of Time 3D), Tower of Spirits (Spirit Tracks, ZREO)
    24, Plantera- Molgera Battle (Wind Waker HD)
    25, Queen Bee- Fraaz Battle (Spirit Tracks)
    26, Lihzahrd Temple- Earth Temple (Wind Waker)
    27, Eclipse- Scaldera and Tentalus Battle (Skyward Sword)
    28, Rain SFX
    29, Mushrooms- Temple of Droplets (Minish Cap, ZREO)
    30, Pumpkin Moon- Armogohma Battle (Twilight Princess)
    31, Underground 2- Skyview Temple (Skyward Sword)
    32, Frost Moon- Blizzeta Battle, Phase 1 and 2 (Twilight Princess)
    33, Underground Crimson- Ancient Cistern Cavern (Skyward Sword)
    34, Lunar Pillar Event- Puppet Zelda Battle (Twilight Princess)
    35, Pirate Invasion- Miniboss (Wind Waker HD)
    36, Underworld- Fire and Sand Temples (Spirit Tracks)
    37, Martian Madness- Phantom Ganon Battle (Wind Waker HD)
    38, Moon Lord- Ganondorf Battle (Wind Waker HD), Malladus Battle (Spirit Tracks)
    39, Goblin Army- Miniboss (Ocarina of Time 3D)
    40, Sandstorm- Stagnox Battle (Spirit Tracks)
    41, Old One's Army- Bilocyte Battle (Skyward Sword)


    Installation instructions included.

    A wave bank comprised of a number of tracks from the original Spyro PS1 trilogy.
    Some track selection was copied from this one.


    Updated for 1.3.3.
    Canyon Speedway (Spyro 2) added for Sandstorm.

    Updated for 1.3.4.
    Harbor Trolley Trouble added to Old One's Army.

    01, Night- Dark Hollow (Spyro 1), Midnight Mountain (Spyro 3)
    02, Eerie- Dark Passage (Spyro 1)
    03, Day 1- Sunrise Spring (Spyro 3)
    04, Boss 1- Buzz's Dungeon (Spyro 3)
    05, Title Screen- Title (Spyro 3)
    06, Jungle- Skelos Badlands (Spyro 2)
    07, Corruption- Twilight Harbor (Spyro 1)
    08, Hallow- Charmed Ridge (Spyro 3)
    09, Underground Corruption- Haunted Tomb (Spyro 3)
    10, Underground Hallow- High Caves (Spyro 1)
    11, Boss 2- Scorch's Pit (Spyro 3)
    12, Underground 1- Dino Mines (Spyro 2)
    13, Boss 3- Fireworks Factory (Spyro 3)
    14, Snow- Frozen Altars (Spyro 3)
    15, Space- Cloud Spires (Spyro 3)
    16, Crimson- Robotica Farms (Spyro 2)
    17, Golem- Crush's Dungeon (Spyro 2)
    18, Day 2- Glimmer (Spyro 2), Artisans (Spyro 1)
    19, Rain- Hurricos (Spyro 2)
    20, Underground Snow- Icy Peak (Spyro 3)
    21, Desert- Scorch (Spyro 2)
    22, Ocean- Seashell Shore (Spyro 3), Breeze Harbor (Spyro 2)
    23, Dungeon- Haunted Towers (Spyro 1)
    24, Plantera- Gulp's Overlook (Spyro 2)
    25, Queen Bee- Honey Speedway (Spyro 3)
    26, Lihzahrd Temple- Desert Ruins (Spyro 3)
    27, Eclipse- Metro Speedway (Spyro 2)
    28, Rain SFX
    29, Mushrooms- Mystic Marsh (Spyro 2)
    30, PumpkinMoon- Spike's Arena (Spyro 3)
    31, Underground 2- Crystal Island (Spyro 3)
    32, Frost Moon- Icy Speedway (Spyro 2)
    33, Underground Crimson- Dry Canyon (Spyro 1)
    34, Lunar Pillar Event- Ripto's Arena PAL (Spyro 2)
    35, Pirate Invasion- Gnasty Gnorc (Spyro 1)
    36, Underworld- Magma Cone (Spyro 2)
    37, Martian Madness- Dock Speedway (Spyro 3)
    38, Moon Lord- Sorceress's Lair (Spyro 3)
    39, Goblin Army- Mushroom Speedway (Spyro 3)
    40, Sandstorm- Canyon Speedway (Spyro 2)
    41, Old One's Army- Harbor Trolley Trouble (Spyro 2)

    Installation instructions included.

    Steel thy Mega Buster!

    A wave bank comprised of many tracks from Shovel Knight(plus the extra two campaigns), and the classic Mega Man series. This includes Mega Man 9 and 10, plus a fan NES-style remix of one track from Mega Man 8. It also features Nail Man and Comet Woman's stage themes from the fan game Mega Man Unlimited.


    No problem here.

    01, Night- From The Shadows, Plains of Passage (Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment)
    02, Eerie- Wily Stage 1 (Mega Man 1)
    03, Day 1- Strike the Earth! Plains of Passage (Shovel Knight)
    04, Boss 1- Boss (Mega Man 2)/Fighting With All Our Might (Shovel Knight)
    05, Title Screen- Title Screen (Mega Man 2)
    06, Jungle- Plant Man (Mega Man 6)
    07, Corruption- La Danse Macabre, The Lich Yard (Shovel Knight)
    08, Hallow- In the Halls of the King, Pridemoor Keep (Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment)
    09, Underground Corruption- Hidden By Night, The Lich Yard (Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment)
    10, Underground Hallow- In the Halls of the Usurper, Pridemoor Keep (Shovel Knight)
    11, Boss 2- The Vital Vitriol, Plague Knight Battle (Shovel Knight)/ Embraced by Darkness, Dark Reize Battle (Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment)
    12, Underground 1- An Underlying Problem, The Lost City (Shovel Knight)/ Concrete Man (Mega Man 9)
    13, Boss 3- The Defender, Black Knight Battle (Shovel Knight)/ Go No Further! Shield Knight Battle (Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment)
    14, Snow- Blizzard Man (Mega Man 6)/ A Cool Reception, The Stranded Ship (Shovel Knight)
    15, Space- Galaxy Man (Mega Man 9)/ Starfield Disarray: Comet Woman (Mega Man Unlimited(Fangame))
    16, Crimson- Flowers of Antimony, The Explodatorium (Shovel Knight)
    17, Golem- Wily Boss(famously Yellow Devil) (Mega Man 1)
    18, Day 2- Wood Man (Mega Man 2)
    19, Rain- Bubble Man (Mega Man 2)
    20, Underground Snow- Frost Man (8 Bit arrangement by Warheart, Mega Man 8)/ A Wintry Paradise, The Stranded Ship (Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment)
    21, Desert- Commando Man (Mega Man 10)
    22, Ocean- Splash Woman (Mega Man 9)/ A Thousand Leagues Below, Iron Whale (Shovel Knight)
    23, Dungeon- Skull Man (Mega Man 4)/ Wily Stage 1 (Mega Man 1)
    24, Plantera- Wily Stage 1/2 Remix (Famitracker arrangement by branflakes325, Mega Man 2)
    25, Queen Bee- Hornet Man 2A03 (FamiTracker arrangement by RRThiel, Mega Man 9)
    26, Lihzahrd Temple- Pharaoh Man (Mega Man 4)
    27, Eclipse- The Apparition, Specter Knight Battle (Shovel Knight)
    28, Rain SFX
    29, Mushrooms- Flash Man (Mega Man 2)
    30, PumpkinMoon- The Battle Within, Corrupted Essence Battle (Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows)
    31, Underground 2- Construction Destruction: Nail Man (Mega Man Unlimited(Fangame))/ Facing the Task, The Lost City (Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment)
    32, Frost Moon- The Stalwart, Polar Knight Battle (Shovel Knight)
    33, Underground Crimson- Aqua Vitae, The Explodatorium (Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment)
    34, Lunar Pillar Event- Galaxy Man VRC6 (FamiTracker arrangement by RRThiel, Mega Man 9)
    35, Pirate Invasion- The Bounty Hunter, Treasure Knight Battle (Shovel Knight)
    36, Underworld- Magma Man (Mega Man 9)/ Solar Man (Mega Man 10)
    37, Martian Madness- The Spin Controller, Propeller Knight Battle (Shovel Knight)
    38, Moon Lord- The Possessor, Enchantress Battle (Shovel Knight)/ The Betrayer, Enchantress Final Form (Shovel Knight)
    39, Goblin Army- The Rival, First Black Knight Battle (Shovel Knight)
    40, Sandstorm- Boss (Mega Man 10)
    41, Old Ones' Army- The Decadent Dandy, King Knight Battle (Shovel Knight)

    Installation instructions included.

    Sorry, currently outdated... I don't even remember where I got the music for this one. Altaire, if you want to contact me to get this updated on the off chance you care enough and see this, do so!

    A wave bank comprised of music from the Japan-only Square RPG Treasure of the Rudras. I know nothing about the game apart from the complex spell crafting system that involved writing characters that corresponded to a spell being the reason why it didn't get translated, and that there's a fan translation out there somewhere.

    This music is pretty good, though!

    1. Night - Night Shift

    2. Eerie (Meteor, Blood Moon) - Prophecy

    3. Overworld Day - Sword of the Valiant

    4. Boss 1 (Eye, Skeletrons, Fishron) - Strange Encounter

    5. Title - Rudra

    6. Jungle - The Aquarians

    7. Corruption - Dance with the Zombie

    8. The Hallow - Amazing Express

    9. Underground Corruption - Evil in the Deep

    10. Underground Hallow - Beginning for the End

    11. Boss 2 (The Twins, Wall of Flesh) - Battle of the Last Enemy: Evolution

    12. Underground - The Quest for Rudra’s Mines

    13. Boss 3 (Destroyer, Brain) - Evil Eyes

    14. Snow - Crime of the Heart (Night)

    15. Space - Ride on the Breeze

    16. Crimson - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

    17. Boss 4 (Golem, Cultist) - The Flame and the Arrow

    18. Alt Overworld Day - Echoes

    19. Rain (Music) - Sanctuary

    20. Ice - Change of Mind

    21. Desert - Storm over the Place

    22. Ocean - Sword of the Valiant (Night)

    23. Dungeon - The Inhuman Condition

    24. Plantera - The Spirit Chaser

    25. Boss 5 (Queen Bee) - Blazing Impact

    26. Temple - The Invisible Dead

    27. Eclipse - Night Gallery

    28. Rain (Sound Effect)

    29. Mushrooms - Waiting for the Moon

    30. Pumpkin Moon - Edge of Darkness

    31. Alt Underground - Downfall

    32. Frost Moon - Beyond the Rising Moon

    33. Underground Crimson - Bio Hazard

    34: Lunar Towers - Battle of the Last Enemy: Damned

    35: Pirate Invasion - Clockwork Steeple

    36: Hell - The Nightbreed

    37: Martian Madness - Land of Doom

    38: Moon Lord - Battle of the Last Enemy: Final Conflict

    39: Goblin Army - Under World

    Installation instructions included.

    It's not fair
    It's not right
    There's no reason to fight

    A wavebank comprised of music entirely from Nuclear Throne!
    Since there aren't too many tracks in the Nuclear Throne soundtrack, there are many repeats. The Palace theme/Labs combo is used for both the Corruption and Crimson above and below ground themes, respectively. These two tracks also appear frequently elsewhere, and unfortunately, I couldn't find any way to incorporate Y.V.'s Mansion into it.

    im sorri, im a fokn skrub

    But regardless, if you like the sound of it, then FLÄSHYN!



    Updated for 1.3.4.
    Big Bandit reused (again)for Old One's Army.

    01, Night- Scrapyard B
    02, Eerie- Hyper Crystal
    03, Day 1- Main Theme A
    04, Boss 1- Big Bandit
    05, Title Screen- Main Theme B
    06, Jungle- Jungle
    07, Corruption- The Palace
    08, Hallow- IDPD HQ
    09, Underground Corruption- Labs
    10, Underground Hallow- IDPD HQ (Rogue)
    11, Boss 2- Throne A
    12, Underground 1- Crystal Caves
    13, Boss 3- Technomancer
    14, Snow- Frozen City
    15, Space- Crown Vault
    16, Crimson- The Palace
    17, Golem- Big Dog
    18, Day 2- Main Theme C
    19, Rain- Scrapyard
    20, Underground Snow- Frozen City B
    21, Desert- Desert B
    22, Ocean- Oasis
    23, Dungeon- Labs
    24, Plantera- Throne A
    25, Queen Bee- Lil Hunter
    26, Lihzahrd Temple- The Palace
    27, Eclipse- Big Bandit
    28, Rain SFX- Scrapyard Rain SFX
    29, Mushrooms- Pizza Sewers
    30, Pumpkin Moon- Big Dog
    31, Underground 2- Cursed Crystal Caves
    32, Frost Moon- Lil Hunter
    33, Underground Crimson- Labs
    34, Lunar Pillar Event- Captain
    35, Pirate Invasion- Big Dog
    36, Underworld- The Palace
    37, Martian Madness- Technomancer
    38, Moon Lord- Throne B
    39, Goblin Army- Crown Guardian
    40, Sandstorm- Desert
    41, Old One's Army- Big Bandit

    Installation instructions included.
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  2. TheBilateralGamer

    TheBilateralGamer Spazmatism

    Looks pretty cool. Say, are you accepting requests?
  3. Lithium

    Lithium Spazmatism

    I might- depends on whether or not I have access to the music files I need.
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  4. TheBilateralGamer

    TheBilateralGamer Spazmatism

    Cool. I was just wondering because I wanted an Undertale wavebank, but Shadowaltz already did it, so nevermind! :)
  5. Lithium

    Lithium Spazmatism

    I went ahead and made my own anyway, since I just bought the Undertale soundtrack. You might like the track selection, editing or loop quality better.
  6. Lithium

    Lithium Spazmatism

    I'm not quite sure how this forum thing works, so I'm not sure if editing the OP gives people alerts, but I've updated it with two new wavebanks- a Zelda wavebank and a Metroid one- as well as updated the Mario and Luigi wavebank to be less loud, and loop better.
  7. TheBilateralGamer

    TheBilateralGamer Spazmatism

    I don't think editing posts gives people alerts, but posting a comment does.
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  8. whismerhill

    whismerhill Terrarian

    I wish there was some preview of the songs.
    yeah I know I could "google" each song title individually.... but still
  9. Macbuk

    Macbuk Plantera

    The lack of Death by Glamour feels me with detemmienation.

    I really like the Undertale wavebank, though I'd change some songs here and there. :p
  10. DarkLink

    DarkLink Terrarian

    The Download link for Mario & Luigi is broken:(
  11. Lithium

    Lithium Spazmatism

    Fixed it.
  12. Mangu

    Mangu Spazmatism

    I like your work, enough to make me log in and comment here, you did a nice job man thanks a lot!

    If you're into making more I suggest snes' Donkey Kong Country series, that sound track is the cream of the crop in SNES' era.
    Also worth mentioning are Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Chrono Trigger have delightful soundtracks as well (they are easy to come by since they're all games from the SNES era), they may be old but they're golden.
  13. Zsashas

    Zsashas Plantera

    Are you still taking requests? Do I send you a PM with the music files or something?
  14. Lithium

    Lithium Spazmatism

    Sure, what do you want me to do?
  15. Lithium

    Lithium Spazmatism

    Added a new wavebank! This one has music from the original Spyro PS1 trilogy.
  16. Alucard3598

    Alucard3598 Steampunker

    Ooooh Metroid Wavebank.
  17. Alucard3598

    Alucard3598 Steampunker

    Hello. May I make a request? If so, I'd like to request another Metroid Wavebank, but with no Metroid Prime tracks. I can send you a ZIP of the tracks in a PM if you want.

    Project Metroid

    (SM)=Super Metroid
    (MF)=Metroid Fusion
    (MZM)=Metroid Zero Mission

    1. Night: Sector 6 [NOC] Dark Area (MF)
    2. Eerie: Sector 3 [PYR] High Temperature Area (MF)
    3. Day: Heading to the Huge Bio-Readings/Facing a Huge Reaction (MF)
    4. Boss 1: VS. Serris, Yakuza (MF)
    5. Title: Title (MZM)
    6. Jungle: Brinstar - Overgrown with Vegitation Area (SM)
    7. Corruption: Chozodia ~ Chozo Ruins (MZM)
    8. Hallow: Final Orders (MF)
    9. Underground Corruption: Kraid's Lair (MZM)
    10. Underground Halllow: Brinstar (MZM)
    11. Boss 2: VS. King Worm, Mua (MZM)
    12. Underground: Space Pirate Mother Ship (MZM)
    13. Boss 3: VS. Kraid (MZM)
    14. Snow: Sector 5 [ARC] Low Temperature Area (MF)
    15. Space: Epilogue (MF)
    16. Crimson: Brinstar - Red Soil Swampy Area (SM)
    17. Boss 4: VS BOX (MF)
    18. Day Alt.: Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warior (SM)
    19. Rain: Sector 4 [AQA] Underwater Area (MF)
    20. Ice: Norfair (MZM)
    21. Desert: Maridia - Quicksand Underground Water Area (SM)
    22. Ocean: Sector 4 [AQA] Water Level Control Area (MF)
    23. Dungeon: Crateria - The Space Pirates Appear (SM)
    24. Plantera: VS. Chozo Statue First Form (MF)
    25. Boss 5: VS. Kiru Giru [Imago] (MZM)
    26. Lizahrd: Sector 2 [TRO] Tropical Area (MF)
    27. Solar Eclipse: Mother Brain (SM)
    28. Rain SFX:
    29. Mushrooms: Theme of Super Metroid (SM)
    30. Pumpkin Moon: Alarm Tripped ~ Space Pirates Attack (MZM)
    31. Underground Alt.: Sector 1 [SRX] SR388 Simulation Area (MF)
    32. Frost Moon: VS. Ridley (MZM)
    33. Underground Crimson: Ridley's Lair (MZM)
    34. Lunar Event: Sector 3 Restore the Cooler Unit Timer Mission (MF)
    35. Pirate Invasion: The Legendary Power Suit ~ Brinstar Reprise (MZM)
    36. Underworld: Norfair - Ancient Ruins Area (SM)
    37. Martian Madness: VS. Neo Ridley (MF)
    38. Final Boss: Escape Theme (MZM)
    39. Goblin Invasion: VS. Arachnus (MF)
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  18. Zsashas

    Zsashas Plantera

    Do wavebanks still work if you have mods that add custom music?
  19. Lithium

    Lithium Spazmatism

    Sure, just send me the zip and I can put it together.

    I think it should work. From what I've seen, the mods don't replace the existing wavebank. If they do, and you have a custom one installed, you'd be hearing vanilla Terraria music instead of the custom wavebank. I don't know if the mods I have installed replace music or not, so I can't tell you from personal experience.
  20. Lithium

    Lithium Spazmatism

    A new Metroid Wavebank without any music from the Prime Games, as requested by Alucard3598, has been uploaded!
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