tModLoader Locked Abilities - Primary player abilities are now sealed away (including accessory slots)


Note: Until further notice, this mod is now being worked on exclusively as part of my Adventure Mode set.

Locked Abilities

Mirror (soon)

Requires Mod Libs

Locks many primary player abilities, particularly those enabled by accessories... including total accessory slots (all but 2)! Accessory slots may be unlocked only with Dark Heart items. Configurable.

Accessories for granting abilities (available with random world gen chests):
  • ZOuXU6k.png
    Safety Harness: Enables equipping protection items
  • uBrAn7x.png
    Back Brace: Enables heavy armor
  • UavKsTJ.png
    Flying Certificate: Enables flight items
  • CGTqnxI.png
    Gun Permit: Enables guns
  • Vd3vXgH.png
    Grapple Harness: Enables grappling items
  • NKhWine.png
    Mount Rein: Enables mounts
  • 9dYpKF5.png
    Boot Laces: Enables shoe accessories
  • rDFeBpb.png
    Utilitarian Belt: Enables all items. Crafted from all of the above.
  • r7a3qmG.png
    Dark Heart Shard: Unlocks an accessory slot (4 required; crafts a Dark Heart).

  • GabeHasWon - Gun Permit and Boot Lace sprites.

Source available.


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  • (See github commits history)
  • Fixed sync
  • GrappleRequiresChainAmount setting added
  • Fixed grappling with Utilitarian Belt
  • Fixed double jump fuel tooltip
  • Added player sync of dark hearts (untested +2 MP)
  • Set dropped misc items to have no grab delay
  • Removed noGrab duration from dropped equips
  • Modified interface draw to use correct order (via ModifyInterfaceLayers instead of PostDrawInterface)
  • Updated for Chest Implants changes
  • Removed 'consumable' state for DarkHeartPieceItem
  • Fixed gun permit prematurely dropping gun items
  • Added double jump gel fuel requirement (and tooltip)
  • Added rocket boot gel fuel requirement (and tooltip)
  • Added wings pixie dust fuel requirement (and tooltip)
  • Fixed Utilitarian Belt item
  • Added Utilitarian Belt its graphics
  • Ability item code restructuring
  • Utilitarian Belt WIP
  • Added Articulation Rigging item and recipe
  • Fixed minecart check for mount test
  • Further tweaked mount rein sprite
  • Set minecarts to be exempt from mount rein accessory
  • Modified mount rein sprite
  • Restructured some item test code
  • Correctly implemented mount blocking
  • Correctly implemented grapple blocking
  • Tweaked Mount Rein item sprite
  • Set accessories to only sometimes generate with chests (25%)
  • Fixed chest index overflow bug with world gen
  • Added ability item enable settings
  • Added option to disable accessory slot limits (-1 InitialAccessorySlots)
  • Added config Clear() method
  • Fixed dark heart unlock (was counting incorrectly)
  • Set items to public
  • Updated config to StackableModConfig'
  • Finished implementing world gen (untested)
  • Finished implementing item spawn chances
  • Set float fields to use custom input element
  • Reorganized mod items
  • Implemented Dark Heart and Dark Heart Piece items (untested)
  • Begun implementing world gen for mod items (WIP)
  • Refactored player's max accessory slots (added an 'instrinsic' amount)
  • ChestImplants is now a strong mod reference
  • More work implementing world gen chest implants
  • Modified accessories to report their world gen percent chance
  • Renamed Mod code files
  • Begun implementing world gen features for Chest Implants mod
  • First.


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I'll have to play around with this. I always love gamemode styles where you have to unlock way more things than necessary :D
I'll have to play around with this. I always love gamemode styles where you have to unlock way more things than necessary :D
You can configure this mod to only lock specific things, if you're trying to make a specific game mode. If you want to lock even more specific things, including individual NPCs, be sure to check out Nihilism mod, also.
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With KRPG the "X" marks don't show up on the new HUD of the mod where the accessories are locked. The mod dev of KRPG has had multiple requests to be able to disable the HUD art and revert it to vanilla, but it doesn't seem like they are going to make that an option any time soon (the requests were a long time ago). So I was just wondering if you could make it compatible with KRPG.
Here's a picture for some context:

I would just disable the custom HUD if that were an option.
Note: Until further notice, this mod is now being worked on exclusively as part of my Adventure Mode set. I will not be doing any additional features, changes, or fixes beyond the context of its use within Adventure Mode. General PRs are welcome, though.
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