Looking for old calamity mod sprites


I have recently taken quite an interest into seeing old sprites of calamity mod items.
I found a thing called "Scrap Saturday" (something some guy used to post on r/calamity) and from there I found a Google Doc with old boss and enemy sprites at the bottom. However this did not include old item sprites. I found a few old sprites using the Wayback Machine on the Wiki, but that is extremely slow. Does anyone have some of these sprites?

Also, can I play the old calamity versions (that were made for 1.3.4) on 1.3.5? There's a few of them on the forum post, and I was wondering if I need to do some shenanigans in order for them to not crash my game.

i know im a year late but if you go on the wiki and click on one of the sprites, you can see the old ones

also to play old calamity, you have to install old tmodloader
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