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WIP Lunar-inspired mini-biomes!


Empress of Light
So, Fire moss.

Fire moss. It looks extremely cool, and feels as if it should be used for something more. It's certainly not normal moss, glowing with that faint orangey-red. This is what inspired me to make this suggestion. And it will actually be using this. And so, I present:
Lunar inspired mini-biomes!

First, a note. One will spawn in each quarter of the map.
Now, let's go over what the fire moss (I will refer to it as Ember Moss) will be used for.

Ember Moss Tunnels
The ember moss tunnels would be a mini biome, much like the mushroom biome. However, the tunnels would spawn in a much more confined collection of tunnels (I don't say?). In pre-hardmode, this will simply sit there, looking nice and fiery. You see, all the biomes suggested here will be HM mini-biomes.
"How will that work?" I hear you ask.
How this would work is rather interesting. You see, in pre-Hardmode, these blocks will just sit there on stone, glowing red as they do now. However, when Hardmode hits, the block they are on will become "Charred". These are the blocks that actually count towards the mini-biome. Any stone (including spreading biome stones), dirt and mud will become charred, giving them a darkened appearance. Cutting charred blocks off from Ember Moss will eventually unchar them. However, you can also mine charred blocks, giving them to you. Placed ones will not unchar. If the HM spawned underground biomes pass though the Ember, the blocks the Ember Moss is sat on will crimrupt/hallow, but the moss will not disappear.
Also, for the music:
So, now that that's out of the way, let's get into the fun stuff, shall we?
Oh, also, something to note: If you haven't already put two-and-two together and noticed the title and general theme of this particular mini-biome, this one is inspired by the Solar Pillar, and as such will be melee oriented.

Ember moss:
(Uncharred and charred, respectively)


Fire Flower
(Thanks for the sprite, @Shaedric !)
Health: 250
Damage: 65 (fireball)
80 (melee)
Defence: 12
This uncommon, stationary creature-plant thing will slowly shoot fireballs at you, which bounce 4 times and inflict "On Fire!" if you get hit, similarly to the fireballs from the Flower of Fire. In the small tunnels of the Ember, these things will be a pain, but not too difficult to overcome, due to the slow firing speed.
-Ember Shard (1-5) 20%
-Charred Pendant 4%

Charred Corpse

Health: 225
Damage: 70 (melee)
Defence: 20
This is your common, cannon-fodder type fighter enemy that are normally present in, well, anywhere.
-Ember Shard (1-5) 20%
-Singed Slasher 1%

Scorchion (Combination of "Scorch" and "Scorpion")
(I should join 505 with this recolouring skill)
Health: 275
Damage: 75 (sting)
95 (melee)
Defence: 20
The scorchion is an uncommon enemy in the Ember. Featuring the ability to climb background walls, it will have very good mobility in the confines of the Ember. It also has a short-ish ranged sting attack that can be used to pull the player in towards it, setting the player ablaze and damaging them. This attack is very infrequent.

Cookroach (Combination of "Cook" and "Cockroach")
(Again, a sprite may happen eventually. Just imagine a dark cockroach with glowing orange sections. I'm awful at describing, in case you can't tell)
Health: 2,000
Damage: 55 (melee)
Defence: 35
This is a very tanky, mini-boss style creature. Not dealing as much damage as other enemies, this creature will dash to attack, but is very slow when you not dashing. It is not the most agile, not being able to jump very high, but being able to climb up walls (not background walls, solid block walls).
-Ember Shard (5-15) 100%
-Cookroach plate 10%

And, with that all out of the way, let's get onto the:

Ember shard
(Thanks, @BryTheGamer !)
"Pulsates with a faint orange glow"
This is the general crafting ingredient for the items of the Ember. Can also be placed on stone to place a block of Ember Moss.

Charred Pendant

This item is somewhat special in it's ability. When you hit an enemy with a melee strike, there is a 20% chance (with a 10 second cooldown) that the attack will launch out several fire projectiles, like the Molotov Cocktail. These will deal 10% of your weapon's damage per hit, and last for 7 seconds before disappearing.
Can be tinkered with the Star Veil to create the Char Veil (
thanks, @BryTheGamer !) , combining the effects of all 3.

Singing slicer (No, not singing as in vocals, singing as in burning)

60 melee damage
4% critical strike chance
Fast speed (22. No auto-swing)
Strong knockback (7)
This blade, when swung, leaves a small cloud of glowing embers that damage enemies for 15 damage per hit, and setting them on fire.

Scorchion's Sting
(A better sprite would be nice.)
45 melee damage
4% critical strike chance
Average speed (30. No auto-swing.)
No Knockback
This weapon acts somewhat like the Chain Knife and other such weapons. However, when an enemy is struck, they are dragged to within 3 blocks of the player. If an enemy is closer than that, they are knocked back.

Cookroach plate
(Not the greatest sprite. A better one would be appreciated)
2 defence
Grants immunity to the "On Fire!" debuff.
Yes, it's an accessory that protects you against the "On Fire!" debuff, something I feel is kinda needed at this point. Can be combined with the Hand Warmer to make the Hand Cooker, defending you against cold debuffs and fire. This could maybe be added before the ankh charm in the ankh shield, adding it's effects to the pool? Or not, I dunno.

Ember armour
56 defence total
+15% Melee damage
+5% Melee crit chance
Set bonus: +10% Melee damage (bringing it up to +25%) and all melee attacks inflict "On Fire!".
Overall, the unique bit is pretty awful, but it has the highest melee damage buff in the game for armour. And, for the tier of obtaining, the highest defence. However, the enemies are strong to counter this.

Ember Helmet
26 defence
+5% melee crit chance
Recipe: 20 ember shards at a Mythril anvil

Ember Chestplate
18 defence
+10% melee damage
Recipe: 40 ember shards at a Mythril anvil

Ember Greaves
12 defence
+5% melee damage
Recipe: 30 ember shards at a Mythril anvil

Alright, so that's melee out of the way.
Now, onto ranged and:

Strange Spiral (if you have a better name, please let it be known)

The moss for the Spiral (Unusual moss) would function in the same way as Ember Moss, except the block is spreads are "Unusual" blocks, which give the "Distorted" debuff upon contact. The Spiral minibiome looks like, well, a large, very well-made spiral, with a large central point at the end. Unusual blocks have a green hue, and are slightly darkened. Also, worthy of note: the walls in the spiral will always be 5 blocks thick.

For the music:

With the introduction to the basic structure of the mini-biome outta the way, let's move onto the:


Otherworldly entity
(Thanks, Bry!)
Health: 200
Damage: 70 (fluxuation)
150 (melee)
Defence: 20
This is an uncommon enemy. When the player gets near, the entity fluxuates, launching the player away at a high speed, dealing damage, and inflicting the "Distorted" debuff.
-Alien crystals (1-5) 20%
-Quantum Disruption Cannon 4%

Alien construct
(Thanks, @Shaedric !)
Health: 500
Damage: 50 (beam)
75 (melee)
Defence: 25
The common enemy of the Spiral, this stationary enemy fires a beam at you. This deals 50 damage every second, and weakens the construct while it is firing. The beam will fire for 4 seconds before a 2 second cooldown, and lose all defence while firing.
-Alien crystals (1-5) 20%
-Gauss Cannon 1%

Mysterious creature
(Some kind of weird alien creature. It'd have to fly.)
Health: 1,000
Damage: 75 (pulse)
50 (bolt)
115 (melee)
Defence: 20
This enemy is the miniboss of this mini-biome, and will fire bolts at you at a slow, steady pace while firing a pulse at you every 5th bolt. The pulse inflicts "Distorted", as well as dealing damage. It also only spawns in the central chamber of the spiral, and will never move out of it. However, if the attacks are from outside the spiral and it is inside, it will not take damage.
-Alien crystals (10-15) 100%
-Intriguing Obelisk 10%

Strange swarm
(probably some kind of really messed up wasp or something coloured to match the palette of this place)
Health: 500
Damage: 15 (melee)
Defence: 0
This uncommon enemy is technically a large group of enemies with a shared health bar. There are about 10 of these creatures, and they will fly towards the player and swarm around them, dealing damage.
-Alien crystals (5-10) 50%
-Bolter 4%


"Your vision is warped"
This debuff causes the terrain to gain an effect similar to the Void dye effect, except for it effects both axes (X and Y) and also causes a slight screen shake.


Alien Crystal

"It warps and morphs to your vision"
General crafting item for the Spiral.

Quantum Disruption Cannon

35 Ranged Damage
4% Critical strike chance
Very Slow speed: (45, no autofire)
No Knockback
Velocity: 5
Fires an explosive that, when it hits an enemy, stuns them for 2 seconds. Consumes rockets. Also, when shot at Martian bubble shields, takes them down in 1 hit.

Gauss Cannon

60 Ranged Damage
8% Critical strike chance
Slow speed (35, same speed as musket, autofire)
Average Knockback (5)
Velocity: hitscan
This is a hitscan gun, which also acts in a similar way to an upgraded musket, dealing good damage per shot at a slow, but steady pace. Consumes bullets.


25 Ranged Damage
2% Critical strike chance
Insanely Fast Speed: (7)
Extremely weak Knockback(1)
Velocity: 9
50% chance to not consume ammo
This, my friends, is a gatling bow. Firing at the same speed as a megashark, with the ammo conservation to boot, this is a concept I've yet to see, honestly.

Intriguing Obelisk

Knocks away nearby enemies.
This is an accessory that knocks away nearby enemies. It can only do so, however, at a slow pace, and does not pierce, so do not rely on it too much. Great for keep the odd zombie off your back while you're building or sniping enemies from afar with a gauss cannon.

Crystalline armour

(With obelisk)
40 defence
+10% ranged damage
+5% critical strike chance
+5% ranged attack speed
+10% increased movement speed
Enemies are much less likely to target you, and will miss 25% of the time.

Crystalline Headgear
13 defence
+5% critical strike chance
+5% ranged damage
Recipe: 20 Alien crystals at a Mythril anvil

Crystalline Shirt
+5% ranged damage
+5% ranged attack speed
Recipe: 40 Alien crystals at a Mythril anvil

Crystalline trousers
+10% increased movement speed
Recipe: 30 Alien crystals at a Mythril anvil

Set bonus: Enemies are much less likely to target you, and will miss 25% of the time.

The Hivemind

This is the magic area, with an obvious theme around brains and stuff that the Nebula enemies seem to have. The biome is a large chamber, filled with smaller blobs, with different walls linking the blobs. In HM, these special walls will generate blocks, and will regenerate them 10 seconds after they're broken. These drop nothing, so no farming blocks. The moss and converted blocks cause confusion.


"You are now an enemy, as the Mind has told you."
This basically makes you unable to attack enemies, able to attack allies and immune to enemy damage and able to take player damage.


Brainwashed adventurer
Health: 225
Damage: 125 (Melee)
75 (Mind blast)
Defence: 30
A basic, common humanoid fighter/archer enemy. At range, they will shoot Mind blasts at you, which wildly fly around towards you, going through walls. At close range, however, they will charge at you like a regular fighter enemy, occasionally deciding to run back to blast more.
Manipulative Shard (1-5) 20%
Tin-foil 1%

Health: 300
Damage: 50 (mind control)
Defence: 25
An uncommon, stationary enemy that will brainwash you if you get within an aura around it. That's about it.
Manipulative Shard (1-5) 20%
Neuro-Blaster 4%

Claimed Consciousness
Health: 500
Damage: 200 (melee)
20 (Mind control)
Defence: 30
This is the miniboss of the area. It will fire slow, brainwashing projectiles that will home in on you. It will also climb around on walls in order to hit you. The slow projectiles take a small while to charge, allowing you to attack.
Manipulative Shard (10-15) 100%
Mind Melter 10%

Brain Bee
Health: 200
Damage: 50 (melee)
Defence: 10
This wouldn't a HIVE-mind without some bees, would it? These uncommon enemies act like regular bees, except they can go through walls, and are heavily affected by knockback.
Manipulative Shard (5-10) 50%
Hivemind honey 4%


Manipulative Shard
"You really feel like you should make this into something."
Generic Hivemind crafting material.

20 magic damage
5% critical strike chance
Very Fast speed
No knockback
Uses 10 mana per second
This weapon fires a beam, that damages enemies when you blast them. However, if you kill an enemy with it, you can control their gore in a telekinesis-style magic-mirror type thing, which deals more damage. Any overkill damage is then carried on to the next hit with the extra damage bonus, and so on and so forth until you can rack up a huge ball of generic gore particles and whack Moon Lord across the face with it and kill him. Cancelling the weapon will blast the gore everywhere as shrapnel. It also looks like it's coming out of your brain and makes your eyes glow purple. So, basically a telekinesis death beam.

Mind Melter
80 magic damage
0% critical strike chance
Slow speed
No knockback
Uses 20 mana
This is a very simple weapon to use. Simply click on an enemy that's anywhere on the screen, and they instantly take damage. You can do this to your heart's content, or until you run out of mana.

Grants immunity to brainwashed.

Hivemind money
Hitting enemies with magic attacks has a chance to brainwash them. In this case, they will go and headbutt enemies instead of you, probably dealing damage to themselves in the process. Also, enemies will target them over you if you have any of the "sneaky" effects (foul scent or ranged set bonus thingy), but shooting the distracted enemies will make them attack you and not the "enemy".

Overload armour
10 defence
+50% magic damage
+10% mana cost

Overload helmet
3 defence
+5% magic damage
-5% mana cost

Overload Chestplate
4 defence
+10% magic damage
-5% mana cost

Overload leggings
3 defence
+5% magic damage
-5% mana cost

Set bonus: +35% magic damage, +25% mana cost
The ultimate glass cannon armour.

Cosmic Nest

This is the summoner mini-biome. It has the theme of spiders and stuff. The layout is a huge open chamber with a few singular blocks scattered around. The blocks ground the player, temporarily disabling flight and decreasing jump height. Basically, don't touch it if you want to fly.


Star Spider

Health: 180
Damage: 100 (melee)
Defence: 40
The common enemy of the Nest is a spider. I don't think I need to say much more. Except it can climb on areas that don't have background walls.
Cosmic Web (1-5) 20%
Spider legs 1%

Space Egg

Health: 40
Damage: 120 (fragments)
Defence: 80
The stationary enemy of the Nest. When killed, releases several Star Spiders in a burst, while also releasing fragments of the shell.
Cosmic Web (1-5) 20%
Egg staff 4%

System Weaver
Health: 2,000 (Weaver)
200 (minions)
Damage: 70 (melee)
40 (Minion stars)
60 (Minion melee)
Defence: 75 (Weaver)
20 (minions)
This mini-boss is probably the most unique. As you fight it, it will spawn several Star Systems, which shoot stars at the player, which travel rather slowly, but leave a trail. Hitting Star Systems deals damage to the Weaver, applying the damage dealt before armour to the Weaver. Killing a System that's connecting two other Systems will stop the further Systems shooting, but also stops the Weaver-damaging effect. You can kill the Weaver by purely killing the minions.
Cosmic Web (10-15) 100%
Reality Fabric Weaver 10%

Cosmic Wyrm

Health: 500
Damage: 100 (melee)
Defence: 90
This uncommon enemy is a worm type that has the ability to clone itself. Whenever it jumps out of the ground, it clones itself. This has a cooldown of 5 seconds. Each clone has half the stats of what cloned it, down to a minimum of 63 health (which is rounded to 75), with half the damage, too. The lowest damage would be 10. And the drop chances would be halved for each clone stage.
Cosmic Web (5-10) 50%
Wyrm Cloner 2%


Cosmic Web

"It all links together perfectly, somehow"
The crafting material for the Nest.

Spider legs

Allows climbing on walls
This accessory allows you to climb on background walls freely, with a faster speed than regular, at about 50mph.

Egg Staff

35 Summon Damage
4% Critical Strike Chance
Average Speed
Strong Knockback
Uses 10 mana
Summons an exploding egg.
This staff summons an egg that sits on walls and floors. When an enemy goes near it, it explodes, releasing many fragments (each dealing 35 damage) and miniature Star Spiders that deal 10 damage per hit.

Reality Fabric Weaver
20 Summon Damage
4% Critical Strike Chance
Fast Speed
Weak Knockback
Summons a Star System to fight for you.
This staff summons a Star System, like the System Weaver. It attaches to you, and more summons add another to the chain. It doesn't shoot projectiles, though, it just slams into the enemies.

Wyrm Staff

40 Summon Damage
2% Critical Strike Chance
Fast Speed
Very Weak Knockback
Summons a cloning Wyrm to fight for you.
This Wyrm is a worm-type minion. However, when you use another summon, every Wyrm you have clones, except the stat decrease is 10% rather than 50%.

Cosmic Armour

30 defence
+3 minions
+10% minion damage
+15% movement speed
Minions occasionally shoot lasers

Cosmic hat
7 defence
+1 minion
+5% minion damage

Cosmic Shirt
14 defence
+1 minion
+5% minion damage
+5% movement speed

Cosmic Trousers
9 defence
+1 minion
+10% movement speed

Set bonus: Minions occasionally shoot lasers. In the case of the Stardust Dragon, each middle segment would shoot lasers.

That's all I have for now. As it says in the title, this is a work in progress, so all feedback, balancing suggestions, enemy suggestions and any other suggestions you may have are all greatly appreciated.
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Empress of Light
I have a sprite for the Fire Flower:

JK. Seriously though, I wouldn't mind this. Support.

And any chance for minibiomes inspired by the other Pillars?
I am intending on adding mini-biomes for the other pillars, which will each go in their own quarter of the map.
I am also planning on adding surface stuff. Although that'll probably come much later.

EDIT: Just added the Scorchion and it's Sting.
I believe that fulfills the mini-biome creatures and items.
I may add a crafted weapon.
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I am intending on adding mini-biomes for the other pillars, which will each go in their own quarter of the map.
I am also planning on adding surface stuff. Although that'll probably come much later.
I Can Make Sprites For You If You Want! `;)


Fflower 3.png
Here's the Construct, Wanted to add barier, it just looked weird.
Heres a different version of the Construct
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Okay, So I Don't Flood The Comments With My Sprites, I'm Gonna Update This Post When I Add In New Sprites.
The Ember

Ember Shard (Material)
Char Veil (Accessory)
Charred Corpses (Enemies)

Singing Slicer (Weapon)

The Swirl

Alien Shard (Material)
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