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Mac Mac Terraria crack questions

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Official Terrarian
soo i have 2 questions about cracked mac terraria

1. am i able to use tmodloader on cracked terraria mac?

2. is posting stuff about cracked terraria on forums illegal?

everytime i'd replace the terraria.exe with the modded one along with the rest, my terraria goes in the dock, then disappears after. im veryyy wanting to get terraria on my steam but mom doesnt want me to ( perhaps, she always hates it when i want to JUST spend 300 pesos on a game ).

Tunnel King

1. No.

2. Not illegal in the sense that we'd send you to jail, but we aren't going to provide any support for cracked/pirated versions on this site.

The Steam Summer Sale probably starts later today, and Terraria probably will get a decent discount during that. You should consider getting a legit version.

eta: yes, the sale started.
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