Steam Summer Sale 2018!

Discussion in 'PC - Re-Logic' started by Safeman, Jun 21, 2018.

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  1. Safeman

    Safeman Community Manager Staff Member Re-Logic

    The Steam Summer Sale is here and as usual, Terraria is taking part! You can purchase Terraria, the 4-pack, or the Original Soundtrack for 50% off until July 5th, 10:05 AM PST!!!


    New this year, Steam has introduced Saliens - creatures that you can customize while defending your Salien's deal-tection station to earn points! The list of collectibles and unlocks is still a mystery (though we are sure folks will uncover the secrets soon enough), but we wanted to go ahead and share our really cool Silver Armor & Crown set - straight from Terraria!

    Learn more about Saliens and how they and their new game work here.

    Here’s to a great SSS to everyone and we hope to see the Terraria Salien set become one of the most popular ones around!
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  2. ChippyGaming

    ChippyGaming Retinazer

    move over DD2, this is the best terraria crossover yet
  3. aRealCyborg

    aRealCyborg Eater of Worlds

    that is very cool and yay sale can get some friends into the game
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  4. Scottgames

    Scottgames Terrarian

    i should buy terraria to gift to my brother so we can play :) im glad there are deals
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  5. Electroman102

    Electroman102 Skeletron Prime

    I got the Terraria original soundtrack for pretty much nothing

    EDIT: Not on steam
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  6. 3ND3R

    3ND3R Terrarian

    Uh, this is irrelevant to this post but does anyone know where I can submit ideas for 1.3? For the next-gen consoles that is...
  7. aRealCyborg

    aRealCyborg Eater of Worlds

    Do you own on GoG or steam if you own on GoG you can have it on his computer for free to play together but don't just give it to all your friends that's wrong
  8. Gandalƒ 3

    Gandalƒ 3 Steampunker

    When will the sale come to console
  9. MACMAN2003

    MACMAN2003 Spazmatism

    Already obtained the armor

    It's a steam sale, only those who have steam can get the sale, but it is possible re-logic will make the game go on sale for consoles.
  10. aRealCyborg

    aRealCyborg Eater of Worlds

    it's for too i think
  11. TheNamelessFace

    TheNamelessFace Official Terrarian

    I am am so selling off all my other salien gear to get those :p
    Also, I have heard that after the sale we will be able to display those salien creatures in a profile showcase. Nice way for players to show that they like terraria and steam sales at the same time.

    it's a fun little game, salien. Not a bad concept, such a shame it gets boring and repetitive after a while.
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    now that I think about it, the whole concept seems like a steamified version of dungeon defenders 2 coming to terraria :p
    I mean, in terraria, monsters come from DD2 and invade. In steam, aliens come from some foreign planet or dimension and invade. Good job on your videos btw chippy :D
  12. Lode

    Lode Terrarian

    Wow that is super cheap! Compare with Factorio, an equally good game :)


    Terraria 1.3.6 looks like it has tons of separate unconnected features added, some which were implemented over a year ago. It doesn't look from the outside like anything prevents releasing most of those long implemented features?

    How about a release of it and punt anything else to a next version!

    Thanks :)
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  13. thevideogamebadger

    thevideogamebadger Terrarian

    This is easily the best value of all the games on sale on steam at the moment.
  14. Monika's Granddad

    Monika's Granddad Terrarian

    Already bought :D
  15. Nembus

    Nembus Terrarian

    On terraria future update, it would be cool!! if you can craft the dummy NCP that are interactive.
    they will move, but they'll stay where you put them, if you set them to stay or sit, or set them to walk back and forward, pretending to guard your castle or house etc.
    you can put any types armor and clothing on them, or you can put them back in the chest.
    they'll not die! like the Real NPC lol

    the dummy NPC, can be interactive to your actions of the sword swing or gun shot!
    they'll say simple words like wow! or cool, etc. If you put them next to foods table, they'll interactive with picture of foods pop up screen.

    In order to craft the dummy NPC, you will need guild doll, soul of lights and woods, their skins colors will be base on the woods types.

    Especially!! it would be so cool! when you craft a lot of them, then put them to watch you fight bosses!! in the battle arena you builds.

    I builded huge battle arena and
    I put many target dummy there, i colors them differently lol.
    I even shadow paint their stand, so they look more like NPC.

    I know you guys, already planned to make the trees and weather more alive and active in terraria. The dummy NPC will make the houese, or building you builded more alive.

    we already have the other Real NPC, but 20 or 30 aren't enough.
    I builded the whole entire cities in terraria world map, the more NPC the better.

    the interactive dummy NPC will be hilarious and probably best items in the game, especially for 1.4 update.

    PS. Please make this happens! I loved terraria, my total played times are probably over 500 hours, Lmao
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  16. Monika's Granddad

    Monika's Granddad Terrarian

    more like Terrarian denizens... that's nice

    but do they count on NPC spawning limit?
  17. Ingodia

    Ingodia Terrarian

    That would probably be better off in Player Suggestions -> NPCs & Enemies. Cool idea, though.

    That aside, cute Salien there!
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  18. WoC

    WoC Terrarian

    hey Chippy Gaming i'm one of your top fans !!!!!! i always watch you please keep up with these great videos and let this reply in your next video <3
  19. Nembus

    Nembus Terrarian

    I'm new to this, i just posted comments randomly, about terraria, I'm off topic lol
  20. WoC

    WoC Terrarian

    hey dude do you like to join our modding team ? to help us making a mod with music spriting or coding or even ideas ! the discord:
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