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Okay, the Muckery is getting mixed reactions, so... what's your opinion on the thing?

  1. The Muckery sucks and so do you. [Obligatory "rude" option]

  2. Some reworking may be necessary, though I'm iffy. (If you've got your own ideas, share away)

  3. Some reworking may be necessary, though I like it. (If you've got your own ideas, share away, man)

  4. I think it's fine.

  5. I don't think this is salvageable.

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  1. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    :red: I accidentally posted this early. Do NOT read this yet; I need to finish.
    Maybe tomorrow, though. I need a break.

    "Screams echo from the dungeon, and laughter resonates from the world under..."
    I... don't really remember seeing many Underworld suggestions.
    The only one I really remember is by @An Original Name, but I think that's only because I made a sprite for him to use (which I'll also be using here, incidentally). I know there's a bunch of Alternates out there, but I kinda wanted to see extra content added to the Hardmode Underworld, as I tend to forget the place exists by the time I kill my first Mech Boss.
    There's the argument of over-saturating Hardmode further, but I don't think a biome should be entirely useless for an entire half of the game. That said, though, I'm not going to make the Underworld a requirement for progress. Oh, no no no.
    I'm going to make it actual, living hell.
    ...with some nice loot.
    How's that for an essay introduction?
    What's that? "Leave that stuff at your English class"?
    Ouch. My feeeeeliiiings.
    ...Anyways, uh, yeah, my suggestion isn't really a whole lot different from @An Original Name's, concept-wise (in fact, he kinda let me build off of his idea). I'm just suggesting enemies with some nice loot.
    What's different is that these enemies are insanely strong. I mean for them to present a nice challenge during late-Hardmode, right after Plantera is defeated.
    The Underworld enemies are considerably stronger than the post-Plantera Dungeon enemies, but their loot is also considerably better.
    Not sure how well that'll work (especially in Expert), but I'll stand my ground.
    Anyways, FIRST ENEMY!
    Cursed Infernus Imp and Ichorus Imp
    Sprites Damage Max HP Defense KB Resistance Inflicts Debuffs Debuff Immunities Coins Common Drops Unique Drops Banner
    [​IMG] 55 (110) Contact, 70 (140) Cursed Fireball 360 (720) 32 65% (73%) [​IMG] Cursed Inferno [66% on contact, 100% on cursed fireball, for 6-9 (9-15) seconds] On Fire!, Cursed Inferno, Shadowflame, Confused, Betsy's Curse 11 [​IMG] 1-3 [​IMG] 33%, 1-2 [​IMG] 100% [​IMG] 1.33% [​IMG]
    [​IMG] 60 (120) Contact, 65 (130) Ichorball 435 (870) 24 55% (63%) [​IMG] On Fire! [66% on contact, 25% on ichor fireball, for 6-9 (9-15) seconds], [​IMG] Ichor [33% on contact, 75% on ichor fireball, for 6-9 (9-15) seconds] On Fire!, Ichor, Shadowflame, Confused, Betsy's Curse 11 [​IMG] 1-3 [​IMG] 33%, 1-2 [​IMG] 100% [​IMG] 1.33% [​IMG]
    By the way, the stats are displayed as "Normal Mode (Expert Mode)".
    In case the realization hasn't hit yet, the imp that spawns depends on whether your world has Corruption or Crimson.
    These guys attack in the same way as the Fire Imp before them, though their fireballs are a little more special. The imps also cast a little bit faster, which might be enough to overwhelm you all on their own.
    The Cursed Infernus Imp's fireballs travel significantly faster than the Fire Imp's fireballs, and home in a little bit. They also fire their own little fireballs, which are even faster. Each little fireball shrinks the original fireball by 25% its normal size, despawning it after the fourth little fireball.
    The Ichorus Imp's ichor fireballs split into three smaller fireballs right away — either by getting within 8 blocks of you, or after 15 blocks of flying — which fly parallel to eachother. The outer two fireballs will move outwards for a second, until they're each 6 blocks away from the middle fireball.
    Cursed Inferno Charm
    Sprites Type Bonuses Tooltip Inflicts Debuff Debuff Tooltip Rarity Sell Price
    [​IMG] Accessory - Material Minions and Sentries inflict Cursed Inferno on enemies, and Cursed Inferno deals damage twice as quickly (in other words, double damage) Minions ignite enemies with cursed flames on attack; Cursed flames burn enemies faster [​IMG] Cursed Inferno (100% with Minions; lasts 3-6 seconds) Losing life Yellow 5 [​IMG] 50 [​IMG]

    The Hardmode (Corruption) Magma Stone. For Summoners.
    The doubled DPS of Cursed Inferno works for any weapon that'll inflict it, as well as for the Flask of Cursed Flames, so it's not entirely useless to non-Summoners. It'd be preferred that you are one, though.
    Ichor Charm
    Sprites Type Bonuses Tooltip Inflicts Debuff Debuff Tooltip Rarity Sell Price
    [​IMG] Accessory - Material Minions and Sentries inflict Ichor on enemies, and Ichor now further lowers enemy defense by 1 for every second that it is inflicted Minions coat enemies with ichor on attack; Ichor slowly further corrodes enemy defense [​IMG] Ichor (100% with Minions; lasts 3-6 seconds) Defense is slowly being corroded Yellow 5 [​IMG] 50 [​IMG]

    So yeah, uh, this is a really good accessory. Don't even get me started on using this against bosses.
    There is a cap for how much the enemy's defense can be lowered (-50, after 30 seconds), and their defense can't go into the negatives (unless the enemy's starting defense is already in the negatives, which applies to a whopping 1 enemy that I'm suggesting).
    Green Devil and Yellow Devil
    Sprites Damage Max HP Defense KB Resistance Inflicts Debuffs Debuff Immunities Coins Common Drops Unique Drops Banner
    [​IMG] 95 (152) Contact, 135 (216) Tail 885 (1,770) 36 66% (74%), 100% while Bubble Shield has >75% HP [​IMG] Broken Armor [85% from tailstab, for 45 (90) seconds], [​IMG] Dazed [100% after flung by tail, for 10 (20) seconds], [​IMG] Slow [100% from contact, for 35 (70) seconds] On Fire!, Cursed Inferno, Shadowflame, Confused, Betsy's Curse 18 [​IMG] 35 [​IMG] None [​IMG] 2.22% [​IMG]
    [​IMG] None 2,500 (5,000) 50 100% None All Debuffs Nada Void Zilch Zip
    [​IMG] 85 (136) Contact and Eye Laser 1,700 (3,400) 16 54% (60%) [​IMG] Broken Weapon [100% from contact, for 45 (90) seconds], [​IMG] Silenced [33% from eye laser, for 20 (40) seconds] On Fire!, Shadowflame, Confused, Ichor, Betsy's Curse 18 [​IMG] 35 [​IMG] None [​IMG] 2.22% [​IMG]
    The devil that spawns depends on whether your world has Corruption or Crimson, which should have also been obvious.
    This is the third suggestion I've stuffed this guy in. Hopefully this is also the last one, considering it actually fits here.
    Now, this guy is two references in one. I won't say them outright, though I'm sure you'll have absolutely zero trouble figuring them out.
    The Green Devil is ever-so-slightly slower than the Red Devil, but OH BOY, is it a lot more intimidating. You see that long tail it's got, right? Well, uh, watch out for that.
    It flies towards the player (as flying enemies do), but once it gets about 12 blocks near, it'll lash its tail out in a... very good attempt to skewer you. The tail moves pretty fast, and it slightly homes in on you mid-flight, making it incredibly hard to dodge unless you back off entirely (which, as we know, is not always an option). If the tail connects, it'll pull you back in with it, allowing the Green Devil to then fling you into next week. It can fling you forward, it can fling you backwards, it can fling you directly downwards, it can make you wanna cry yourself to sleep because of how many times this fling will get you mauled by surrounding hazards, and it can do it all with incredible force (you'll be launched around 16 blocks away with the horizontal throws, and if you aren't slammed into the ground immediately after the downward fling, you'll fall a lot faster than the maximum falling speed).
    What makes this guy even worse is the fact that he can summon a Bubble Shield to drag the fight on if he's alone. There's no specific conditions for this besides that; he'll just summon the thing with a 4% chance every time he's hit if there's no other enemies in the immediate vicinity, and if he hasn't already summoned one in the past minute. The Bubble Shield absorbs a percent of damage equal to the percent of HP it still has, meaning that the lower the shield's health, the less it'll absorb. The shield also protects the Green Devil from being inflicted with further debuffs, though the Green Devil will still be affected by any pre-inflicted debuffs. In fact, any pre-inflicted debuffs will have doubled effects while in the shield.

    Fun Fact: I found out that the Arch Demon's old sprite looked a LOT like this guy.
    I did NOT know of that sprite's existence until like, WEEKS after I posted this suggestion.
    I'm not sure if I'm more or less intimidated by this guy than by the Green Devil.
    This reference is obvious to the point where this might actually end up in a lawsuit, so I dunno about this guy...
    The Yellow Devil tries to stay within a certain distance of the player while firing red lasers from its giant peeper in volleys of 3, like the Clockwork Assault Rifle (but 50% slower), which would be annoying enough to dodge on its own, if the Yellow Devil didn't have the ability to "dash" directly towards the player. The dash consists of it moving up to 10 blocks in a straight line towards you, during which it is immune to all forms of damage and knockback, as well as gaining a nice after-image effect. It also goes through blocks while dashing, and if it's still inside blocks at the end of a dash, it'll just keep dashing in your direction until it's out. The Yellow Devil performs the dash if it accidentally gets within 10 blocks of you, realizing that it might as well go the full distance. Though, well, it won't be so accidental if you're hiding inside of a Ruined House and it can't get a clear line of sight, since it'll then purposely try to get close so as to infiltrate your little safe haven.
    One thing you should really take note of: The hitbox for this guy consists solely of his eye, which, while being pretty big for what it is, is still a lot smaller than his whole body.
    Debuff Tooltip: Damage, critical chance and knockback are halved
    Devil Whip
    Sprites Type Damage Knockback Critical Chance Use Time Velocity Tooltip Inflicts Debuff Debuff Tooltip Rarity Sell Price
    [​IMG] Weapon 72 (Melee) 3 (Very Weak) 4% 16 (Very Fast) 28 Capable of making devils cry [​IMG] Dazed (100% after flung by Tail, or by enemies flung by Tail; lasts 8 seconds (12, for enemies flung backwards)) Movement is greatly hindered Yellow 7 [​IMG]
    Man, I'm just so clever when it comes to names. please don't sue me
    Works a lot like the Solar Eruption in the way it attacks, though the arcs it follows are wider and only reach 16 blocks. The tail does decent damage, but what you want to hit with is the tip. It does more damage, but not in the way you'd expect.
    See, if the tip of the tail hits an enemy on the way out, it will stick to them. This leaves you with a couple of options:
    1) Press the attack button to fling the enemy forwards. The enemy will go flying and damage other enemies it slams into, as well as it itself being damaged when it hits other enemies.
    2) Press the attack button while moving backwards to fling the enemy backwards. The enemy won't fly as far as they would if you sent them forward, but they'll still do and take damage (they'll also be Dazed for a bit longer).
    Or, 3) You can press Alt-fire and slam the enemy directly under you. If you're less than 7 blocks off of the ground, you'll perform a little air jump first, and then slam the enemy on the ground. If you're more than 7 blocks off, you'll just slam the enemy downwards.
    All of these options will deal extra damage upon throwing the enemy, as well as dealing 200% damage (or 300%, if you slam them,) and inflicting Dazed for 8 seconds when the enemy hits a block. ...Another option you have is just leaving yourself tethered to the enemy, which does literally nothing except leave you defenseless because it prevents you from switching weapons. Enemies that are immune to knockback can't even be flung, so don't even try using this on a boss.
    Oh yeah, uh, also, the Devil's Cry doesn't go through blocks. Keep that in mind.
    Devil's Glare
    Sprites Type Damage Knockback Critical Chance Use Time Velocity Tooltip Inflicts Debuff Debuff Tooltip Rarity Sell Price
    [​IMG] Weapon 96 (Magic) 4 (Weak) 4% 42 (Very Slow) 14 None [​IMG] Silenced [New] (33% from Eye Laser; lasts 10 (20) seconds) Cannot use magic Yellow 5 [​IMG]
    Just slap some tiny arms and legs on this thing and we can get sued!
    As appearances may have hinted, the Devil's Glare is a better Medusa Head. Hold the attack button to charge up the glare, and then release.
    This weapon charges for up to four seconds, instead of the Medusa Head's three. For each second you charge up, the Devil's Glare will fire one three-round burst of Eye Lasers at an enemy upon attacking, up to four bursts that all get fired at once. Each burst targets a separate enemy, but if there's more bursts charged up than enemies present, the extra burst(s) will target the enemy with the most health. If there's only one enemy present, they'll take the full brunt of all four laser bursts, which can, uh, hurt a lot (Initial hit + 12 Eye Lasers = 96 x 13 = 1248).
    Arch Demon
    Sprite Damage Max HP Defense Knockback Resistance Inflicts Debuff(s) Debuff Immunities Coins Normal Drops Unique Drops Banner
    1 [​IMG] 52 (104) Contact - 112 (224) Labrys 735 (1,470) -66 20% (36%) [​IMG] Darkness [33%, for 12 seconds], [​IMG] Silenced [33%, for 12 seconds] On Fire!, Frosburn, Confused, Dazed, Poisoned, Betsy's Curse 13 [​IMG] 70 [​IMG] (1-3 [​IMG], 33%) [​IMG] 4.29% [​IMG]
    Sporting new wings, since the old ones had a little too much red, in my opinion.
    This thing does not use the Demon Scythe. If you looked at the Unique Drops, you'll notice that it instead uses a new weapon called the Arch Labrys, which fires a purple, uh, labrys [​IMG] that spirals around its spawn point until eight seconds have passed; kinda like one of the Devil's second-phase attacks in Cuphead.
    The Arch Demon moves a lot faster as well as being a lot stronger than regular Demons (at least in terms of the magic attack), but they can easily be taken out due to their insane negative defense. They're a fiberglass cannon.
    These guys can start spawning at the same time as the Red Devil in Expert Mode. You can start trying for that Arch Labrys early.
    That's assuming you don't die to the Demon Scythes their labryses fire now.
    Arch Labrys
    Sprites Type Damage Knockback Mana Critical Chance Use Time Velocity Tooltip Inflicts Debuff Debuff Tooltip Rarity Sell Price
    [​IMG] Weapon 112 (Magic) 7.5 (Very Strong) 18 4% 23 (Fast) 0.3 Casts a demon labrys None N.A Yellow 5 [​IMG]

    Leaves a purple labrys at the player's position that slowly begins to spin, speeding up in the same way as the Demon Scythe's velocity (though at a much slower rate).
    As it spins, it begins to spiral around its starting point, moving farther out the faster the labrys spins.
    Already you can see the obvious downside to this weapon, which is the fact that you can't really aim it, and that combined with the spiraling thing makes it hard to really hit anything.
    You kinda have to lead enemies into the labrys (or hope they just run into it), which, paired with the fact it can't frickin' pierce, but the labrys does a LOT of damage, so if you can figure something out, this can be pretty powerful.
    Well, until the rest of the enemies start spawning.
    The Arch Demon can be found in the Underworld as soon as you beat the 3 Mechanical Bosses, replacing 33% of Demons. So, uh, kinda not the best weapon ever, but can still be kind of intimidating. Just like the Spirit Flame.
    Mixing this with the Demon Scythe will cause a lot of chaos.
    Obsidian Slime
    Sprites Damage Max HP Defense KB Resistance Inflicts Debuffs Debuff Immunities Coins Common Drops Unique Drops Banner
    [​IMG] 100 (200) 625 (1,250) 60 100% None On Fire!, Frostburn, Cursed Inferno, Shadowflame, Confused, Poisoned, Venom, Penetrated 7 [​IMG] 65 [​IMG] 3-5 [​IMG] 100%, 2-4 [​IMG] 100%, [​IMG] 0.017% (0.024%) None [​IMG]
    Why, hello there, Bland and Uninteresting! What brings you here?
    Its immunity to knockback, colossal defense, and massive jumps, is what.
    The purpose of this slime is to catch you off guard. If you know how slimes typically jump around, you know they periodically do a farther jump. This slime doesn't follow that.
    Every jump it takes travels a random horizontal and vertical distance within a set extrema, which, on its own, can be very disorienting. What makes things even more off-putting is the fact that its extreme weight makes it sink in lava (which it's kinda immune to, anyways) and other liquids, especially because its movement is completely unimpaired.
    This thing gets even worse in Expert Mode; when it lands in lava, it creates waves that start surprisingly high up and sink pretty quickly. This deals normal lava damage, setting you On Fire for a lengthy period of time.
    No Unique Drops
    Flarefin Koi
    Sprites Damage Max HP Defense KB Resistance Inflicts Debuffs Debuff Immunities Coins Common Drops Unique Drops Banne
    [​IMG] 75 (150) 430 (860) ???? 85% (92%) [​IMG] On Fire! [100%, for 10 (12-18) seconds on contact and 16 (20-28) seconds on embers], Dazed [​IMG] [55% on contact, for 0.5 seconds], (Confused [​IMG] [55% on contact, for 0.5 seconds]) Penetrated, Electrified, Daybroken, Celled, Poisoned, Venom 4 [​IMG] 4-12 [​IMG] 100% None [​IMG]
    An extremely common enemy. This is where things start to get interesting.
    This fish is an enemy now. It swims around in pools of lava, like fish do.
    When players (or enemies) jump/fly/whatever over the fish. however, it lunges upwards like a gilled Podoboo in an attempt to disorient and send its prey into the lava below.
    They can be killed; however, that process is a little complicated. They take 0 damage from most attacks, and fire weapons (or weapons that inflict On Fire!) won't even deal knockback. The obvious counter here is water and ice, but that's a little hard to achieve, since the Flarefin Koi regenerates in lava rather quickly, AND is invincible while swimming. The obvious counter here is knocking it OUT of the lava, but that's ALSO a little hard to accomplish, due to its ridiculously high knockback resistance and the fact that knocking around falling objects in this game is hard and also the thing swims around in the lava oh GOD HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO GET RID OF THESE THINGS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    ...*ahem*. That last bit there kinda answers itself. You have to wait 'til the fish gets close to land, then lure it into attacking and knock it out. It'll start floppin' like crazy when "beached", which sends embers flyin' 4 blocks in all directions. The embers won't hurt on impact, but they will set you On Fire!
    Takes quad damage from Frostburn, 150 DPS from Wet, and dies instantly upon touching water. Inversely, the other fire debuffs, Oiled and Slime heal it by 5% every second, each.
    In Expert, the Flarekin Koi will outright Confuse you instead of Dazing you, and the embers it sends out when on land fly out twice the distance.

    Unlike the rest of these enemies, this enemy is present in the Underworld starting from the beginning of Hardmode.
    No Unique Drops
    And for the last normal enemy...
    Sprites Damage Max HP Defense KB Resistance Inflicts Debuffs Debuff Immunities Coins Common Drops Unique Drops Banner
    [​IMG] 85 (170); does nothing if it steals an item 735 (1,470) 18 92% (100%) [​IMG] Blackout [16.67% (33.33%) from Contact; lasts 8 (16) seconds], [​IMG] Cursed [25% (50%) from Contact; lasts 6 (12) seconds] All debuffs 1 [​IMG], 0.0198% chance for 1 [​IMG] 2-4 [​IMG] 100% [​IMG] 4% [​IMG]

    Unlike the Dungeon Spirit, this guy was smart and decided to avoid the Dungeon at all costs.
    Sadly, he also decided to rob every Merchant he found, and was killed when the cavalry arrived, so maybe "smart" is giving him a little too much credit.
    Anyways, this guy is probably the most irritating addition to the Underworld. Retaining all of his tricks from the Spooky Legion, this guy flies through the air incredibly fast, rushing the player in an attempt to steal their items.
    Now BEFORE you pull out the pitchforks, pipe down and let me finish.
    The chance that the Polterheist steals items on a hit is 35%. The Polterheist prioritizes stealing Potions over everything else, and if the player is brave (or, more likely, stupid) enough to not have brought any potions with them, or if they brought so few that they ran out during their explorations, the Polterheist will proceed to steal random materials and Accessories. It will NOT steal weapons or equipped accessories unless that's all the player has, and it can NEVER steal armor. So, really, if it gets to your good stuff, that's kinda on you.
    The reason the Polterheist prioritizes Potions above everything else, however, is why you're going to hate this guy. It'll steal up to 10% of the items in a stack, which includes potions. It then flies to other enemies, giving them the items and forcing you to kill them to get them back. But what sucks is that the Polterheist straight-up uses your potions on enemies, which can REALLY suck if you had an Invisibility Potion, or an Inferno Potion for some ungodly reason. Or, you know, Super Healing Potions.
    If it makes you feel any better, these guys are rare spawns.
    Expert Mode Polterheists will pick up items off the ground, including Coins. They won't touch Guide Dolls, though.

    Oh yeah, these guys drop a slightly greener Ectoplasm! Add that to the pile of multicolor items.
    Spirit Pilfery
    Sprites Type Damage Knockback Mana Critical Chance Use Time Velocity Tooltip Inflicts Debuff Debuff Tooltip Rarity Sell Price
    [​IMG] Weapon - Material 72 (Magic) None 18 4% 24 (Fast) 5 Fires the souls of the persistent None N.A Yellow 8 [​IMG]
    This book is a direct upgrade to the Book of Skulls.
    When used, it fires Burning Spirits that'll move at a decent speed, going through blocks and homing in on nearby enemies with slightly less strength than the Spectre Staff. They pierce infinitely, but after hitting nine times, they'll stop homing and will fly straight, despawning when off-screened.
    Now, what makes this weapon special is that, for every hit this weapon deals, there is a chance that enemies will drop extra coins, much like the Lucky Coin accessory (though with slightly lessened effectiveness). There's also a 1.25% (1/80) chance that the enemy will drop items as if it were killed, which makes farming for rare drops a little easier. This chance is lowered to 0.5% (1/200) for mini-bosses, and 0.075% (3/4000) for bosses.
    The projectiles glow like the Wisp in a Bottle light pet.
    Can be Tinkered with the Inferno Fork for... interesting results.
    Alright, now that the weaklings are out of the way...
    "You sick, twisted :red:."
    Why, thank you.
    I have a pretty cool mini-boss, and I have a terrifying mini-boss. You can choose which one you wanna see first.
    Oh yeah, and the Muckery

    It's DEADHAND, in a parallel universe. Or a Floor Master! Except it's not based off of The Legend of Zelda at all, but is instead based off of a Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time enemy: the Handfake.
    The souls of the sinful, each melted into a reflective, oily gunk and melded into a freaky abomination. I don't think anybody knows what form they used to take; they keep trying to find it, but always end up finding and molding into a demon or a bat or something, occasionally adding them to their mass in the process.
    Actually, this kinda sounds like what Hades did to create his army, in Kid Icarus: Uprising. All of the games will be referenced, apparently.
    The Muckery doesn't actually look like that giant gross arm when it spawns; it instead takes the form of something you're more used to seeing in the Underworld.
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    When in these forms, the Muckery is pretty tough, if only because of their perpetual identity crisis:
    The Muck form (the Slime Muckery [Yes, I'm giving each form its own name]) has the erratic hops and knockback resistance of the Obsidian Slime, and the hyperactivity and buoyancy of the Lava Slime.
    The Muckbat form flies a hell of a lot faster than other bats, and can divide into many smaller bats to avoid damage (functioning like the Black Belt accessory, though with a 14.29% chance), but also takes huge knockback.
    The Demuck can use the Demon Scythe, Arch Labrys, Unholy Trident, Tail Whip AND Eye Laser (with the eye that this thing clearly has), as well as the Green Devil's shield and the Yellow Devil's dash. Thankfully, this form's a lot slower than actual demons and devils, so it won't instantaneously eviscerate you.
    And then there's one more form; the absolute WORST form.
    The Humuck.

    When the Muckery gets close enough, it'll meld itself into the gross grabby hand (assuming it's not already there) and grab at you, in a manner similar to Midna's Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. 4 and Ultimate. If it succeeds, it'll pull you into its center and begin suffocating you. While trapped in the Muckery, you're completely immune to damage (debuffs still hurt, though), which would be really nice if it wasn't in the process of sealing your doom.
    Once it unwraps itself from you, it'll take the form seen below.
    This form LOOKS like a normal Fighter enemy, but it sure as :red: doesn't act like one.
    That's because it acts like you.
    ...Yes, I am suggesting a doppelganger enemy. I use the term "doppelganger" loosely, though, because it doesn't resemble the player at all.
    This form, unlike the other forms that can't quite decide the exact enemy they're mocking, utilizes all of the accessories and armor that the player has equipped, which can buff its stats considerably. Do you have, like, 90 Defense, the Frozen Turtle Shell and the Star Veil? Ok great, 'cuz so does this guy, now.
    It can utilize armor set bonuses and accessory abilities, including health regeneration; however, its appearance won't be modified. It will also use a random weapon or tool in your inventory as a weapon, prioritizing weapons over tools. It can even pull from your Money Trough, if you brought that, though the chance of that is rather low.
    I make this form sound like a nightmare and then some, but uh, it kinda gets downplayed when I tell you what happens if the Muckery misses when it attempts to grab you.
    ...It just kinda sits there. Vulnerably.
    It literally cannot do anything except grab at nearby enemies in an attempt to re-transform (the process of which is the same as when it transforms into a Humuck), so you can just attack it from a distance as it sits there helplessly.
    Another thing that kinda makes you feel sorry for this enemy: it loses its form after taking 2,500 damage, transforming back into the grabby hand.
    Yyyyyyeah, this guy really isn't all that intimidating. Still looks cool, though, doesn't he?
    it's also way too ambitious, is what I'm guessing you people are going to say
    Sprites Damage Max HP Defense KB Resistance Inflicts Debuffs Debuff Immunities Coins Common Drops Unique Drops Banner
    [​IMG] 60 (120) Contact, 0 Grab 13,000 (26,000) 24 66% (99%) [​IMG] Obstructed (While being Mucked) Poisoned, Venom, Confused, Dazed, Celled, Penetrated, Daybroken, Oiled, Frostburn, Ichor, Betsy's Curse 5 [​IMG] 35 [​IMG] None Muck Chunk 4-6 100% [​IMG]
    [​IMG] 110 (220) 13,000 (26,000), shows as 2,500 regardless of difficulty 63 100% None Poisoned, Venom, Confused, Dazed, Celled, Penetrated, Daybroken, Oiled, Frostburn, Ichor, Betsy's Curse 5 [​IMG] 35 [​IMG] None Muck Chunk 4-6 100% [​IMG]
    [​IMG] 55 (110) 13,000 (26,000), shows as 2,500 regardless of difficulty 17 20% (28%) None Poisoned, Venom, Confused, Dazed, Celled, Penetrated, Daybroken, Oiled, Frostburn, Ichor, Betsy's Curse 5 [​IMG] 35 [​IMG] None Muck Chunk 4-6 100% [​IMG]
    [​IMG] 96 (192) Contact, 50 (100) Demon Scythe, 134 (268) Arch Labrys, 192 (384) Unholy Trident, 162 (324) Tail Whip, 102 (204) Eye Laser 13,000 (26,000), shows as 2,500 regardless of difficulty 38 60% (66%) None Poisoned, Venom, Confused, Dazed, Celled, Penetrated, Daybroken, Oiled, Frostburn, Ichor, Betsy's Curse 5 [​IMG] 35 [​IMG] None Muck Chunk 4-6 100% [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Depends on player's weapon and damage bonuses 13,000 (26,000), shows as 2,500 regardless of difficulty Depends on player's armor and defense bonuses 75% (100% if the player has a Knockback-nullifying shield) None Poisoned, Venom, Confused, Dazed, Celled, Penetrated, Daybroken, Oiled, Frostburn, Ichor, Betsy's Curse, plus any immunity accessories the player has 5 [​IMG] 35 [​IMG] None Muck Chunk 4-6 100% [​IMG]

    The Hellspawn Mimic
    Get a load of that size difference.

    It's a Shadow Mimic! Except it's ten times more likely to give you a heart attack!
    Lemme just get this out of the way now: if you so much as scrape a pixel on this thing, you're dead. It does a LOT of damage. You can avoid it, though; this thing spawns rather uncommonly, and you need to be within 8 blocks of the thing to awaken it.
    If you're either brave, an idiot, or a brave idiot...
    This Mimic stays put for longer between jumps, but it also jumps preeeetty far and with random height, already making it a little unpredictable. If you're 30 blocks or more away from this thing, it'll lock you in place with a, well, lock and chain. You won't be able to move until it gets within 15 blocks of you, or 3 seconds pass. The reason I'm giving you so much leeway with how close it needs to be to release you is the fact that it still does that ground slam attack the Biome Mimics do, and if you noticed how large this thing is... yeah you'd be instantly flattened into a puddle of guts.

    Also, I gave this guy his own separate banner.
    Have fun, completionists.
    Sprites Damage Max HP Defense KB Resistance Inflicts Debuffs Debuff Immunities Coins Common Drops Unique Drops Banner
    [​IMG] 265 (437) Jump attack, 400 (660) Ground slam, 50 (83) Chew 25,000 125; 0 when hit from inside (100%) [​IMG] Broken Armor (100% from any attack; lasts 60 (120) seconds), [​IMG] Cursed (25% (50%) from Contact; lasts 6 (12) seconds) All debuffs; None when hit from inside 50 [​IMG] None Uh, having a surprisingly hard time coming up with more than 1 item [​IMG]
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
  2. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    wait :red: NO why did I press that I'm a FOOL AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
    Well this is what happens when you work on a thread for several hours without taking breaks. Ah :red:.
    Well, I guess this works as a post reservation.
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  3. An Original Name

    An Original Name Pixel Pirate

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  4. sharkman0101

    sharkman0101 Skeletron Prime

    Looks amazing! Also, rip on the early post.
    Edit: Ninja'd on the rip
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  5. Isolated Egg

    Isolated Egg Terrarian

    So far, I actually really like it! Its just that the doppelganger muck thing would be very hard to program, having to program pretty much every weapon/armor/accessories in the game. And what would happen if you had modded gear too? Otherwise, yeah, I give support!
  6. Avamaco

    Avamaco Eye of Cthulhu

    Of course i give my support ;)
    But... I hate imps.
  7. SoporificGamer

    SoporificGamer Steampunker

    These sprites and your ideas are really good hope they get put in terraria
  8. Watplr

    Watplr Terrarian

    These ideas are really neat. I especially like the Muckery, though the Arch Demon and FlareFin (and obviously the Shadow Mimic) look like they'd fit better in a mod.
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  9. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    The Hellspawn Mimic's drops should include uncommon weapon types, such as thrown flails (Such as the Meatball), placed weapons, or a burst-firing gun or repeater. In the case of the repeater, you could go the opposite way to most other HM bows with unique effects, and make it cause arrow effects to be stronger instead of replacing arrows with special ones.
  10. Watplr

    Watplr Terrarian

    Ooh, do you know what else is an uncommon weapon type? Sentries! It should have a chance to drop a sentry that shoots shadowy chains at enemies similar to the VileThorn.
  11. Kitten Shuttles

    Kitten Shuttles Steampunker

    Waiting to see this in game, best thing need to be added NOW
  12. TMB50

    TMB50 Terrarian

    Thanks to the Dungeons Defenders crossover, sentries are actually pretty common. A minion that becomes stronger if several instances are summoned, rather than actually spawning several minions, like the Stardust Dragon, would be more unique, as that mechanic is only used once.
    Alternatively, you could make a "mini-sentry" of which several can be summoned at once.
  13. Sockmonkey367

    Sockmonkey367 Official Terrarian

    I like this! Also the mimic could summon the doppelganger cause ITS MIMICKING YOU or make a whole boss based off the doppelganger
  14. blazeykat

    blazeykat Skeletron Prime

    this good but wouldnt this be in biomes and nature or whatever its called
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  15. Bubby Aurora

    Bubby Aurora The Destroyer

    True tho

    I like! Underworld needs gud hard mode
  16. Vipir

    Vipir Terrarian

    We need this ( I don't know about Muckery it kinda doesn't really fit tbh) but other than that it is soo good. I think it should be in the 1.4 update or even a future update, but we really need more stuff to do. After WoF is defeated you don't really go back to the underworld, so I think it would be interesting to bring more stuff to the Hard mode Underworld.
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  17. Bry-ccentric

    Bry-ccentric Steampunker

    I think NPCs and Enemies fits, since, well, what else do you see on my thread besides enemy-related stuff?
  18. azekill_DIABLO

    azekill_DIABLO Eye of Cthulhu

    Hooks and Tabi for the win against those enemies.
  19. |.Terrarian.|

    |.Terrarian.| Skeletron

    Particularly fond of the Flarefin Koi and Polterheist ideas. Also you're WRONG the Muckery looks like Floormasters from Wind Waker! :happy:
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  20. Uchiha sasuke

    Uchiha sasuke Terrarian

    I like a lot of these and support this heavily but item stealing is annoying no matter what way you slice it and the mini boss is over complicated and stupid even though its well sprited.