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PC Marcus101RR (M101RR) Youtuber & Broadcaster


Master of Ravens

You may know me just as Marcus101RR or Marcus. I have been a part of the community for 2 years (including TO lifespan) and in the activity of playing Terraria for over 3 years since its initial release began. It was an amazing experience feeling how the game progressed from its initial release to its now current form. With the updates we are also getting, it has changed so much that it really has become a completely new game, almost as if, an expansion pack was released.

YouTuber, yes, popular, not so much. Wouldn't call 50 subscribers a lot. I intentionally do commentaries and just record myself playing whatever game session I can, as well as just broadcast them on Twitch. I personally announce most of my sessions when they go live or before they go live on Twitter. I enjoy mostly playing the following genres of games: Horror, Survival, First Person Shooter, Zombies, Action, Adventure, and the occasional Comic Mischief.

Here is a quick run on the most common games played as to date:
  • Alien: Isolation
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Terraria
  • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
  • Doom (Original / Zandronum Edition)
  • Watch_Dogs
Upcoming games are as they are released!

I do not believe, I ever started a thread for the official launch of the forums after they began for public consumption. In this case, that is why I am posting this now and here! You may have a few questions already lining up on me that I keep hearing in personal messages, etc:

Q: How did you get the "Master of Ravens" title?
A: I earned it as an award choice for my contributions to the Beta Forums before they became active, this of course was closed/limited to only those who would keep the forums a secret until the final launch date. You can watch a funny video about it here, or see a screenshot to prove my Mastery. (Yes, I used Cheat Engine for 22 Buffs, or you can use a Inventory Editor)

Q: Do you do requested games for YouTube?
A: Yes, request the game. I prefer horror! lol

Q: Can we join your game / broadcast?
A: I only allow a few, but if the IP is public posted on the Twitch page, you can join it as you see fit! Just be sure to act mature.

Q: Can I make edited videos, art, media, designs, or work with you?
A: For business inquiries, please goto my YouTube Channel on the About Section and use the CAPTCHA there to obtain my business email.
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