Weapons & Equip Martian conduit armor

The goal of this is a option between 2 post golem armor sets for each class to give it a little diversity.
so to add diversity our solution is make a one armor fits all? that just chanels everyone to martian madness, besides it's not like these armors offer anything unique in terms od stats and as long as that is the case there will always be a better of two armors
for example tiki armor is normaly not even a fraction of a competition to spooky but has it's own small region coz it gives whip range, so for whips only runs it is better
(that's why i was thinking about hybrid armors coz they remove the idea of competition between sets, they are their own thing)

(edit: the set bonuses are decent, that i like)
I don't have an opinion about this Armor Set but, I would just like to remind everyone here that every Class [but mainly Summoner] has access to very specific Architypes at every major progression Tier, post-Mech and post-Golem [OOA]. To include Sentries, that were buffed from a fun DPS-boosting gimmick, to actual Turrets [more similar to the actual event]; and this includes two flavors or Melee Class.

It should be noted too that - the "set-it-and-forget-it" nature of these Armor Sets x Weapons is mostly outside the realm of normal play [unless you intentionally go for a Sentry-based Build because of the known changes that version offers].
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