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tAPI Mechanical Arms Mod

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Skeletron Prime
Mechanical Arms Mod
A WIP content mod for tAPI r12

So far, this mod doesn't add too much in the way of content. There is one progression of swords, all (for now) using the same sprite:


The first sword can be crafted with Hallowed Bars and Cogs, the rest are currently just made with dirt blocks for testing purposes.

In the future, these swords will be direct upgrades using boss-gated materials like the Temple Key, Beetle Husks, etc.

Upgrading the sword gives it greater damage in addition to a secondary trait.

Mk II: Knockback

Mk III: Swing Speed

Mk IV: Crit Chance

Mk V: 10% Lifesteal

Here, it branches to two choices for the final upgrade:

Gunblade: Fires bullets on swing

Durandal: Costs mana, but higher damage and magic projectile

The lifesteal only functions on direct hits from the sword, not on the projectiles.

The only other thing in here right now is a nifty consumable weapon, the Soul in a Bottle.


You can make 3 of these with an ectoplasm and a bottle.

They fire towards your cursor and seek out enemies for pretty massive damage.

I plan to add a Mechanical Bow and Staff in the future, though those will be a little harder.

Feedback on balance and such is welcome, as are suggestions for upgrade materials and future content.

If anyone is interested in spriting for this mod, I would love the help. I'm happy with how the sword turned out, but it was very time-consuming.



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