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Pixel Art Milt69466's Hammering Sprite Thread!


@Super Jack1234567890

True Muramasa.png

Also, for this week's WSC


And the FINAL Infinity blade Hammer

The Iron Stone

Iron Stone.png
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May I have a badge?
I was thinking a play on words, maybe a "Seal" of Approval?
ha, get it? seal? like the animal?


Ok, so using Jestex's sigh gif he made me as a template >

I created my own set of Helena emotes!

Helena wink.gif
Helena what.png
Helena smile.png
Helena sad.png
Helena rolleyes.gif
Helena passionate.gif
Helena indifferent.png
Helena cool.gif
Helena confused.gif
Helena -_-.png
Helena tongue.png
Helena crying.gif
Helena eek.gif
Helena happy.png
Helena naughty.png
Helena panic.gif
Helena yawn.gif

So in other words, if you have a custom emote, I can make a few more for you! Do note, I will make a maximum of 3 more for you and some emotes are off-limits (I can't get some looking right)
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