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    (I REALLY hope there isn't already a forum for this.)
    New to Terraria? Get slaughtered by skeletons every time you go plundering? Need advice? Well look no further, I am here to help. I can provide tips from what weapons/potions to bring to how to avoid being attacked all together. The basic beginner gear would be a full set of cactus armor, a cactus sword, a cactus pickaxe, 5 lesser healing potions, and 40 torches. After a couple of mining trips, you can upgrade what you are using. (For example from a cactus pickaxe to a iron pickaxe.) Mining potions should be used if you happen to have any lying around. If you have any questions that this didn't answer, comment your question and I will reply to it as soon as possible.
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    There are many more things u can do and ur method only talks about skeletons not any other mobs like slimes giant worms granite elementals granite golems and those people in the marble biome who through javlens and many more
  3. I suggest that the new player should build extra rooms in advance, as well as prepare majorly for the EoC by exploring their evil biome and their caves.