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    This is my thread for Future Dance, my strangely named content mod. Most of my game content, such as items, tiles and NPCs, will be here. Any of my other mods will get their own threads, but still be linked to from here. I don't mind if you have suggestions, but please keep them to the theme of my mods, and if that mod has it's own thread, please put the suggestions there.​

    Do you need somewhere to put information on your mod? Feel free to add your mods to the
    Never Enough Mods Wiki!
    Please use the correct categories, and try to keep the format similar to my own pages.

    RAAAWR~! It's content time!
    Here we go, the release of my content mod, Future Dance!

    The mod currently has:
    • All of what was in NE-Weaponry for tAPI R4
    • All of the rubber items from NE-Devices (except for the boots)
    • The Saw Blade from NE-Devices
    • New sprites for vanilla Timers
    • Two new crafting stations, the Crushinator and the Crucible
    • New crafting materials like Wood Pulp and Charcoal

    The Crushinator is supposed to work like the Extractinator, but is currently a standard crafting station. (check the recipe list) Aside from that, everything seems to be working as intended. Feel free to run through and look for bugs :dryadsmile:

    Coming up will be a few more fun items, like the Magic Hat which spawns bunnies, and hopefully, some of the tiles from devices. The next version may also have the headgear from NE-Headgear, although I am probably going to convert them into accessories.

    Oh and, sorry there's no wiki yet. Takes a lot of work, and I'm quite busy today. I'll make one ASAP.​

    Wiki is on the way! Please be patient.
    Until the wiki is done, use the guide. Stone/Wood will show the early stuff. Make Steel/Carbide(equivalent) with Iron/Lead to get a crushinator, then use that to make wood pulp. Cook into rubber, and you can search for rubber stuff. There's also upgrades for the Phasesabers, fun chainguns using illegal gun parts, and powerful space batteries with meteorite bars. Don't forget to grab the Yin Yang Boomerang in hard mode, it can pass through walls and pick up items, some of its materials should be pretty obvious.​

    'Let's just call it the "Clash of the Titans".'

    Even Link would be jealous of this boomerang.
    Fancy new crafting stations.

    :dryadwhat: Why 'Future Dance'? :dryadwhat:
    The name 'Future Dance' is the literal translation of my username 'MiraiMai' from Japanese to English.

    Strangely enough, though, my name was never meant to be Japanese. Both halves of my name are variations on my real name, 'Maria'. The first half was made while trying to come up with a Minecraft username years ago, by swapping a's and i's. The second half was the name of a character in a story I wrote when I was younger. And no, you can't read that story. Don't even think I still have it.​

    Installing The Mod
    All of my mods require tAPI! You can get it here: tAPI Homepage

    Installing tAPI mods is quite easy. After running tAPI, go into the "Mods" menu and look in the top left corner. Press the "Open Modpack Directory" button, and put any .tapi files into that folder. If you hit reload mods, those mods should appear in the list, all you have to do is click them, enable them, then reload mods again.

    If you associated .tapi files during the installation process, it is even easier! Just "run" the .tapi file after downloading, and it will be automatically installed for you.​

    My Other Mods
    Please check out all of my other mods! :dryadsmile:
    MiraiMai's Tweaks & Overhauls

    Please read! License!
    These mods are released open-source for educational purposes. You are NOT to redistribute original or modified copies of any of my source files or sprites without my express permission. I will list anyone who has permission and links to their content here in this post, if you see someone whose name/content is not here, please inform me ASAP.
    None yet! Feel free to ask, no promises though :dryadsmile:
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  2. Logodum

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    Nice work on the mod. But what's the difference betwen the Damascus Steel Bar, Carbide Bar and Steel Bar ?
    EDIT: With 26 mods installed, now i have 6 different types of steel bars and coal :D
  3. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    They're all identical, the Carbide/Steel are just made differently (Lead + Gel for Carbide, Iron + Charcoal for Steel). Damascus Steel is planned to be from the travelling merchant, will work just like other steels but possibly have some unique items only it can make.

    Sheesh, 26? That's a lot of mods :dryadtongue: There is a way to make all steels work together properly, but the other mods would have to do it too. (Add a CraftGroup "g:barSteel" with their version in it)
  4. =.= petethepug =.=

    =.= petethepug =.= Pixel Pirate

    Nice Mod. and formatting =).
    But I am not quite getting what this mod is about, does it give you rubber, or new material's in game? I'm a bit confused ._..
  5. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Generally shouldn't quote the first post :dryadtongue:

    But it's a big content mod, adding a huge amount of content to the game. Think of it like an expansion, I suppose, it has no target tier or theme. It's based on my old tConfig mods, where I split my content into multiple mods named "Never Enough [category]", like Accessories, Devices and Weapons.

    If you click on the title in the first post, you'll go to my wiki page for myself. Scroll down to the tConfig stuff, and you can look at the old wiki pages for my mods. The stuff that's in right now mostly came from Never Enough Weapons and Never Enough Devices. There is still a ton of stuff to port though, and plenty of new content planned too :dryadsmile:
  6. =.= petethepug =.=

    =.= petethepug =.= Pixel Pirate

    Alright thanks :3.
    I might consider getting it once I beat the whole Vanilla Game, because I don't want it to ruin game play ;).
    So its just like some what a system like Walia but in Terraria having your own custom crafting how to guides?
  7. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    No, it's a huge mod full of random items/tiles/etc that I made. I was just saying that a lot of the things in the mod came from my old mods, which were split by category.
  8. =.= petethepug =.=

    =.= petethepug =.= Pixel Pirate

    Oh ok I see now :3.
    Sorry for the mis - understanding lol.
  9. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    finally out! TIME TO DOWNLOAD! :naughty:
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  10. =.= petethepug =.=

    =.= petethepug =.= Pixel Pirate

    Dat face though ):3.
  11. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Added a few animated "screenshots" to the thread to show off some stuff.
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  12. =.= petethepug =.=

    =.= petethepug =.= Pixel Pirate

    Nice screen shots :3.
  13. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    this all looks great :D...any plans for summoner gear? ^w^
  14. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    A few minions are planned, and maybe some accessories.
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  15. Sapharan

    Sapharan Golem

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  16. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Before I go to bed, here's a little spoiler of what I've been working on :dryadtongue:


    Currently just chases you, doesn't attack or anything. (for some reason it does damage on contact though :dryadwhat:)

    I really need to fix the not-flipping thing though, oh well, tired, in the morning :dryadtongue:
  17. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    that looks like a miniature version of the enchanted tome from the berberborscings mod...you didn't steal it did you? :eek:...you might want to check his mod out either way though
  18. MiraiMai

    MiraiMai Terrarian

    Honestly haven't used anyone else's mods yet, I'm waiting until my own mods are a bit more complete before starting a play through. His mod does seem to have some fun stuff in it though :dryadsmile:

    And the sprites don't really look much alike, aside from them both being flapping books that we sprited ourselves :dryadtongue: Besides, his is a hardmode NPC that drops spellbooks, mine is a pre-hardmode minion.
  19. superhc

    superhc Spazmatism

    well ok :D..as long as its a summoner weapon ill love it no matter what <3
  20. Logodum

    Logodum Terrarian

    It looks nice for a Minion. Idea: If it's a spellbook, why not make it shoot a water bolt projectile (If it's possible ofcourse)?