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WIP [MOBILE] Mobile Improvements Compilation!

What do you think of the proposed changes?

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One crippling thing on Mobile is if you take a piece of armor from your inventory and drag it to an occupied armor slot for your character
(with let's say...a Spectre or Spectral/Dragon/Titan Helmet, Spectre is Spectre Bars which require Chlorophyte I believe. And the other 3 require Souls of Blight from the Ocram boss.)
The Armor you dragged changes places with the armor you had on, however, the armor you had on, may just DISSAPPEAR.
If it's a piece of Chlorophyte/Spectre/Turtle/Shroomite/Spectral/Dragon/Titan Armor, you'll have one hell of a time fixing it, since the first 4 require Chlorophyte, and the other 3 require several Souls of Blight PER PIECE, of which each set has at least 4, which require killing Ocram alot, which requires like 10 Adamantite Bars (and Adamantite Bars ONLY, not Titanium) for every single summon. And the problem with the Chlorophyte ones, is Chlorophyte "spawns" much much slower than PC version, so it takes a ton of useless mucking around to get Chlorophyte to "spawn" and for all that time you're without a piece of armor you require.

I currently only have 2/3rds of the Tiki Armour because of that glitch, and also rigging up a Teleporter for any NPC to any particular Biome, especially my Witch Doctor to the Jungle is really time consuming, hard to do, and messy.

Another thing that sometimes happens is pressure plates, switches, and even timers can be little pink squares (less than 1 full tile tall) as if their sprite is a bit corrupted, I remember after one of the more recent updates, all chairs and tables in my NPC houses had 1 tile that was a pink square, until I removed them and put them back.

This is a couple of many bugs I've seen, but I can't think of them all off the top of my head and this post is already quite long.
(yay the thread isn't dead yet!) Ive lost my dragon armor that way too. It took ages to make because console/mobile exclusive armors are such a pain. Anyway no offense but this isn't about the bugs. Those are all most likely going to be fixed. If not I better have a computer by then :p


Duke Fishron
Well, yes, I agree that we've been missing a bunch of features, like Dyes, Vanity Slots, CHANGING TOMBSTONE/SIGN TEXT (I'm sorry, I just...I hate that one.) RGB Color Sliders, Character Clothing Style, etc.

Crazzi Turtle

Mobile is already getting 1.3 perhaps sometime this year in 2018, bugs would be fixed etc. Mobile wasn't done that good, so the devs are already trying to fix that.


Mobile is already getting 1.3 perhaps sometime this year in 2018, bugs would be fixed etc. Mobile wasn't done that good, so the devs are already trying to fix that.
Oh I know! Im glad. They meant to do it in september then they thought "screw it lets do console too." Im very excited because the game is rather boring once you've beaten everything and it won't crash every hour or so. Im also excited because console reboot seems to have been held to the highest standard, leading me to believe they will give mobile equal treatment.


I feel like it gets less attention because it has like 25% of the price...
steam terraria goes on sale for 2 bucks.

just saying.

I mean, when Terraria was first released a gaming PC was about as good as a high-end cell phone nowadays for gaming, so mobile's lack of 1.3 has no excuse from 505 games.

EDIT: oh yeah I guess I support the thread

mobile sucks right now


Well folks. Its here. Later this month, our wait is over, and mobile rerelease is looking to be the true version we never had. It makes me happy to know that this thread is no longer needed.
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